Cross-Dressing Party

Her name was "Cindy." Bob loved Cindy. He loved being Cindy. He was not so fond of Bob. Monday through Friday, at the office, at home, wherever, he was Bob. Boring. Dull. Ugh…male. But, Friday night and through the weekend, Bob went away and Cindy came out to play.

Cindy hurried from the cab to the front door of the apartment building. It was raining and she used a newspaper as an umbrella to get to the entryway’s overhang. Then she quickly scanned the apartments and found Laura’s right away; number 10. She pushed the buzzer to ring her.

As she did so, she noted the state of her fingernails. A bit ragged and no polish. They looked awful. She and Laura would have to fix that. A tingle ran through her stomach as she thought of the "girls" night out that was waiting for her.

The door into the secured apartments buzzed and Cindy opened it and went in. Laura was expecting her. She fairly ran to the door and knocked. She was actually a little breathless. She always was. She lived for these nights. The rest of her days seemed to just be placeholders; something to occupy her while she waited for this, her "real" life.

The door opened and Laura stood there. She was wearing a light beige silk robe, belted around her waist and hanging to just above her knees. The cinched tight waist showed off her hourglass figure, rising tight and smooth up over her perfectly rounded and full breasts and behind her, draping across her full yet not overripe hips and ass. Her legs were clean, firm and so well toned. Cindy found her breath stolen away just to look at her.

"Oh girlfriend!" Cindy gushed, "You look so good in almost nothing. I wish I could make it seem as effortless as you do!"

She walked in and gave Laura a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Laura accepted it but kept herself slightly apart. After all, she loved Cindy…not Bob.

As the door closed behind the two girls, Laura moved behind Cindy and took the suitcoat by the collar and shoulders and helped her remove it. She tossed it over a chair in the corner of the room.

"Let’s get you out of those wet things and into some proper clothes." she said to Cindy.

Cindy turned around and looked into Laura’s eyes. "Oh yes, please!"

Laura helped Cindy undo her tie and unbutton the dress shirt. It too was quickly tossed aside. Laura turned and walked towards the bedroom door.

“You finish undressing. I have some things already picked out for you. I think you’ll like what I have.” She smiled a wicked little smile and disappeared into the bedroom.

Cindy quickly removed her shoes and trousers and shucked her tighty-whities. Then she sat to pull off her coarse socks and toss them aside. Then she stood and looked at herself. Wide, flat chest. Smooth stomach. Her hips were definitely too broad, she really needed to work on that. Her legs were nice though, and the waxing she had given herself a few days before still held: smooth, muscled white skin, unmarked by hair of any sort. She even liked the turn of her ankle although it looked much nicer in a stiletto heel. She smiled at the thought.

Then, Laura was back and carrying several items of clothing and lingerie over her arm. She moved to the couch and motioned Cindy to come to her. As Cindy stepped close, Laura reached out and stroked her inner thigh, moving gently up towards her thatch of black hairs that was the only tangle of follicles below her waist. Laura’s fingers stroked the edge of her patch and sighed.

“You have such a beautiful pussy, so soft and sensitive.”

Cindy shivered as Laura’s nails scraped delicately over her sensitive skin.

“Thank you,” she said huskily. Then she looked at the clothes laid out. “Can we try them on, please?”

Laura grinned. “Oh yes,” she said and picked up a pair of fine black fishnet stockings. Thigh high and tiny silver clasps at the top for the garter belt straps.

“Let’s start with these.”

Cindy looked at the delicate fishnet lace with lustful appreciation and nodded. She sat and extended a leg, even pointing her toes so that Laura could slide the beautiful stockings on with ease. Laura rolled up the first stocking till she held just the toe hanging loose and began to slide it up, over Cindy’s foot. It stretched sensuously over her heel and Cindy shivered at the delicate brush of the pliant nylons. As Laura got to Cindy’s ankle, she began to unroll the hose up Cindy’s calf, smoothing and tugging it tightly as she went.

Cindy closed her eyes and allowed the feel of the snug nylon wrap to engulf her leg. She felt it rise up, towards the knee, wrapping her leg and caressing it with silky soft scratching. Laura pulled the hem of the stocking up over her knee and tugged it into place, allowing the delicately reinforced rim of the stocking to surround Cindy’s lower thigh. She ran her hands down each side of the hose as she smoothed any last wrinkles and Cindy luxuriated in her girlfriend’s soft sexy touch.

Finished with the first leg, Laura took the second stocking and repeated her actions, pulling the foot of the black fishnet over Cindy’s foot and making sure that her toes fit snugly into the black petal-lace toe; then, again, running the stocking up Cindy’s leg, stroking it smooth as she did so.

Finished, she stepped back and admired her work. Cindy beamed as she looked at her legs and admired them.

“Oh they’re wonderful,” she gasped. “And they feel so decadent. OOHH! I love them.”

Laura smiled and reached for the pair of crotch-less black lace panties she had chosen to go with the stockings.

“Here, let’s finish up. I want you to see the whole ensemble.” She knelt at Cindy’s feet and helped her step into the panties. Then she pulled them up, making certain to gently caress her lower legs and thighs as she slid the silken underwear into place around Cindy’s hips. They fit snugly, covering her ass in a silken lace cup and smoothing the rough edges of her hips. The crotch split in a lace reinforced gap that clung to her innermost thigh but allowed access to her womanly spread. Laura ran her open fingers along the gape and stroked across Cindy’s sex.

“Such a big clitty you have…uuhhmm, do you like that?” she asked as she tickled her lightly.

Cindy purred low in her throat. She did.

“Now the garter belt,” said Laura. She picked up the creamy white silk and lace trimmed belt, the pliant straps hanging down with clasps to match the ones on the stockings. She reached around Cindy and fastened the belt about her waist. She adjusted it to ride just above the hips, the panels of triangular lace dripping down the outer leg and the straps lightly brushing her thighs. Then Laura pulled the straps, one at a time, tight and clipped them to the stockings. As she clicked each into place she tickled or stroked her girlfriend’s legs till Cindy was jumping and giggling with each touch.

“Oh you naughty girl, stop that,” she snickered, “or I’ll never get dressed.”

Laura looked up at Cindy’s face and smiled a devilish smile. Then she finished attaching the straps from the garters to the stockings. She made certain that the fit was snug but not too tight. That gave it a feel of surrounding and support. Cindy wriggled her hips and ass and felt the safe, luxuriant feel of snug comfort and sighed.

Laura stood and stepped back, gazing at the sexy she. Nodding in approval she moved to pick up the next piece: A corset.

This corset was meant to be snug. A size 18, actually a size smaller than Cindy’s natural frame but that would shape and hold nicely. The corset was silver, sheer and finely boned with flexible stays. There was black and red lace trim top and bottom and the laces up the back were black and red as well, intertwining for a surprisingly exotic look.

Cindy’s eyes were wide and her lips parted slightly as her tongue licked her lips lustfully.

“It’s beautiful. Hurry, let’s get it on. I want to wear it now.”

Laura smiled and went to Cindy. Cindy raised her arms and Laura helped her slide them into the corset and guide it over her head and shoulders. Then she tugged and wiggled it down till its bust was just below Cindy’s chest and the corset sat upon her hips, just above her garter belt.

She moved to Cindy’s back and began to adjust and tighten the cord laces that cinched the sexy undergarment. She pulled each set of laces tight.

“Deep breath Cindy, inhale.” She tugged another set of laces tight. “That’s a good girl.”

Laura pulled each lacing higher and tighter and Cindy felt the strict confining wrap of silks and underwire tightening their grasp on her torso. She breathed in deep and allowed the corset to wrap tighter. She loved the feeling of constrictive pleasure that held her tightly in place. She revelled in the smooth, cool prison of material binding and enwrapping her, the soft scratch of the stockings, the cinched silk around her waist and the feel of taut but stretched bands holding all in place. The feelings and touch of all of this sent her emotions soaring and her libido pounding.

As Laura tightened the last cord and tied it into place, Cindy turned and put her arms around the voluptuous woman and kissed her. Their lips touched and slipped open, allowing their tongues to tremulously meet and taste one another. Cindy licked the upper row of Laura’s teeth and sucked gently on her lower lip. Laura responded with her tongue more aggressively stroking Cindy’s and the two lingered, mouths exploring one another. Finally with a small whimper, they pulled apart. The two stared at one another for a moment longer and then Laura grinned and said, “Wait till you see the dress I got for you.” Cindy clapped her hands and jumped up and down.

“Oh, let me see. Please!” Laura turned and from the pile of garments she had brought out, picked up a long draped black evening wear dress, artfully scattered with sparkling sequins.

“Oooh!” gushed Cindy, “It’s beautiful. Quick, let’s try it on….Oh I hope it fits.”

Laura nodded. “It will. I’m a good judge when it comes to your size.”

The two girls giggled madly and Laura once again lifted the dress above Cindy so that she could slide her arms and torso into it. The material was similar to a Lycra stretch but with the cooler, richer feeling of silk to it. It felt as if it flowed and trickled down over Cindy’s body, dancing over her arms and caressing her face as it slid past. It settled on her shoulders and draped itself down her statuesque length. Laura moved around Cindy tugging here and pulling there and making certain the dress hung properly. Then she turned Cindy so she could zip up the back.

The dress was almost sleeveless with just a ruffled swatch of material elegantly gathered off each shoulder. The neckline was a deep V but not inelegantly so. It allowed Cindy to feel feminine and dressy but not too slutty. The sequined body of the gown clung to Cindy’s frame and it hung over her hips, one leg draping all the way to her ankle while it hung at an angle so the other leg and its laced stocking were displayed.

