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Full service includes  Mutual Oral

 and Blow Jobs ( I LOVE THEM ) Lots of  Sex and a Sensual Massage in between Orgasms.

20-Minutes  Full Service  $120

30-Minutes Full Service $160

1-Hour Full Service $220

Available Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Please be aware that I will close earlier once my daily quota has been met for that day.

Cash or bank transfers are acceptable. Text or phone Universal Massage for the bank account details.

Body to body oral delight massage

Delights From The Pacific Aloha Sensual Masseur

Let me take you into the bedroom and start our intimate meeting, first I will  help you take your clothes off and you can assist me to undress  while I'm stripping to music quietly playing in the back ground. I will then gently and ever so softly kiss down your body, licking and sucking  as I go. Oh I see you're erect! Soon you will be ready to be oiled and massaged all over, then when I reach your private areas you  will experience my special 'Oral delight' this will put you quickly in the 'pleasure zone' if your not already we are ready for hot & steamy oral may not want to leave after this... 15 minutes just down there of steamy oral  fun, ball sucking, shaft licking, bottom rimming  and much more...heavenly sensations. OMG delightful. Kissing is included.


Body to Body massage is a combination of a full body massage using my hands my breasts  and all of  my body to slide on you. It is recommended to get your muscles relaxed before a body to body massage by having a nice hot and refreshing shower.

The use of aromatic oils and heat  before applying to the body will give a deep muscle relaxation.

It will begin by hand massage with sensual  oil, to release the tension of shoulders and back, moving to arms and legs, and gently relax neck and face.

Once your body is completely  relaxed, warm oil will be dropped all over your bare skin, and skillfully I will rub my body on top of yours to experience the feeling of skin to skin contact, and the erotic sensation of my titties, nipples and legs will delight you. 

If you choose to combine a body to body massage with some BDSM activities this makes the massage more exciting, as it can be the way to get to know fetish and fantasy as well as BD & SM games in a sensual way.

Some of the most common sensual games you can experience are blindfolds, tie and tease, tease and denial, sensual prostate stimulation, nipple touch, nipple play, breath play, poppers and amyl, light cock flogging, pegs, eletro stimulation, but plug insertion and well as role play and fantasy whispering.

Those that have been in the BDSM scene before, can request more extreme activities such as spanking, bondage, sounds, cbt, cp, and other type of hard discipline.

Testicle Massage

Aloha - Chanel Or Mistress Duvel


It is a traditional Thai genital male massage, sensual and erotic massage treatment for the male testicles. It is similar to Karsai Massage, this type of massage is very popular in the north of Thailand.

The main purpose of the Testicle massage is to release sedimentation or coagulation of the vessels of the sexual organs, which occurs over the years and due to gravity, resulting in the blockage of testicles and prostate in men.

This massage techniques will improve your sexual health, as it will stimulate the circulation and lymphatic flow and release blockage of the male sexual organs.

The testicle massage consist in giving a gently warming squeezing and stretching of the testicles (firstly wrapping the testicles with a warm towel will help), as well as stimulation of the penis and pubic area.  But mainly massaging the testicles with massage oil in a circular motion.

Commonly you will feel sexually aroused, and often feel close the ejaculation. This is not a problem, but it would be perfect if you can control the orgasm and delay the ejaculation.

Fetish Testicle massage, I always offer my services based in a sensual and fetish way, to fulfill your sexual fantasies, then I decided to mix Testicle massage with some mild and fetish domination, which you can tailor to your wishes.

Some of the BDSM activities we can enjoy during the massage are : bondage bedroom, restraints, blindfolds, mild whipping,  tie tease and denial,  orgasm control, prostate massage, nipple play, electro stimulation, tickle torture, tickle play, foot job, foot worship, anal play, anal toys.. and of course happy ending or hand relief.

Shower facilities are available for your refreshment before and after the massage.

Sexual Massage

By Aloha The Sex-amaniac


Sensual and erotic massage it is more intimate than a professional massage. Using the basic moves of a therapeutic or swedish massage, you can improve it taking it into a more sensual direction.

