Auckland Mistress Duvel



BDSM What I Enjoy:


Adult Baby: Intro level: Disposable diaper, plastic pants and bottle feeding, wet nappy change only. For FULL AB services visit a Mistress specializing in this field.

Anal Training : Stretching, Strap-on, Fisting – this happens to be my favorite hobby. I cater to the newbie and the experienced.

Aunty nephew role play or other family RP; Aunty catches you in her underwear drawer or looking at naughty magazines

Ball busting: Extreme play, sure with your consent


Bottom Worship: In my G string – I have a firm peachy bottom for you to kiss over my very short latex skirt or hosiery

Bondage: Ropes – Leather Straps, Cling Film/Pallet Wrap

Caged or secured to massage couch and left in another room whilst I undertake other sessions:  

Cash Point meets: $50 non return deposit to meet you in Manukau Heights, South Auckland, minimum withdrawal $200 from machine.

Castration & Circumcision “fantasy” roleplay, not actual harm or removal.

CP: Corporal Punishment , Caning, Spanking, Flogging, Spanking Bench. A good old fashioned over the knee (OTK) from your very own Auckland-based Disciplinarian.

CBT: Cock and Ball play, Teasing, Torture, Wax, Electrics, Weights, Sounds, Pump, Bondage, Clamps, Crushed with hands and fingernails digging in.

Chastity: You provide your own device for key holding at $150 per month basis, further interaction then POA.

Confinement: Pallet wrapping on the suspension bench or in the cage.

Cross Dressing: Sissy’s – TV’s – Tarts – Maids

Depilation: Removal of pubes and/or body hair by shaving, chemical (veet if not allergic) or plucking. Nothing like a nice smooth puckered hole for my Mistress cock to slide into.

Domestic servitude: Come for maid/butler training and wait upon Me.

Double Domination: 2x Mistresses.

Electro Stimulation:  E-stim Plus an array of accessories for internal & external, subject to particular metal implants in your body.

Enema: Available in sessions from one hour, small $20 surcharge added to cover disposable sterile one-use kits.

Face sitting: In my smother box or on the suspension bench and I will be wearing underwear.

Face Slapping/Spitting

FinDom: Financial Domination, make regular monthly tributes to support my lifestyle, gift me generously.


Foot and Shoe/Boot Worship. My naked or nylon-encased feet or shiny shoes or boots to polish with your tongue.  My feet are a NZ size 9; in very high heels I take a 9.5

Glory Hole Slave: Blow & Go, oral and anal available with one of Mistress's male slaves.

Hair cut humiliation, hair shaving no 1 or 2, pudding bowl cut.  I’m NOT a qualified hairdresser so at your peril.

Humiliation, from pudding bowl haircuts to panty wearing the world is your oyster with your Auckland Humiliator.

Massage: I am fully trained in the art of various forms of massage, using  unscented massage wax with my soothing hands and hot rocks.  Showering is available both before and after.  G-string worn by Mistress

Medical Play: Urethral sounds, surgical staples, needles, injectable sterile saline, bed bath, shaving.

Mouth Soaping: Been swearing & using dirty words then it’s time to soap that filthy mouth out by your wicked step mother role-play or nanny/aunty/teacher etc.

Nipple Torture: Cat Claws (metal),  Clover Clamps, Wax, Suction, Fingers & Nails, Deep Heat, Freeze Gel, Ice, Needles, Bamboo Sticks & Cupping.

Orgasm control: Denial, Post Orgasm Torture, Edging, Happy Ending or Ruined Orgasm.

Pallet wrap on massage table.

Poppers (bring your own) under controlled conditions with your health permitting!

Role Play: Strict bitch boss and you’re due an appraisal. Will you do anything to keep your job? Caught stealing panties (PC Duvel will arrest you) and many others.

Sissy Play/Training – Satin – Frilly

Smothering:  Using my body weight to pin you down! Human furniture.

Spanking: On the bench or over my knee. Enjoy wriggling and squirming over my lap whilst I pin you down with one leg firmly over yours and give your bottom the full attention it deserves.  Or over the bench, there are strong sturdy leather straps to keep you in place as well as plenty of extra rope and ties for those who enjoy full restraint.

Spit Roasting: Filled both ends, available any day with the help of my rooting machine or male slave or in conjunction with Mistress Divine.

Sploshing session on you in the bathroom. SWEET food massage, a wonderful gooey time ($350 hour with $100 deposit).

Strap-On Worship: On your knees and suck my Mistress cock.

Straight Jacket: Strapped in so tight and utterly helpless, there is NO escape until I release you.

Tease & Denial & Post Orgasm Torment

Tenga egg: $20.00 for your own personal Tenga egg masturbation device.

Tickle Torture: Tormented by my finger nails, cat claws, bumble bee glove, feathers and anything else that I can tickle you with.

Trampling: Walking all over you and crushing you under my weight.

TV Makeover Wigs, Full Make-up: a selection of wigs and accessories and full make-up with a selection of underwear and some clothing. You may bring your own clean clothing to sessions.  Semi-pro photos taken on request with you phone. 