Laura looked at her living doll and smiled. She always looked so good dressed up like this.

“But we need to complete the look,” Laura said, turning towards a box that was sitting next to the coffee table. “I have just the thing.”

As Cindy watched to see what Laura had for her, she unconsciously ran her hands up her body, sliding along her hips and up to her chest. She loved the cool and soft feel of the fabric and the clinging support of undergarments. She sighed a little as she ran a finger over her nipples. They were so much flatter than Laura’s. Oh, she would like to have at least a little more up top.

Laura turned around. In her hands she held a wig of luxuriant blonde hair, hanging in soft easy curls. It had to hang to at least mid-back. Cindy gasped in delight.

“Oh Laura, it’s beautiful! Is it mine, really?”

Laura nodded. “Here, let me help you.” She walked around in back of Cindy and lifted the full mane of blonde ringlets up and placed it on her head. She settled the cap of the wig properly and Cindy struggled to stay still and not reach up and run her fingers through the golden tresses as it was centred and fit properly. The rough scratch of the interior of the wig, the soft clingy strips of material around its edges that helped hold it in place and the ticklish fluttering of hair that cascaded over Cindy’s upper arms and bare back made her shiver.

Once the wig was set firmly in place, Cindy wheeled on Laura excitedly.

“Can I see it, please?” She almost vibrated in place with excitement. “Let’s go look, please!”

Laura laughed to see her girl so excited and nodded. She took her by the hand and led her into the bathroom, where the full-length mirrors were set to display your image in any angle you wished.

Cindy gasped as she looked at herself, now fully clothed and wrapped. Her blonde locks hung down draping across the black and sequined look of her dress. Her body’s shape had changed and she was slimmer, stood more upright. Her shoulders held back and she looked positively feminine. She twirled and watched her image spin as well.

“It’s wonderful. Oh, it’s better than I could have hoped for.” Then her eyes lit on her face, dull white and unmade.

“Oh…but I look hideous.” She stared for a moment and then spun on Laura hopefully. “Can we do my face now, please?”

Laura smiled and nodded, already reaching for the make-up kit. She sat Cindy down on the toilet seat and went to work. A soft base of cover up smoothed over any nicks or unwanted shadows on Cindy’s face. Then she applied blush, just a tint on the cheeks, and chose a deep crimson red for the lipstick. She used a brush applicator to paint the lips precisely rather than a simple stick. She got so much better results this way. Then mascara and eyeliner: a soft shade of blue and long separating lashes. Cindy’s eyes sparkled as Laura put the finishing touches on.

Cindy sat still and let her BFF carefully apply the base coat. She felt the soft applicator stroke her cheeks and chin and softly down her neck. She trembled in delight as the cool brush caressed her lips and applied her smile and she giggled as the butterfly touch on her eyes tickled as it was applied. Now she stood and opened her eyes and stared at the soft and feminine face of Cindy.

“Oh yes…” she sighed. “I’m beautiful. Thank you!”

Laura’s genuine smile lit up Cindy’s heart.

“You’re welcome sweety. Now…would you like to help me dress?” Cindy nodded.

“Oh yes, very much!” The two girls moved into the bedroom. Quickly, Laura undid her robe and slipped it off. Beneath it she had on only a sheer silk thong and a light demi-cup bra that just allowed her erect nipples to show. Cindy gasped in delight at the simple and yet stimulating look.

Laura whirled once to show off, and then went to the bed, where a soft golden brown cling dress was laid out. She picked it up and held it out to Cindy.

“You like it?” she asked.

Cindy carefully appraised the dress and matched the colour to Laura’s own auburn locks and smiled. “Yes, definitely!”

Laura giggled and set it down. “Help me with my stockings” she said. Cindy came over and Laura handed her a pair of cream white lace hose that were practically invisible. The delicate lace of the nylon blended perfectly with Laura’s skin tone and only a sheer white delicate pattern could be discerned. The two girls pulled each stocking on, running their hands up Laura’s leg together. Cindy took an extra moment to just experience the taught smooth muscle tone of Laura’s legs. Laura caught her hands and pulled them higher up onto her deep inner thigh.

“You like that?” she purred at Cindy.

Cindy breathed deep and allowed her hand to just lie there for a moment as Laura stroked the back of it.

“Yes.” She said softly.

They sat for a moment, touching. The feel of Laura’s pulse quickening along her inner leg. Then she lifted Cindy’s hands and stood.

“Okay. The dress, come on. I’ve been waiting to wear this all week.”

The girls took the soft wrap dress and Cindy helped Laura into it. Her arms slid into the long sleeves and the silky stretch fabric was brought up and draped over her shoulders. It felt like a waterfall of cool feathers being traced over her body. Once on, she took the sides and wrapped each one around her. Cindy took the long fringed sash and snugly tightened it around Laura’s waist. Laura meanwhile adjusted the cleavage, spreading her neckline a bit wider and allowing the full rise of her breasts to be displayed. Cindy walked around behind her and tugged at the waist, running a hand over Laura’s round ass and then wickedly, gave her a quick slap.

Laura yelped in surprise rather than pain and jumped forward.

“You naughty girl” she scolded Cindy, but the grin on her face erased any question of anger. She preened for her girlfriend, spinning once to show how the dress hung loose and flowing to just below her knees. It twirled up and floated back down. The two girls stared at each other, both admiring and lusting after each other. Then their eyes met and they stared for a moment in mental union before they both shouted: “Shoes!”

They ran to the closet and quickly looked through the rack of shoes set aside here for them to choose from.

Laura picked out a pair of sparkly black heels. They tapered to an almost lethal pointed toe and exposed the top of the foot. They had centred on the top a delicate red stylized heart. They slid onto Laura’s feet and elevated her several inches as well as helping to turn her already beautiful thigh even more lovely.

For Cindy, she chose a pair of black stiletto heels with a ribbon calf wrap tie. She slid the shoes on and allowed Laura to take the bindings and wrap her leg in them. The ribbons were soft but tight and cinched all the way to the top of her calf.

Now the girls stood and stared at each other. Fully dressed and ready for a night out…or maybe a night in?

They moved slowly to one another and Laura’s arms encircled Cindy’s neck while Cindy slipped her arms about the statuesque brunette’s waist. They embraced softly, hands gently touching, running over the curves and slopes of their bodies, their lips meeting in passionate kisses. Together they stayed embraced, exploring one another for a minute or more and then, regretfully, parted. Both women were breathing a little harder than they had been.

“You are such a beautiful woman,” Laura whispered to Cindy. “I’m glad we met!”

Cindy nodded, her voice caught in her throat for a moment. Tears sparkled in her eyes and threatened to run her carefully applied mascara.

“Do we have to go out?” she finally whispered to Laura. She stared at Cindy for a moment and then smiled secretly.

“Oh yes. But not like this. I have some other outfits we should try on first. I think you’ll like what I have!”

Cindy’s eyes widened and her heart beat a little faster.

“More outfits? Oh yes, please!”

The two girls giggled and turned towards Laura’s closet to explore its treasures.

Good Cop Bad Cop

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Nasty Cops!

Zeke parked his car in the driveway and just sat there for a few minutes, thinking. It had been a really long day. Normally Zeke liked the construction business but today he would have gladly walked away from it all. Today, there were meetings and papers and depositions and more meetings. AAHHH! He hated all of it.

So he used some illegals in his company, so what? Who did that hurt? He paid them well (not as well as the union would have demanded but well) and he treated them just like any other immigrant he dealt with. But the state was all upset and everybody wanted to know who he had gotten the illegals from and where they came into the country at and all sorts of other crap that Zeke was just not going to give them.

“Make them do their own damn leg work” that’s what he thought! After all, they get paid to do it. He had offered to help if they kicked a little back his way but they were so friggin’ uptight!

With one last deep cleansing breath he got out of the car and headed for his door. All he wanted right now was a hot shower, a couple of whiskeys and the boob-tube. He unlocked his front door and went in expecting to be greeted by Luther, his german shepherd. But he could hear muffled barking in the backyard, as if Luther were outside. Strange, he always came in to greet Zeke. He started across the living room towards the kitchen and the back door to see if the doggy door was stuck.

He didn’t get far. About four steps in and something behind him slammed the front door. No lights on yet so it got dark and while his eyes tried to adjust someone came up behind him and threw an arm around his neck, tightening their grip and holding him. Something hard was shoved into his back and held there, none too gently and kept him off balance. Then from in front of him a figure appeared and before he could even croak out a surprised shout he was gut-punched hard. All the air went out of him.

Zeke was completely disoriented. He couldn’t catch his breath and things were happening way too fast. From in front of him, the figure moved fast, around back with his other attacker. They grabbed hold of his arms and twisted them up high and hard behind him. Then he felt the cold metal bite of handcuffs being slapped on. Before he knew it he was pulled backwards, off balance and fell hard into one of his easy chairs. Puffing and grunting he looked up to confront his two attackers.

“Who the fuck are you and what…” that was as far as he got. He stopped, momentarily speechless. Standing in front of him were two statuesque women…in police uniforms…or most of the uniforms anyway.