The purpose of a sensual or erotic massage is to achieve or enhance sexual excitation and arousal, focusing in the breast and pubic for women and genital areas for men as a part of sex therapy.

Sensual massages are always provided by independent masseuses working privately from a domestic setting, giving a warm atmosphere for a more intimate service in which extras can be normally requested, such as happy endings, hand jobs and of course sex.

Using a massage table or a bondage table for sensual massages will improve comfort, special aromatherapy massage oils, candles and relaxing music sets the scene for a perfect sensual massage.

I provide different types of massages combined with Oral, Hand Relief, Sex, Happy Ending and BDSM activities if requested. 

Full body massage is provided on top of massage table with warm aromatic massage oils .

It includes UNLIMITED  hand  relife on the table or sex relief beginning to  end on a very comfortable bed within the room. 

Swedish Massage  laying on top of a massage table , the massage can be applied with my hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or a massage device. Massage can promote relaxation and well-being . 

Full body Sensual massage BDSM can be fully tailored with Fetish and fantasy activities and a very happy sexual ending if you wish to incorporate that in the session.


Think NO More!  get your heart rate pounding and your penis pumping my pussy... with my extremely experienced  oral foreplay and sexual massage techniques. BOOK NOW


Foot job massage

Pacific Aloha - Indian Chanel or European Mistress Duvel


Footjob it refers to foot fetishism, and it involves a sexual practice providing a sensual massage with bare feet to the male genitals such a cock, balls and scrotum.

Footjob massage can be performed barefoot, with naked feet, wearing stockings, pantyhose, with high heels or boots.

The main purpose is to provide to the male cock a sensual and erotic stimulation, by giving slow strokes rubbing the penis simulating a masturbation. It can be pleasurable as well as applying pressure or even pain to the male genitals. 

Footjob Massage and milking. Massaging the male cock by stroking with barefoot, using toes ( toe-job ) and soles (sole-job ). It can start by a foot teasing, or denial foot orgasm followed by a forced foot milking.


Clothed footjob massage. This massage is same as above but instead of barefoot or naked feet, it will be done wearing socks, pantyhose, stockings, nylons or simple keeping male underwear on.

Some PVC – Plastic and rubber lovers will do it by wearing any type of these fetish garments, but the ending is the same, inducing sexual stimulation ending to the male orgasm.

Prostrate massage

Aloha - Chanel Or Mistress Duvel


Prostate massage is also know as the Male G Spot, used as a sexual male stimulation with the purpose of reaching anal orgasm. It can produce more powerful orgasms than from the penile stimulation.

Prostate massage can be done by stimulating internally the rectum or externally the perineum, using fingers, dildos or electric-wand massager, combined with circular motion and with the simultaneous stimulation of the penis with your other hand.

When prostate massage is performed, it is highly recommended to get the anus well lubricated as well as the equipment or toys you are going to insert. The toys used for prostate sexual games need to be protected with condoms, and inserted in the anus by giving a gentle massage.

While being prostate stimulated, some people may experience the feeling of needing to go to the toilet, but it can just be only the sensation caused  by the penetration only (specially for beginners).

Prostate massage combined with BDSM or without is fine. BDSM activities can easily incorporated while providing Prostate massage, mild domination could be pleasurable for those a bit curious to get an introduction of BD (bondage and discipline)  & SM (sadism and masochism).

Some BDSM activities, Fetish Fantasy or sensual role plays, matches perfectly with Prostate massage.

Erotic Bondage, Cock and ball bondage and nipple play are the most erotic common requests, as well as dildo and strap-on play.

Enema play treatment is recommendable before the insertion of dildos or strap-on play, it is always nice playing without having to experience the sensation of having to go to the toilet.

A deep cleanse can be provided 30 minutes before the prostate massage.

Tantric massage

Aloha The Temptress Of Tantra


Steamy tantric massage is a sensual experience based in breathing exercises combined with erotic massage, it aims harmony, arousal and stimulation of the sexual energy.

