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 Bondassage - Massage with a Twist


I also offer my special Bondassage session – Massage with a Twist!!

Many of you are aware of the benefits of massage from pure relaxation to easing aches and pains as well as increasing blood flow and increasing the happy hormone Dopamine. 

Many of you have high-profile stressful jobs or busy lives and need a form of escapism and simply taking time out for yourself. Perhaps you are always the person having to be in charge at home and at work and crave the chance to explore your submissive side in a safe and seductive environment.

If you have been thinking about visiting a Dominatrix for some time and find it all rather daunting then try a gentler introduction with a massage to include some light tie and tease, prostate massage if desired, a light flogging, feathers, sensory pin wheel, metal tip claws gently stroking over your skin and perhaps some warm bamboo, stone, therapy cups as well as my very skilled hands. 

You can tailor this experience and choose to surrender your power completely and be dominated by an extremely stunning, classy Mistress.  Powerful, strict and seductively attired, Mistress will take absolute control of you and you shall have to obey her every command.  Your hands will be cuffed so you are not allowed to touch or move until ordered to.  With your hands firmly tied, she will proceed to tease and titillate you mercilessly throughout this racy, restrained B&D flogging. You must obey ‘Her Excellence’ and only speak when she commands. 

Step away from the ordinary and make life extraordinary with this deliriously delightful Dominatrix-style verbal whipping session; enjoy the sensations of my toys tantalizing your body. Set your pulse racing. Dare to live your life freely and allow a powerful woman to take full control. 

Relief at the end if desired via my wonderful boy toys when booking this special massage.

Bondassage Rates $200
One Hour