They were a dark brunette and a flaming red haired amazon. The brunette was about six foot and her hair fell heavily past her shoulders. High cheekbones and wide dark eyes with heavy lashes were supported by a fine aquiline nose and beautiful thick red lipsticked lips. She was wearing a police shirt, the short sleeved button up type, but it wasn’t buttoned. Beneath the partially closed folds of that shirt he could see a flesh-coloured bra holding what appeared to be two grand melon-sized breasts. She had on shorts, matching the shirt and her legs that showed were firm, muscled and gorgeous.

The red haired one was equally stunning. She had on a police dark blue T-shirt. It fit very snugly and though her breasts were a size smaller than the brunette’s and sagged just a little, the shirt was tight enough to reveal she had nothing on beneath it. Her face was a bit rounder than the brunette’s and just as full lipped. Sparkling green eyes glittered under a scant use of mascara. Her slacks were tight and showed the promise of another beautiful pair of gams.

The brunette looked Hispanic with her dark complexion and it was offset by the white creamy skin of the redhead.

“What the fuck is going on here?” he finally managed to gasp out.

He struggled to sit up a bit more in the chair but the brunette just lifted her leg up and put her stockinged foot directly between his legs, adding a little more pressure than might be necessary to hold him still. His balls ached as she adjusted the heel of her foot into them and he grunted in pain.

“Tonight,” the brunette started, “We’ll be asking the questions.”

“And if you want any chance to come out of this with your balls intact,” the redhead continued, “you will tell us what we want to hear.”

“So what the hell do you want to know?” Zeke asked, his cock and sac aching, being roughly caressed by the officers foot.

“Where did you get your illegals from? Who brought them to you and how do you contact them? That’s pretty simple isn’t it?” The redhead stared at him, eye to eye and he blinked first.

“Fuck you!” he yelled. “I told the cops I wasn’t helping. Now get the fuck out of here and uncuff me before I get really pissed.”

The brunette just smiled and ground her foot hard into his pelvis. Zeke shrieked and groaned in relief as she moved it away and set it on the floor again. The redhead looked at him with a sympathetic smile. She moved a step closer to him, her large tits bouncing under her thin t-shirt as she moved.

“Now Zeke,” she said quietly, “You really don’t have to be that way. We can be very…nice to you if you just tell us what we want to know.” Then, she kneeled on the floor between his legs, her supple breasts rubbing along his thigh, as she took her hands and laid both of them, palm down, on his crotch. Her fingers began to play idly with the zipper pull.

The brunette moved to his side and bent over, her shirt gaping open to display her bare boobs and dark puffy tits, her nipples already erect. She loosened his tie and pulled it off from around his neck and began to slowly unbutton his shirt.

“What…what’s going on? What are you girls doin’?” Zeke asked with a trembling voice. Though handcuffed and ball squashed his heart was starting to beat faster and his cock was responding to these two women.

“You…You trying to rape me?” he asked

The redhead bent forward and gripped his pants zipper in her teeth and pulled it all the way down, then she released it and looked up at Zeke’s face with pouting wet lips and deep hypnotic eyes.

“Rape you? You mean you don’t want this?” she asked as one of her hands slipped into his pants through his open zipper.

“….No,…I mean…uh, yes…but…” Zeke was so flustered he couldn’t get his words out straight.

The brunette had finished opening his shirt and pulled it open. She put her palms flat on his chest and started to rub them in slow circles. She bent forward, her enormous boobs pressing against his arm and side, and bent her lips to his chest. She slipped her tongue out from between her two sultry lips and flicked it teasingly across one of his nipples. It responded and Zeke jumped, letting a soft moan escape.

The redhead’s hand had found his cock. He hadn’t gotten completely hard yet but there was definitely life there and she wrapped her hand around it. Zeke could feel the warm flesh of her hand holding his man organ tight. She began to very slowly, pump it.

“You like?” she asked Zeke.

He nodded, his breath starting to get a little ragged. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Maybe a couple of his buddies had hired a pair of hookers to play this game with him. He started to relax.

“Now then Zeke” said the redhead, as she used her free hand to undo his belt and trouser button, “Who did you meet with to get the illegals?”

Zeke opened his eyes that had slid partly shut.

“Huh?” Suddenly he yelped loudly. The brunette had bitten his nipple hard and pulled on it, not playfully. Then she straightened up and slapped him hard across the cheek.

“Hey dumbshit, we’re not messing with you here. Who?”

“Get off!” Zeke shouted and tried in vain to slide down and move away from the angry bitch. But she slapped him again, harder.

Now the redhead had pulled his cock out from the confines of his pants and undershorts. Tightening her grip on it way too hard, she squeezed his shaft, making him squeal. Then she slid her lips over the reddish purple head of his cock and began to suck. Her tongue teased across his piss-slit and her lips wrapped and slid around him. She kept up the painful squeeze along with her erotic cock-suck and her other hand dipped into his pants to grab his ball-sac. She squeezed them tight and bit down hard on his cock. She slid the whole prick deep into her mouth bathing it with her spit and tongue. She pumped up and back down to a full deep throat three times in rapid succession and then pulled away completely.

Zeke was shouting now, humping his hips trying to dislodge the maneater who was swallowing his cock. The warm soft strokes felt so good but the pain of the twisting and squeezing shot through him. He didn’t know whether to be excited or agonized and apparently neither did his cock because it was no longer mid-mast but hard-as-iron stiff.

He shrieked loudly again as the redhead twisted his balls but before he could make too much noise the brunette shoved her big puffy melon tit into his mouth. She grabbed his hair and held it there. Then she pressed her other boob across his face and began to jiggle her tits, smothering him and preventing any noise whatsoever.

He tried to scream but too much tit-flesh filled his mouth and he sucked and chewed on it even as he tried to breathe. The brunette just moaned and smothered him harder.

Red had stopped sucking and pulled back. Then she took her hand and slapped his rigid manpole hard. And again. Then while the other held him pinned to the chair with her tits, Red grabbed his trousers and undershorts and pulled them down, stripping his bottom half naked.

Finally the huge booby was pulled from his mouth with a soft ‘pop’ and the brunette stood, shrugging off her shirt completely, the bra following as her enormous tits bounced free. There were teeth marks on her breast and her tit was engorged and stiff but she didn’t seem to mind.

“Godammit stop this!” he screamed at them. “You can’t do this to me!”

“We’ll do it as long as you don’t tell us what we want to know,” the brunette said. And she casually reached out and slapped his face again. His cheek stung and was turning bright red.

“OK OK,” he shouted. “You win…It was Bob Henderson, down at the rock quarry. He has a brother in law who works at the border and they have a deal to get illegals through for local work. Now get off and get out.”

The two women stood up and stared down at the cuffed construction worker. He was broad in the chest and well enough muscled though no body builder. His cock was hard and quivering and of good size, at least eight inches. They looked at him and then at each other, lust in their eyes.

“Uh, no.” said the redhead. “Thanks for the info but you might be lying. We need to make certain you really want to tell us the truth.” And the two women reached for him, the brunette grabbing an arm and pulling him out of the chair and getting a grip on both arms while the redhead grabbed his legs and together they lifted him up and carried him through the house.

Zeke shouted and cursed, struggling to get free of them, but the ladies were strong and held on. They brought him to the kitchen table, a big slab table top of granite with thick stout legs. Zeke had built it himself. Thought it would impress the ladies. They were impressed.

They spun Zeke around and bent him over the table. Then they grabbed his arms and held them tightly while one of the women undid one cuff. Then, while the other one lay on his back – it was the brunette, he could tell by the size of those two huge tits crushing him down – his arm was pulled across the table and the open cuff was slid just under the table top to clip tight to a strut. As soon as it was secured the brunette grabbed his other arm and snapped another cuff on that side and secured it the same way. Then the two women moved behind him.

“Really!” Zeke grunted, spread out on his table, his ass and cock open and vulnerable to these two hard ass bitches. “I am telling the truth!”

“Hope so for your sake.” The brunette smiled as she said this. Then he heard a rustling going on as the women moved off for a moment.

“What’s going on? What are you doing?” he tried to turn his head to see but couldn’t quite do it. The duo came back just a moment later and suddenly Zeke heard a ‘whoosh’ just before a stinging slap landed hard on his ass. He actually screamed and tried in vain to leap up but before he could do more, another ‘smack’. The women had two flat paddles with long handles and small holes drilled through at intervals on the flat paddle portion. Now they stood to either side of him and began to paddle his ass.




“No! Ouch stop please!” Zeke shouted. His cries fell uselessly and he danced and bucked actually shaking the table a bit as his ass was well reddened and tenderized.

“You are a no good lying piece of shit!” the brunette shouted at him as she swung her paddle. “You call that a cock? It’s barely big enough to be a wriggling worm as bait on a fishing pole. You are a useless squat of a man.”

The redhead swung with gusto opting for several fast sharp spanks.

“Your piss couldn’t water a desert cactus” she spat at him. You are a pathetic waste of man flesh.

“Oh nnnnooooo, please stop!” Zeke shrieked out. But the ladies still laid into his upturned hairy ass till it glowed beet red and they could actually feel the heat coming off it in waves.

Zeke lay there shaking and gasping for breath through his sobs. The women laughed at him and the brunette reached down between his legs to grasp and pull at his cock. She smiled a nasty smile as she found it rock hard and stiffer than ever.

“Oh! It seems our crybaby liked his spanking.” She grabbed the hot stiff rod in her hand and yanked hard on it, milking it two, three, four times in rapid succession, and then, released it.

“Ooooohhh” groaned Zeke, unable to say more through his gasping breath.

“Here’s something I’ll bet he likes too.” The redhead stepped up behind him and Zeke could feel a pair of hands grasp his throbbing ass cheeks and spread them. Then, while her partner held Zeke spread, Red took a small tube of sex lube and spread it up and down his crack.

“What…now?” Zeke’s voice quivered as the redhead stroked and fingered his ass.

“You’ll see” she said. Then she glopped a large dollop right on his brown puckered asshole. She took her finger and spread it around the rim pressing hard in its centre till her long thick finger slid down into his virgin ass. It was tight and though the lube helped Red had to push repeatedly, sliding in aways and then back a bit and then in deeper.

Zeke bucked and screamed and bounced but was helpless as Red’s finger slid deeper and deeper into his anal canal. Her finger pressed along the sides of his chute and actually wiggled back and forth. He could feel it touching on his prostrate and pushing against it even while she turned in half circles and slid out and then back in.

Zeke sobbed and cried, grunting hard as she slid in and moaning as she slid out. He was so filled and it hurt so and, yet, his cock throbbed and twitched. He was more turned on than he ever had been and yet couldn’t give into it because these bitches kept punishing him.

He groaned a deep sigh as Red finally pulled her finger all the way out and with a ‘POP’ his asshole was empty. He felt relief wash over him but only for a moment. Suddenly something else was back at his assaulted bunghole. It was hard, rubbery and slick. Its tip was a finger width but as the brunette shoved it deeper in it widened more and more, spreading his hole and filling beyond what had ever been done before. Finally, he felt ‘pop’ as the rim of the butt plug passed his sphincter and it was planted firmly in his ass.

As if that was the worst of it. Barely had he breathed a deep breath to try and handle the anal intruder when it began to buzzzzz. It was a vibrator and began to shiver through his ass and poop-chute, squeezing and stroking his hole over and over. It actually moved a little as it buzzed.

The feeling was excruciating and wonderful both. He screamed and shouted, pleading for the women to remove it. They just moved to his arms and un-cuffed him from the table. Then they stood the shaking, quivering man onto his feet and again snapped the cuffs back on his hands, locked behind him.

Now they laid him back on the floor. While the egg plug in his ass drove him to frenzy, the redhead moved between his legs and the brunette to his head.

“You want that buzzing toy out of your sorry ass?” the full-breasted brunette said to him. “Then you better get to eating my pussy and making me cum, because it ain’t coming out till that happens.” Then, she shucked her shorts and stood spread legged over him. She knelt down, a leg to either side of his head. Her deep moistened gash was covered with thick prickly black thatch and her own fingers slipped inside and spread her thick pussy lips and vulva walls wide, showing her deep pink brown cunt’s insides. Zeke barely got a look at this before it descended on his mouth. He immediately began to thrust his tongue deep up into her love canal. His lips and teeth suckled and nipped at her pussy flesh and he ground his face harder into her crotch as she began to moan and wriggle.

Now Red grabbed his cock tightly and he felt something cold and hard circle his rigid shaft. Red slid a tight buckling cockring down and to the base of his penis. She tightened it hard, making him squeal in pleasure-pain and that just made the lady on his face quiver even more.

As his tongue lapped cunt juice and played against her hard swollen clit, sliding and slapping it even as he sucked, he also felt the warm shaved lips of a thick-lipped and wet pussy begin to descend on his cock. Red lowered herself, wriggling and squirming downward, till she ground pelvis against pelvis. Fully enfolded in her warm embracing love hole she squirmed again and then lifted up and slid almost off and then fast and hard back down, driving the air from his lungs, forcing him to blow air and spit against the pussy raping his mouth. The brunette grabbed him by the hair and ground his face against her as she groaned and squirmed letting his tongue fuck her cunt canal.

Now Red bounced hard up and down, fucking his pole faster and faster. He could feel a burning hot pain beginning to boil up in his ball sac. His shaft began to burn and his cockhead quivered and pulsed as she fucked him faster and faster. He knew he needed to cum too but the dam cockring held him back, forcing it to build up in his balls and at the base of his shaft. He cried out in pain and lust and desire and lapped hard at the cunt he was swallowing as it began to shudder and contract and squirt. Suddenly the brunette was screaming in ecstasy as she started to cum. She scrubbed her open love cleft across his face, hard and wild, fucking his mouth, his nose, his chin as she came again and again, orgasms cresting one after another, filling his mouth with more quim than he knew a woman could produce and he drank the tart sharp juices in order to keep breathing.

On his cock Red was banging up and down like a jackhammer. She screamed in glee and ground down hard on him as she too started to shake and quiver and gush. The two women writhed together on Zeke and fucked his face and cock. His ass pulsed with fire and fulfilment and pain and he could not stop groaning. He had to cum, he had to but he couldn’t. It was agony as it felt like fiery nails scraped up and down along his shaft and across his needy cockhead.

Then, just as he truly felt he could take it no more, the two women both rolled off him and bent over his cock. Red deftly undid the cockring’s clasp and he felt relief. The women pressed their large soft breastmeat together against each other’s and around his raging fiery cock and Zeke blew his load loud and hard, gushing what felt like a gallon of cum all over the two women’s boobs and throat and face. They squealed in delight smashing their gorgeous full breasts against him and stroking him hard and long. The brunette even shoved her mouth over his cock and though the feeling was almost too much to bear, he moaned in delight as she swallowed him fully and held him there, sucking for all she was worth.

Finally the women pulled back from Zeke, who was covered in sex juice and shaking with passion and exhaustion. They smiled at him and rolled him over. As he shuddered and cried weakly lying there, they stopped the vibrating egg in his ass and pulled it out. The relief was so true and so complete that he actually squirted another glob of cum, groaning at the feeling.

The two women laughed and quickly dressed themselves. Then, covered in the juice and cream of their sex, they left the house. Zeke just lay there in the dark house, on his floor wondering how he was ever going to get his hands free.

Got it Maid!

Allan waited at “will call” for his new PA to arrive. The office said they had set up a new girl and she would meet him here with the car. It had been a long crowded flight. 13 hours from the US to New Zealand and Allan was exhausted. What he wanted now was his hotel room and sleep.

He looked around again impatiently. Where is she? He thought. Suddenly, there she was: a little thing, about five foot two and maybe a hundred pounds. She couldn’t have been more than twenty-two or three, but the size of her tits! Wow, that had to be a DD cup. She looked like she might overbalance at any moment. Then again, she’d have a soft landing.

“Probably all tits and ass and no brains. Just his luck.” He smiled and then shook the thought away.

“That’s how you get sexual harassment suits filed against you,” he said to himself. “Look but no touch.” Just as well he supposed, he was probably too tired to be interested anyway.

“Over here!” he called out and waved to the young assistant. She held a sign with his name on it and was looking around wide eyed and lost.

She saw him and at once ran up to him, her overly abundant chest bouncing and swaying with every move. He watched them and thought, “Oh yeah, real trouble.” So he set his mind to business.

“Hi Mr. Clark, I’m Ashlee, your PA. Sorry I was a little late. They screwed up your car order. You wanted the 4 door and they had a 2-door on reserve for you.

“What? Damn it, I don’t want to spend the week …”

Ashlee waved her hand to forestall his rant.

“I already took care of it. I read them the riot act and told them they stand to lose half a million annually from the loss of our company’s business if they didn’t make the CEO happy. They found your car.”

Allan looked at the well dressed if overly endowed young woman and began to rethink his opinion of her.

“Well…thank you Ashlee. I appreciate it.”

“No trouble at all Sir. Now, you must be exhausted, let’s get you to the hotel. I have everything there arranged.” And with that, Ashlee turned and began to briskly walk back towards the parking strip. It allowed Allan a chance to see that what was behind Ashlee was as pleasant to watch as what was up top. He followed after his new PA with a smile.

The car was perfect and Ashlee drove, navigating the streets like someone born and bred here. She just smiled and told him that she just memorized the main arterials into and out of the city before she got here.

At the hotel, Ashlee walked Allan into the lobby and past the front desk to a side room, where a well dressed hotel manager was waiting with all of his check-in materials. Five minutes and he was on his way up the elevator to his room.

Ashlee opened the door for him and led him inside. He hadn’t actually stayed at this hotel before and he wasn’t certain what to expect but he was pleasantly surprised. Ashlee had managed to swing the presidential suite for him. Its style was a little old-fashioned from what he was used to but with 3 big rooms including a fully stocked office, small kitchen, separate bedroom and a living room, it felt like she had rented him a small house.

“Let me take your bags and put them here in the hall closet” she said, taking the bags and not waiting for him to say yes or no, put them away. “I’ll show you the suite and then you can get some sleep.

“Thank you” Allan said. He was becoming more impressed with the young woman all the time. Ashlee smiled and actually managed to blush just a little. It looked very cute on her.

“No thanks needed. Just doing my job.” She quickly led Allan on a tour of the suite, showing him all the amenities, where all the office supplies were kept and even presenting him with a fully stocked refrigerator with pre-made meals set up for speed and convenience.

“Thank you Ashlee, really quite an impressive job.”

Ashlee threatened to blush again and Allan told her to wake him at eight the next morning and hurried her out of the room. Then he went into the bedroom. A real king-sized bed awaited him, pillow top mattress and memory foam pillow—even new sheets, not just clean ones. Good.

He took his clothes off and hung them on the back of the easy chair near the bed and pulled back the sheets. He thought about digging through his suitcase for a pair of shorts or the pyjama’s he had packed but he was just too tired. He lay down, naked, pulled the sheets up and was almost instantly asleep.