Practicing Western Tantric Massage the whole body is sensually touched during the sessions, and the treatment can be fully tailored depending of the receiver’s wishes.

A touch of a naked Goddess, soft music, candles and essential massage oils makes for the receiver invigorated, relaxed sensual an unique experience to revitalize positive energy.

My tantra massage therapy is performed in a warmed room, with candlelit setup, and relaxing music.

Where the Goddess Masseuse and client experience the massage fully naked in peaceful surrounding. 

Body, soul and darkest side of the mind meets domination, BDSM Tantra massage mild side of submission and dominance between a Mistress and submissive men.

Tantra is a style of meditation, reality, liberation and revaluation of the state of body and mind.

Or try my BDSM tantra massage option is an introduction to light Domination combined with Tantric therapies.

Dominance and submission meets Tantra healing massage, sensual full body massage is performed with warm aromatic oils.

BDSM tantra massage is when body meets mind and desires, when deepest calm meets darkest sides.

Tease and denial Massage

Aloha - Chanel Or Mistress Duvel


Tease and denial is a sexual practice also known as orgasm control. It is usually practised by BDSM and Fetishist players as well as vanilla.

It can involve bondage, restraints and chastity devices as a measure of preventing genitals being stimulated.

Is a sexual play where the male genitals are stimulated, teased to the edge but deprived of having a full orgasm.

Being expose to a prolonged tease denial can produce pre-ejeculation also known as Pre-cum, blue balls is another signal of being teased and denied.

To ensure that the male will not reach his genitals for self stimulation, is recommended the use of a chastity device or chastity belt. Depending of the state of the arousal, it may still occur regardless of genital stimulation.

Milking Denial and orgasm control. This technique can be practiced alone or either another person.The purpose of it is to maintain sexual arousal for very long period of time without allowing experience an orgasm.

As a BDSM sensual practitioner I use different methods for tease denial such as : hand job or hand relief, the use of Magic Wand or sexual massagers, prostate massage, tantra massage, cock restraints, penis pump and Milking Machine Venus 2000. 

Female and male assistants. Mistress Duvels assistants are very naughty and kinky, ready to join us for Double sessions.

Sensual female and handsome bisexual male for tease denial and Mild to Extreme Domination.

Tie and tease Massage

Pacific Aloha - Indian Chanel Or European Mistress Duvel


Tie Tease massage is another form of sex games, where the dominant participant incorporates bondage or restraints to extend the tease and denial on the passive partner while performing a sensual massage.

The passive partner or slave is held into a highly aroused state, stimulating his genitals without allowing him to achieve an orgasm.

Tie Tease is a physical as well as psychological BDSM practice, where blindfolds, restraints and sensual dominance are commonly incorporated to achieve the best tie tease experience.

I  specialize in Tie Tease massage, slaves being tied up, bounded and sexually stimulated to prolong their arousal.

I  provide Tie Tease Massage on top of a Bondage table, on top of a massage table or in a bed with PVC bedsheets .

I use mild restraints, rope bondage, leather restraints, to keep my slave immobilised . I do stimulate his genitals and most sensitive parts of his body such as nipples, prostate and penis and balls .

I mainly use my hands, to give nice gentle strokes with silky lube, wand vibrators and sex toys, strap-on and dildos.

Orgasms Denial, The main goal of Orgasm Denial is not to allow the slave to reach the climax or orgasm .

I usually lock my slaves in a Chastity device and stimulate their genitals and erogenous parts, mild electro stimulation and vibrators can be used as a way of torture.

Role-play tie and tease massage. I have a large collection of sexy outfits and various uniforms that can be requested for Role Play & Tie Tease Massage, such as sexy provocative luxurious lingerie by  Undercover Agent, secretary outfit, French maid Uniform, School Girl uniform, rubber and latex clothes, Nurse and Nanny attire and also as special request : Mistress  can session completely nude .

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