Verbal Domination

Venus 2000 Milking machine (the gold standard from USA): Between 8 to 300 strokes per minute will keep you right on the edge until I’m ready to release you!

Violet Wand: Electro sensation play with my beautiful,  fully-reconditioned,  medical device, subject to any metal implants in your body and depending on what they are.

Water Sports: There is no  extra charge.  Slave Toilet training.

Hard Sports Sessions: must be booked 12 hours in advance (be aware that it is only Giving).

HardSports is also known as: Scat, HS, Poo, Pay per Poo, Messy play, Coprophilia or Caviar.
There is a $150 extra charge for Hard Sports Sessions.

Wax Play:  A variety of plain wax or coloured as well as soy candles .


 Some Options:

Anal Play, Stretching, Fisting, Cock & Ball Torture, Cross Dressing, Dildo/Butt Plug Training,  Dog Slave Training, Flogging, Gagging (a speciality),  Hooding, Hot Wax, Nipple Torture, Restraint, Slapping (face), Slave Training, Spanking (body), Verbal Abuse,  Watersports, Feet/boots/body/ass/ worship, Cross Dressing, Bondage, Blindfolds, Candle Wax, Collar and Lead/leash, Dildos (handheld & strap-ons), Discipline, Hair Pulling, Sensation Play-blindfolded, Puppy/dog Play, Anal Play/Fisting, Balloon Popping, Trampling, Face Sitting, Humiliation, Talking Dirty, Tickling, Whips, Smoke Fetish, Financial Domination, Golden Shower, Wallet Rape, Sissy Training, Cum Control, Forced Chastity, CBT, Anal Play, Kidnapping Role Play, Cuckold Fantasies, Slut Writing, Choking, Pegging.

And anything else you can think of really.


Sissies and crossdressers

$100 An Hour Stay As Long As You Like

There are so many men who live suppressed lives, denying themselves the freedom of expression, only to become a closet cross-dresser. For those who want the real modern women experience, what better way to do that than in good relaxed company with someone who loves dressing up and hanging out.  Brand new stilettos will adorn your feet, shoes are a must if you want this experience to be truly feminine. The latest fabric’s from silk dresses to satin skirts. I will clothe your body. A stunning white and gold corset with delicate lace trim, matching G-string, garters and white fishnets to complement your look, black or red lace up restricting corsets.  We will BOTH look great.  I have a collection of wigs: blonde, brunette, black or a redhead to finish the end result. Makeup provided, fake eyelashes concealer and powder for a smooth complexion, lipstick of course and eye shadow to give you a true feeling of what it is to be a pretty sissy, a glamour girl, night clubbing girl, secretary or just everyday wear.    Serve me as Mistress's humble servant slave.  Full domination role-play is included if you request this. This experience will truly be amazing: being used, having fun and getting up to NO GOOD. You will love the lingerie and the hot look. 

Medical fetish

Nurse Duvel And Her Medical Team


Medical Fetishism relates to having sexual attraction to all around medical procedures, hospitals and practitioners from Doctors, Nurses, patients, Uniforms, medical instruments, from dental, gynecological, urological and psychological kinky and sexy medical fetish examination.

Medical Fetish Intimate examination refers to a sexual role play where a Professional Dominant Female Doctor or Sexy Nurse meet patients for embarrassing or humiliating procedures.

Often inserting medical instruments in orifices, such as anus, penises, testicles and nipples to simulate uncomfortable sensations that can occur in a real examination.

Strap-on play, enemas and hand relief can also be incorporated.

COMING SOON 8 pictures with my slave playing medical nurse.

New Zealand Medical Fetish Dungeon, with Doctor/Nurse Duvel and her amazing team of sexy Girlfriend nurses and Male Bisexual Dr T. will assist you with any type of medical and Psychological Kinky health request.

The  Medical Staff I have are very well skilled in medical fetish fantasy and BDSM role plays, always wearing lots of rubber medical outfits, latex gloves, long length surgery gloves, disposable gloves, pvc and plastic aprons, nurse uniforms complemented with sexy undergarment,  stocking and fetish high heels.

Fetish Temperature taking, Enema play and douches, electro stimulation, penis enlargement, Milking male masturbation, stretching of the anus by inserting toys of variety shapes, sounding and stretching if the penis’s orifice, Fisting – double or foot fucking, strap-on play, prostate exam, orgasm denial.

Our Fetish Clinic is provided with very clean, disinfected and sterilized medical fetish toys.

Our display medical glass cabinet is filled up with all sort of medical implements, electro stimulation devices, electro penis pump, Male Milking machine Venus 2000, Insertables, nipple toys, restraints, straight Jacket, prostate stimulation, enema kits, sounds sets, sharp implements, needles and much more !

Our Gynecological setting is integrated to the Dungeon and Suspension System. The Gynecological Chair is covered in red leather, with leg stirrups swinging from the ceiling and many positions for the back rest.

Patient, I can't wait  for your next appointment ! ND Nurse Duvel

Devilish Mistress Victoria Duvel