* * *

Ashlee had a small room herself on a lower floor, basic accommodations but nice. She went in and sat down at her desk. Reaching for the phone she made a call. She knew what professional men like Mr. Clark needed and she was making certain he had everything.

* * *

The young maid approached the door to the presidential suite. She had very specific instructions on the attire she was supposed to wear and she had taken great care to follow them exactly.

Based on the traditional “French Maid’s” outfit, she had on a black dress, short puff-sleeves off the shoulders and a shallow scoop neck. With ample bosom, she presented a beautiful amount of cleavage almost spilling out and trimmed by the collar’s white lace. The skirt was professional looking and hung to just above the knees and was lined in two separate layers of a fine chiffon lace petticoat-like undergarment. She had on black silk stockings and her beautifully tapered legs were capped by a pair of six inch stiletto heels, black, of course.

She wore a small maid’s cap pinned in her luxuriously thick black hair. If it hadn’t been trimmed in white lace too, it might have vanished into her mane.

On the cart she pushed there were cleaning supplies, towels, pillows, and various other accoutrements for the restocking of the rooms. She also carried a small, personal feather duster, which she found often came in handy for some of those hard to reach places.

She looked at the door of the suite. No “do not disturb” sign hung on the knob. She knocked lightly and called out, “Housekeeping!”

No one answered. She waited an appropriate amount of time for a response then used her key card to open the door. She pushed the cart into the room, shutting the door behind her. The lights were off. She flipped on the overhead lamps and looked around. Strange, she thought, this room already looked very clean. Why was it on her to-do list?

Well, while she was here, she might as well make certain it was all clean. She began to make a quick inspection of the suite. As she got to the bedroom door, she thought she heard something. She stopped. Was someone here after all? She peered in and cautiously whispered, “Hello, anyone here?”

No answer. She opened the door further and looked about the large master suite. There was someone in the bed. She gasped but then she realized he was still asleep. Hmm. Poor man, he must be tired. She looked over and saw his clothes had been thrown over the back of a sitting chair near the bed. Figures. Take a man away from his wife and he’s a slob. The clothes looked very expensive. Marie decided that she could be very quiet and at least see to it that his clothes were laundered properly. She moved into the room, up next to the bed and started to pick up his clothes.

As she quickly tidied the man’s things she suddenly noticed the obvious tent effect rising in the middle of his sheets. It seemed quite a big tent. She giggled to herself and then quieted it almost immediately. She would not want to wake the man.

She looked at his face, eyes closed, lips just barely parted as he breathed in and out. Behind his eyelids, his eyes twitched and moved. He was dreaming. Marie looked again at the rise in the sheets. Must be some dream, she thought.

She turned to go, but stopped and looked again at the sleeping man. He was really quite handsome. And she had to admit, she was curious to see his manhood at attention.

Well, one little peek, perhaps. That couldn’t hurt. Carefully, she stepped to his bedside. Then lifted the sheet slowly so as not to disturb him. She raised it up and pulled it back so she could get a good look at him. Her eyes widened at the sight of his rock hard 10 inches standing stiff and quivering. My, he was enormous. His balls were heavy looking and round and he was covered with a thick patch of black curly hair surrounding it all.

Marie just stared, her eyes mesmerized by the beauty of the man’s cock. Her stomach trembled and lower she felt a stirring of heat. It had been a long time since she had been with someone this…large. She wondered…

No, she mustn’t do anything. He might wake and be very upset. She looked at the door to the room and then back at the man…or more specifically his stallion-cock. Hmmm, maybe…

She took out her feather duster, long, thick billowing feathers. She grinned a wicked grin. Taking the duster, she reached out and gently, softly, touched his thigh with the edge of a feather. She brushed it across lightly.

The man reacted immediately, not waking but letting out a soft sound of pleasure from between his lips and his ‘tent-pole’ shivered noticeably.

She pulled back quickly and held her breath to see if he awoke. When he didn’t, she braved another touch with the feathers, this time stroking it along his inner thigh, closer still to his manhood. Again he groaned slightly and he reacted. Could he actually have swelled bigger? Maybe that was just a trick of the light.

Now she grew brave, really starting to enjoy this. She reached out and brushed the top of his penis, softly shaking the feathered crown of her duster across his round, bulbous head and down slightly across his foreskin.

His hips thrust unconsciously and he now moaned a definite sound of lust. Marie was entranced. How far could she take this? She began to sweep the feathers across his pole, up and across, then down, over his balls and thighs. Back up the pole. Light whisper-gentle touches again and again. Soon the man’s hips were rhythmically humping up and down and the sounds coming from him became more and more passionate. Veins twitched and throbbed along his engorged shaft and a reddish hue began to tint its smooth and bulbous head. A single clear drop of precum emerged from the slit at its head and wavered there, as if trying to decide which direction to flow.

Marie’s breath was coming in gasps and she found one hand unconsciously straying down to between her legs. At first they slipped beneath the short maids skirt and brushed over her black lace panties she had worn, but she could feel the dampness that had already begun to soak into them and she slid her hand into the frilly underwear and her fingers began to stroke and rub her flowering hole.

Suddenly, the feather duster just wasn’t enough. She had to touch it, to taste his man-meat. She dropped the duster to the bedside and climbed up onto the bed, settling on her knees. She still was careful to move slowly—she wanted him asleep as long as possible. It had become a game for her.

Placing a hand to either side of the sleeping man, for balance, she leaned her head in close to his huge meat. She stuck her tongue out and with its pointy red tip, she barely licked across his piss slit, sweeping up the droplet of cum. Her tongue’s touch made him thrust unconsciously and his cock-head brushed her lips. She kissed it as she pulled away. Now on its tip she could see a small smear from her red lipstick.

That was it. She could no longer hold back. She leaned in, opening her mouth as wide as she could. His cock was huge and she was only barely able to get her mouth around it, but she did. Her lips wrapped about the shaft and her tongue slid down the front of his cock, and back up. Her head bobbed up and down and she began to suck on the end, her cheeks bellowing and collapsing as she tried to regulate her breathing while giving head to this sleeping beauty.

The man began to thrash his hips and groan. Marie was encouraged and swallowed his cock deeper into her mouth. She stretched her neck carefully and opened her throat in order to get as much in her as possible. She lashed his shaft, showering it with her spit and tongue drool and lipstick. Gentle had gone away, she wanted to devour him.

She reached up and grabbed the base of his shaft with one hand and began to pump, short hard strokes as she licked and sucked, almost gagging on him but needing to keep going.

The man was moaning constantly now and urging her on even in his sleep.

“Yes. Oh Yes. That’s it Ashlee. Oh, so good.”

Ashley? Thought Marie, Who is Ashley? His wife? At this point though she didn’t care. She sucked and stroked, licked and slurped for all she was worth.

His ball sac tightened and she could feel the throbbing of his cock in her mouth and knew he was close to cumming. She needed more. She lifted her head off his huge penis and her mouth came away with a “pop’ noise. Quickly she yanked her panties down and straddled the man. Her wide wet snatch found the tip of his huge pole and she bore down, engulfing him in her pussy. For as lubricated as she was it was still a tight fit because of how big he was.

Marie moaned loudly as she slid down. She wriggled her hips and clenched and unclenched her pelvic muscles as she slid onto him completely, all 10 inches buried deep in her warm willing cunt. She began to pump with her body, her hands she placed flat against his chest and rubbed in circles across his broad muscled abs.

Now she could feel the fire building in her and she pumped faster. She began to moan and whimper as her juices began to boil and flow. She was building towards an enormous orgasm.

He was too as now his body, conscious or not thrust to meet her and pull away and thrust again. In and out, again and again. His fervour built. She could feel him swelling. Her own fire was almost out of control. With a slam down as she brought them together she stayed down and ground against him. In her gash, her clit was crushed and pushed and crushed again by his giant pole but it simply set her off.

With a wild scream she started to cum. Her body shook, the muscles in her legs spasming and locking momentarily. Pain shot through her calf as the charley horse ran along her muscles but it couldn’t stop her. It mingled and mixed, adding to the sensations and she shook with pleasure and passion

He too began to cum His cock began firing salvos of sperm, huge waves of liquid. Deep into her it flowed as well as out of her pussy and across their hips. He shook and ground his dick into her till they were one beast; a panting, rutting, orgasming beast.

Slowly the sensations began to subside. She consciously tried to flex her calf muscles and unlock her legs. She groaned as she moved, his cock still hard and no less rigid than before he came. She breathed deeply and then self-awareness took hold once more and she realized what she had done. She looked down at the man’s handsome face to see his eyes wide open, staring at her and…a huge grin plastered ear to ear on him.

“Well…can I at least know your name?” he asked with that smile still in place.

Nurse Nancy

Hi my name is Nancy and I want you to know I am wet, willing and waiting to take care of all your needs. I am a very mischievous nurse and I have been instructed by the good doctor to make sure all the patients who visit me here at the private clinic are very well look after. I love being a nurse and customer care is my highest priority.

When I greet you I will be wearing the shortest of nurse’s uniforms, the red trim of the hem hanging just below my buxom buttocks, Oh my – my crisp clean white nurses outfit tightly hugs my big well rounded DD breasts and snuggles in just perfectly to my tiny size 8 waist. I like wearing my outfit very short so the doctor and the patients can peep up my smock to glimpse my underwear. This keeps them all happily occupied and me amused for hours as I tease them. I lean down and give them flashes of my titties too.

The good doc loves to take advantage of me and do naughty things to me in the medical cabinet room – that’s when he can take the time out of his busy schedule. He is quite demanding. Sometimes as we walk down the hall, he just grabs me, shoving me up against the wall, lifting my smock and shoving his hard thermometer deep into me for a good (rogering )and tongue fucking. He kisses my neck and bites my big titties as he slides his ticklish beard down and in between my wet slit making my snatch gush all over his pointy nose darting into my pink bits as he makes me giggle, He pulls on my waist length pony tail for support as he vigorously gives me a quick ass licking from behind. He is such a devious and dirty doctor. He gropes my tits or slides a hand up onto my ass right in front of all the patients too. Everyone stares as he pokes a finger deep into my cunt and slides it back and forth making me moan. It’s embarrassing and exciting all at the same time.

Will you come and visit me here please at the clinic? I would like you as my private patient I hope you cock is stiffing and dripping with sexy man-juice for me. I want your cock swelling and straining on the confines of your garment at all times whilst you are in my care. I want you to dream about all the dirty nasty things I am going to do with you. Whenever I see you I will reach down and give you a squeeze, promises of things to come.

Now the good Doctor travels a lot and I have to amuse myself if you know what I mean when he is away. When he is gone and I am all alone on the night shift I like to go and check on all the male patients. I will tell you why they like me here on the nightshift. First, I have some business to attend to at my station. I will just take a seat for a short while to relax and pamper myself. I spread my lovely dreamy white legs wide apart for you, my fishnets are tickling my legs as the lace band only come up to the top of my lean thighs, I am quite short, standing at five foot two so that gives me a perfect advantage to service all my patients and with minimal discomfort.

Before I start my shift I give my little crumpet a quick twist, right here and under this big old white desk. I may turn on the microphone at my station and give everyone a verbal show. I want them to hear as I talk dirty and play with myself right here at work to kill the long hours away.

Next, it’s time to make my rounds. I know just what you want and I know how to give it to you. If you were my patient I would take you into the cubicle and get you to remove all your clothes immediately. The shower could wait till later as I have an urgent need to inspect the affected area. I would ask you to lie down on the hospital bed while I draw the curtains.

Taking the stethoscope I would check your heart beat, while gently nibbling on your nipples, my teeth and tongue flicking over them making them hard. I am a very naughty nurse. Once I have given you the all clear I will then proceed to check the lower region. I would take your manhood in my hand at once – and suggest that you try and relax as this checkup will be very thorough indeed. I can see the pre-cum glistening on your cock as I start to massage it away, but really I am just itching to taste that delicious tear drop and squeeze every last bead of juice out between that deep slit in your cock. My fingers slide down your shaft to its base and I squeeze. You are sooo big! Feel my hot breath on your man-meat, mmmm you taste yummy. I could just suck you off all day - here behind the flimsy curtain.

I take my tongue and slide it across the tip of your swollen dick before my lips spread open and I start to slide you into my mouth. Christ your cock is so big for me to get my mouth round - and your balls are so enormous - are they loaded with heavy cum for my quivering cunt? Enjoy as I deep throat your cock taking in every last inch, in and out sliding and slippery – your dribble- your spunk, oozing dripping lightly down my throat as I ravishingly lick the length of your pole. I want to taste every last drop of your precious cum—its scents and flavours are coating every inch of mouth. You grab me by the hair holding me down, my mouth so full of you. You are deep-throating my face. I long to swallow every ounce of fluid you could give me but it is imperative that I give you full examination, so, finally, you release me and I reluctantly remove my mouth from your penis.

I would now insist that you turn over and place your bottom in the air with your legs straddled on the bed doggie style. Inspecting your anus looks to be quite tasty - as that chocolate star fish looks very inviting. Upon splashing some oil over your buttock and massaging them firmly to make sure you are comfortable for the internal milking I then proceed to circle your sensitive hole with KY jelly. Retrieving my latex glove from the cabinet next to the bed I slip the thin plastic on to my slender fingers and then gently I insert my pinky into your most delicate area checking to see that all is well. First the small finger, then a second one: two fingers. Now three fingers…can you take four? I can tell by the moan emulating from your voice you are quite excited and you love the delicious things I am doing to you. I am fondling your balls while playing with your prostrate. I feel like fringing my cunny right at this moment.

Can you feel my tits, inside my sheer latex nurse outfit as I slide them back and forth across your ass and back. I can tell by the sounds of your moans what filthy things you would love to do to me if the tables were reversed. I am getting so excited hearing your panting breath. The patients tell me they would like to slide their hands up my latex covered thighs, past my mound of Venus, slowly savouring the moment. They want to slide their hands inside my bright red teddy to cuddle my jiggling breasts, squeezing and pinching them. The material of my teddy is so thin, more a lace covering, that has special little holes so my nipples can peak through and show the edges outlined on my white uniform. It’s all true you know. My boobies are that big and when I squeeze them playfully with my long red nails, they start throbbing and get real hard. My tittles swell and they get even bigger, enormous actually.

In and out deeper and deeper round and round my fingers probe exploring well inside your tight ass. It seems so dirty of us to be doing this. Maybe I will give you a little bed bath and soap up that inviting cherry ripe . I am sure you wouldn’t mind if I poked my in tongue deep inside as well - tasting that chocolate Belgium butt. Being a hygienic and safe nurse the necessary precautions would apply and I would love to surprise you with my glad cling delight, running my tongue all around that sensitive area and cleaning the creamy depth inside - licking - sucking - penetrating . I am a very thorough nurse.

I also have some other interesting objects I would like to insert up there. I could give it to you real good, I can plunge my toys in and out of your cute bottom. Maybe even put on my strap-on so I can give you a hard and fast fucking. I have such a huge collection here in my cabinet drawer; a blue penetrator that would produce the most lovely feelings. Sliding in and out, watching it, covered with a selection of KY jelly and baby oil and spit. That view would be most entertaining as I watch the thick liquid drip slimily down my toy onto my hand.

My clear instrument would deliver all together quite another sensation along with wobble red butt plug and other toys. Can you imagine me doing these naughty things to you? I retract my fingers and roll you over in to the sitting position before we have any untimely explosions. That’s quite enough bum exploring for now.

Unzipping my white shinny latex outfit, I step out of the flimsy garment. Reaching my hands behind my back, I skilfully unclip the clear plastic catch, my skimpy teddy falls to the floor. Now standing nearly naked before you, only my black fishnet stockings still on, I take your penis in my hand as I bend down and rub its tip across my hard, pink nipples—the feel of your knob, slipping over my sensitive luv-buds and in between my firm breast -its lovely and very rewarding and so horny to see the excitement on your face. I put your ramrod hard shaft between my large fleshy boobs and squeeze, sliding you back and forth, tit-fucking me till you can barely stand it.

My clitoris is swollen and in urgent need of satisfaction too. With one hand, I slide the palm of my hand to my snatch and begin to insert my fingers, moving up and down the inside of my full vagina lips fondling the delicate pinkness deep inside my wet hole. I am always soaked through after attending to a patient.

I climb up onto the hospital bed and run the head of your hard cock across my swollen cunt lips, into the opening of my exposed sex, slipping my pussy along the line of your thigh. I so need to pleasure myself and get rid of some of my pent up frustration. Even as I slide down, engulfing you, your hands reaching up to grab my sensitive breasts and squeeze them till I scream, I feel our mutual explosions come together, crashing waves of bone shuddering orgasm. I can feel a warm sticky release, a hot flush all of my sexual frustration is squirted on to you, gushing loads of love juice. Mmmmm. It drips down your leg splashing on your feet—you in turn cum in bucket loads, rivers of spunk juice fill me and flow out down my legs that still straddle your cock. We both are filled with that moment of oneness and hold it as long as possible. Finally, you release my swollen breasts and I slide, slowly and sensually off you.

Having extracted the specimen the visit is now over. Mmmm and I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to choose this private facility for your check up. Good day Sir.

(Giggle Giggle)

Lesbian Phone Script: Lacey and Michelle

Lacey: Hi there sexy. My name is Lacey.

Michelle: …and I am Michelle, and we are very close.

Lacey: Would you like to hear how close? Mmmm. We would love to tell you.

Michelle: First, I’ll tell you about Lacey. She is 5’6” and beautifully built. She has red-gold hair and dark green eyes with full pouting lips….Mmmmm…and what those lips can do. I’ll get to that later.

Lacey: Michelle is tall and slender, maybe 5’9” and legs that start at the ground and rise all the way to heaven, a thick-lipped, moist, bush-covered heaven. And I love her tits. She has gorgeous, round tits that are just a perfect handful. Her nipples are light pink and they stick out almost ½ an inch when she’s excited.

Michelle: Which Lacey makes sure I often am! And Lacey’s boobs are a sight to behold. They are huge 36DD, round bouncy globes with dark red aureoles and thick suckable tits. Just right for pinching and pulling…

Lacey: and sucking on…don’t forget that!

Michelle: Ooohhh. I won’t. And I love your beautiful snatch, always covered in just the barest peach fuzz of hair. Those red-tinged, voluptuous lips, long and spreading wide for me, opening into that deep red moist cavern of delight….ahh, the sweet heady smell of your sex is intoxicating. And your clit so large I can see it quivering there and I love how you can clench that irresistible gash around my tongue as I lick you long and deep.

Lacey: Oooooh. You’re making me hot just listening to you. Baby, you should see Michelle’s ass. Two rosy round globes that jiggle so perfectly when they are slapped—I must admit I do like to spank her, just to watch them. I love to bite her bottom as my tongue slowly slides down her crack. I spread her butt cheeks and probe till I find her little brown hole and then my tongue rims it, sliding across her perfect star shaped entrance and start darting it in and out. Ohhh, she is so tight and she always moans when I start sucking and licking on her brown backdoor.

Michelle: Mmmmmm. I hope you will do that soon Lacey.

Lacey: Say, would you like to watch as we play with each other?

Michelle: I hope you don’t mind. Hehehe We can get really naughty. Is that ok?

Lacey: And we have lots of toys to play with as well. Is your cock getting hard thinking about us? Thinking about us touching and kissing each other? Maybe I’ll stroke my fingers across Michelle’s stiff titties…or maybe she will bend down to suck one of my large sensitive nipples into her mouth. It is that all right? Mmmmm, good.

Michelle: Why don’t you unbutton your pants and take that hard stiff man meat of yours out. Take it out and stroke it, just a little, while we play with each other. OK?

Lacey: First, I am going to start by giving Michelle a kiss. (Kiss sounds.) Now, I am going to slowly lick and nibble her long slender neck. Sooo tasty…Oh she shivers when I blow my breath softly across her throat.

Michelle: Mmmmmm. I like that. Your lips are so soft and sensitive… I just have to touch your beautiful boobs while you’re kissing me. OOH! So big and soft….oh, you naughty girl, you didn’t wear a bra under you skimpy T-shirt! (giggle) I can feel your titties hardening as I squeeze and pinch them. I can take your stiff titty between my fingers and roll it back and forth, gently tugging on it.

Lacey: Uuuggghhhh, that feels so good. (Kissing sound.) Here, stand up Michelle while I reach down and unsnap your shorts… I want to slide my hands into them, over and around to your ass, squeezing it and sending my fingers sliding between to brush at your brown ass entrance... Mmmmm. I like the way your ass feels.

Michelle: UHHMM! And your boobs feel so good. Here, slide my shorts off while I pull that T-shirt off of you. There, that’s better.

Lacey: It certainly is. I love how the air makes my nipples puff up and become hard and stiff.

Michelle: Is it just the air? Hmmmm? (giggle). I just have to get my shirt off too. Uhg. There.

Lacey: Here, let me rub my titties against yours. MMMM, we can just mash them together and feel how they slide across each other, our stiff hard tits rubbing and bumping…. Mmmmmm.

Michelle: oh you nasty girl…what are you doing with your finger? UUGGHH, It’s sliding between my swollen pussy lips. Ummmm. I see you found my clit.oh! You are stroking it just the right way making my pussy open its thick red lips for you even more. Oooooooohh.

Lacey: Are you still there? Can you picture us rubbing slowly up and down against each other…my fingers spreading her pussy lips open and slowly sliding in…one, now two fingers. I’m pushing them deep.

Michelle: oooohhhh yyyeeeessss.

Lacey: And I begin to scrape across her clit, swollen and sensitive. Oohhh, she really seems to like this…Don’t you?

Michelle: Yeessss. I just have to spread my lips wider…I want more of you in me. UUggghh! Ooooh! Three fingers.

Lacey: Just turn around Michelle and get onto your knees. Oh, that’s more like it…go on, get down on all fours. I have a surprise for you.

Michelle: What do you have? (gasp) Oh my god, that dildo…It’s so big….mmmmmm…what did you have in mind?

Lacey: Don’t you worry about that, here, spread your legs wider…uh-huh, that’s it. Now relax, I want to get you ready. I will start by licking your ass…mmmm. My tongue tastes you, running over your hard muscular cheeks and down into the valley of your secret rear entry….here, let me spread your ass and find your beautiful bum-hole. Ahhh. There it is.

Michelle: ooooohhh. Your tongue is stroking across my asshole. OoooH. Now you’re sucking on it, I can feel your lips surround it and suck, tugging it and starting to loosen it. OH! Your tongue is darting in and out! Now your fingers are sliding back into me

Lacey: Here (kissing sound) let me just tongue you while I finger your clit. I’ll spread your labia wide and put three fingers deep in you. My tongue laps deep into your hot pink pussy, its juices feeding me. My teeth can bite at your pussy lips and tug on them. I’ll nip them over and over as my fingers pinch your eager clit mmmmm.

Michelle: Oh Yes!! I am so wet. I can feel you deep inside and my juices are flowing, squirting all over your hand. I’ll have to lick your fingers clean….oohh!

Lacey: Here, I think your ass is ready. I’ll slide my hand out of your pussy and just lubricate your hole a little more…Maybe push one finger into that deep brown poop-hole of yours, let the juices coat it some more, make sure it’s nice and ready!

Michelle: Oohhh! Yess!

Lacey: Now it’s time for this monster dildo….you thought I was going to put it in your pussy, right?

Michelle: ooohhh, aren’t you…that would feel so good.

Lacey: Well this will feel good too. Here, let me just rub it across your brown poop-chute here….MMM. I think I can make it fit.

Michelle: ooohhh! It’s so big! Are you sure? UUGGHH! Oh My God, you put the tip in me…UGH! So tight. It’s huge.

Lacey: uh-huh…now I’ll just twist it a little, mmmmm. Here, play with yourself while I push this in deeper.

Michelle: Okay….mmmm, my finger spread my pussy lips and slip inside…ooooohhh. MMMMM. I’ll just rub my fat engorged clit while that huge dildo slides deeper and deeper into my ass….(scream-of sexual pain/pleasure) OOHH! My god it’s so deep! Ugh-huhh!

Lacey: Oooooh! I can’t believe I have it so far in. Here….I’m going to slide closer to your gorgeous ass…The dildo has another head and I want it in my pussy….OOHH! Yeah…push back Michelle, help me slide this monster into me.

Michelle: OH YES! Oh, I can feel the pressure in me as its ridged surface slips deeper into me, each inch spreads my ass just a little wider, filling me more and more…and I can feel you pushing against me now…Oh that rubber cock must be inside you so deep. Oh…I have to finger myself faster…Ah! My clit is so sensitive; I am pulling my lips wide and flicking it till I can hardly stand it. I’m sooo wet.

Lacey: Oh! It’s so deep. I’m sliding this enormous dildo into me and just slowly pumping it in and out! OH YES! I want to slide back and forth thinking of how this monster is filling your ass while it consumes my pussy too. My pussy lips are forced aside as it shoves deeper into me, my juices running down and coating it.

Michelle: I can feel your hot wet fluid spreading across my ass. Your pussy scraping my anus, as one we slide and rock together.

Lacey: Oh, your hard muscular ass cheeks rubbing against my pussy. MMMMMM. Delicious.

Michelle: Slap my ass Lacey. Do it. I want to feel you drive that cock into me while I finger myself. C’mon slap my ass, make it all red and hot!

Lacey: Anything to oblige. (slap noises) Ooohhh! I can feel you jump and shove the dildo back into me UUgghh! Yes…

Michelle: C’mon Lacey you bitch…Fuck me….Harder…That’s it! OOHHH my god my ass feel like it’s tearing in two….OHHHH GAWD!!!

Lacey: Yes!! UGH!! I’m fucking you so deep and the dildo is rubbing so hard against my clit too! Oh YESSS! I can feel it…MMMMMN.

Lacey & Michelle: God yes…Fuck me…oh more…yes…that’s it…oooohhhhhh! I can feel you against me!! It sooo good! UUGGHH!

Michelle: Yessss, that’s it….I’m cumming…..OOOHHH! (Scream of Ecstasy)

Lacey: OH GOD YES!! Yes….I’m cumming oh…oh….AAAAHHHHH!

(sounds of both women panting and breathing hard…a few moans.)

Michelle: OOHHH, yesss. I can feel every ridge as you pull that big rubber cock out…UGH! Oh, it feels so good.

Lacey: Uh huh, me too. Mmmmmm. Oh, there…it’s all out. Turn over Michelle and let me see that swollen cunt of yours. Oooooh. That looks so wet and sweet.

Michelle: But I want to see your pussy too. Here, lay next to me… That’s it. I can spread your thick wet and juicy pussy lips and kiss them. Oh, the smell is so thick. I can smell your wet steamy sex. First, my tongue has to taste you. I’ll slide it along your outer pussy-lips and then back down. Slowly as I keep this up my tongue will slip into your oozing gash and I’ll start to lap at that slick, deep valley of yours.

Lacey: I can lick your snatch and find that gorgeous clit. Mmmmmm. My lips find that hard button and suck it up, capturing in my soft moist mouth. Then while I hold it, my tongue can lick and slide across it again and again. As your juices start to squirt, I’ll let them dribble onto my tongue and swallow.

Michelle: Oohhh, uummmm, that feels good. MMMMM, I can taste our juices, mingled together while I lap at your cunt. UUmmmm. My tongue has to go deeper. I need to explore more of your cavern of delights. I can bury my nose in the folds of your cunt and still my tongue searches deeper, slipping in and finding depths and pleasure not yet plundered.

Lacey: OooooH! God yes….ohh, I love the smell of you…The way your thick pussy hair tickles my nose. I rub my face across it and take a tuft in my teeth; pulling…I love your squeal. Uhmmm. Oohhh, that feels so good. (Kissing and sucking sounds.) Now, my tongue has to open you up, wide. I need to feel the soft wet centre of your love-hole

Michelle: Oooohhh, I think I’m going to squirt again…oh yes, just keep that up. Faster, harder! Oooohhh, it’s so intense as your teeth nibble and pull on my clit….

Lacey: Oh my god, you’re pulling at my sweet pussy lips with your teeth. OOOHHH, it feels so good. Widening me and forcing you deeper into me every moment. I clench my pussy and thrust against your mouth, making love to it. OH GOD! I’m cumming again too. Oh yes, keep it up….more, more!

Michelle: Uh-Huh. Oh you taste so wonderful. I have to suck on your clit, drink your girl juice…MMMMMMM.

Lacey: Yes!! Yes! Oh my god! MMMMMMM. Your pussy is filling my mouth with your hot wet orgasm. OH Yes!

Lacey & Michelle: Ohhh mmmmph,!! More …uh-huh. Yes…….Ohhhh! I’m cumming….I am too! Yes! Yes! OOHHHH! (once more panting, heavy breathing)

Michelle: Oh…that was so good. I just have to lay here and catch my breath….

Lacey: Ugh! Me too! Wow, I came so hard…..mmmmmm.

Michelle: How about you Sugar? Did you cum too? Was it hot and loaded with all your thick cum? MMMMMM. Did you get it all over you…running down you leg or covering you hard cock? Maybe next time Lacey and I could be there and slowly lick it off of you. Would you like that?

Lacey: Oooohh. Nice. I hope you will call back and let us play again some time. OK?

Mommy gets Played (with)

Oh! No, no, no. It couldn’t have happened—shouldn’t have. But it did…and my naughty little secret; I want it to happen again! Oh, that sounds so wrong, but I do. It was sooo exciting. Can I tell you about it, please?

I’m Lisa and I’m 49. I have an 18 year old son, James. James and a friend of his, Hector, were over last night at our house. They were up in his room so I thought this would be a good chance to work out. We have a small gym in our basement.

I put on my shorts and a tank top. I didn’t want a bra on, so my large ripe 36DD boobs strained against the shirt fabric. It was a knit top and it felt rough and scratchy across my sensitive nipples…uuhhmm, I kind of like that.

Anyway, I went downstairs and started to work out. I used the stationary bike for a while. I like the bike. I had a special seat put on it with small bumps and ridges all over so when I sit on it and start pumping the pedals with my legs the seat rises and falls and rubs my pussy—pushing and stroking it through my shorts. I always get so hot. I can feel the ridges moving up through my shorts, spreading my luscious pussy lips and striking intermittently against my clit. OOHHH! That always makes me want more and I pump faster and faster. It’s my own little reward for exercising.

After that my legs were a bit wobbly and my pussy was tingling so hard I had to sit down so I went to the rowing machine. I sat there straining and pulling on those oars, working up quite a sweat. When I was finished I was breathing hard and my top had been soaked through with sweat. I could see my hard erect titties sticking up through my shirt. I figured I ought to go shower and change before my son and his friend came downstairs.

I started to get up when I heard something. I looked up and saw my son and his friend standing at the door. They were staring at me with an odd gleam in their eyes.

“You’re right” Hector said, “Your mom is hot. Look at those tits!”

“Told you”, said James.

I squeaked out something and jumped back. They had surprised me and I was shocked to hear those words coming from their mouth. I looked around and grabbed a towel that was nearby and held it up over my chest. It wasn’t much and I knew they could see through the fabric of my damp shirt, revealing almost all of me.

“I…I didn’t hear you boys come down.” I said. It already sounded like a stupid thing to say but the boys just came into the room, shutting the door behind them.

“We didn’t want you to hear us. We like watching you mom. You’re the hottest babe we know.”

“What?” I mumbled. “I…I can’t be hot, I’m your mother.” But that didn’t stop James and Hector from walking over to me. They stood in front of me and James reached out and grabbed the towel out of my hands.

“Oh, I know you’re my mom but I can’t help it, those tits are just too hot for me to ignore.”

“Can I touch them?” Hector asked, staring at me with a smoldering intensity.

I started to say “no” but James just said “Go Ahead. I am!”

“What?” I shrieked, “No!” But the two boys just grabbed my arms and pulled me towards the pool table that was against the wall. James held my arm tight with both hands but Hector just used one. The other hand was grabbing my soft tender boobs and squeezing and pulling on them as they dragged me across the room. I tried to shout out to them to stop, I really did but it just came out as a moan. Hectors hands were sending sparks of electricity through my body.

“noooo” I groaned but they just got me to the table and laid me back over it. Each boy took the arm they held and stretched it above my head. Then they took something out from a back pocket. It was rope. They quickly secured my arms with it,

“You can’t” I cried, but James just smiled. He grabbed a hold of my tank top and pulled it roughly up over my heaving breasts. I squealed but deep in my pussy I was responding to their rough treatment of me. The fact he was my son didn’t seem to make it stop.

“I want a taste of her sweet pussy” Hector said. James just smiled again.

“Go ahead. I want some time with mommy’s tits.

Hector grabbed my shorts and pulled them quickly off of me. My shaved pussy was swollen already from my little bike exercise and my “Mound of Venus’ was damp with leaking juices. He moved between my legs and his hands stroked across my quivering pussy. I felt my insides tremble and roll. I was so turned on by this but it was so wrong.

Am I turning you on sweety? Am I making you hot sitting there and listening to me about how these boys touched me and more? Yes, I can see that I am. Your hard cock is showing, straining against your pants. Do you want to touch it while I tell you what else happened? Go ahead. Just pretend it’s me stroking you while you hear what happened next.

Hectors fingers spread my vulva wide and started stroking deeper into me. He took a finger and slowly pushed it all the way in, moving and pushing deep inside. Then he pulled it out and shoved it back in again. He did this faster and faster. My legs began to quiver uncontrollably as he found my clit and started to scrape and push against it. I knew I should be struggling, screaming for him to stop but I couldn’t, it just felt so good getting finger-fucked like that.

James hadn’t wasted any time either. He shucked his pants off quickly and then climbed onto the pool table and straddled my stomach. I found myself face to face with my son’s huge dick. I hadn’t realized how he had grown. The big red purple head trembled there on my stomach and it’s long thick, vein covered shaft beat a quick tempo. I could see that he was already dripping a silver grey drop of pre-cum.

I don’t know where he got it but he was suddenly holding a bottle of baby oil. He turned it upside down and started to squirt oil all over my big soft boobs. Then he dropped the bottle and both hands started to work the oil in and across my whole chest. He squeezed my big titties hard and the stiff tips of my nipples turned reddish as he crushed them together and pulled on them hard with oil soaked hands. Then he slid forward and put that log-like dick of his right between my massive mounds and pushed my sensitive boobs together. He wrapped his cock in my abundant tit-flesh and oil drenched as they were, he began to easily and eagerly tit-fuck me, his own mother.

I really did try to tell him no but my senses were being whirled about so fast I could barely make a coherent sound. I moaned as he pinched my puffy swollen boobs and squeezed them harder, shoving his huge stick between them again and again. The cock head came so far up me that it kept bumping my chin.

Hector hadn’t left me alone either. Still finger-fucking me, faster and faster, he bent his head down and suddenly I felt his tongue in my gash, licking and tasting all my juices that I had no control over.

My pussy throbbed and I found myself trying to arch ass up and push myself deeper onto his tongue. I don’t know where he had learned to eat pussy but he was good at it.

His thumb pushed aside my quivering love tunnels lips and his teeth and lips began to suck and nip deeper in, His tongue continued thrusting and teased my labia with erotic sensation making me squirm and moan harder. Then he found my clit. It was engorged and prominent and he wasted no time. His teeth tugged at it and his tongue ran across it several times playing with it, teasing it back and forth. Then his lips wrapped around it and he began to suck, lapping up my cunt-flow and pulling ever harder on my, by now insanely sensitive clitoris.

My son kept hammering his rail hard rod between my plump abused boobs and he began to huff and puff. I realized he was starting to build towards his climax. Suddenly, he let loose of my tormented tits and pushed farther up, his ass now almost smothering my tits, but his cock, that he slid over my chin and across my mouth. He grabbed my hair and lifted my head while his fingers pushed between my lips and spread my mouth so he could slip his enormous love stick into it and pushed it deeper.

I almost gagged, the rounded softer head and the wide rough shaft sliding between my lips filled my mouth and more. I started trying to breathe through my nose just so I could stroke his cock with my tongue and suck on his dick with my lips.

While James force fed me his salami, Hector was bearing down on my pussy with no end in sight. My hips started to vibrate and I knew it I was starting to gather steam to my eruption. Then, another sensation as, taking his slick juice covered finger out of my pussy, he slid it down deeper between my legs and up between my rounded ass cheeks. I realized where he was going and tried to scream no but all I did was slurp and gobble more of my sons cock.

Hectors finger found my tight virgin asshole and with barely a moments warning shoved his middle finger up deep into my dark chocolate tunnel. My ass rose off the table and I groaned mightily around my son’s pole. He just laughed and pulled my head back farther, sliding himself all the way in. His balls bumped and slid across my mouth, my lips stroking them even as I sucked him deeper.

Hector kept his finger in my ass and thrust it back and forth, wriggling and squirming deep inside of me. But his mouth stopped its relentless assault on my clit. I almost screamed louder than when he shoved his finger up my ass. I was so close to cumming now, he couldn’t stop.

He didn’t. I felt a pressure between the warm spread lips of my holy hole and his cock slid into me. He stuffed it in hard and fast, slapping his balls against the bare, puffy mound of my pussy. Then, just as fast he pulled out, all the way and then slammed back in. