Auckland Mistress Victoria Duvel


Newbies & The Experienced:

If you are new to this world then I will gently take your hand and lead you astray, having first spoken with you about where your interests lie, any concerns that you may have and what it is that you would like to experience from a bdsm session.  BDSM and seeing a professional Mistress is not all about receiving pain or being abused, it’s about having fun whilst exploring your kinks and delivering a fantasy in a safe, sane and consensual  environment.  Good clear communication is key to getting it right! I see lots of seasoned players too. All session are bespoke to your particular interests.  Simply get in touch to discuss a session or a fantasy you may have and have it tailored to your desires, fitting ultimately into my own interests listed. Come and explore your kinks in a safe environment with a friendly, level-headed and multi-faceted Mistress who will not judge you. Leave your inhibitions at the door and enjoy kink with mistress victoria duvels bdsm sessions. 


My premises are always clean and all items/toys used are sterilized and sanitized to very high standards (covered with disposable condoms where applicable).

Mistress Clothing:

I have a variety of “Mistress attire” and you will soon see some of this in my Dungeon gallery to be photographed.  Specific outfit requests are possible.  It’s OK to express that you have a liking for a type of look, which I will take into consideration if I have that outfit available (leather skirt, latex, PVC, sexy push up bras, with a chemise or corset, satin sexy dresses,  wet look material catsuit, short skirts to show off my legs, shiny patent heels either shoes or  boots. 

On Arrival:

 I will be in casual clothes on arrival. Then once the front door has been closed I will change into something more daring whilst you are in the shower freshening up or in the cage if preferred.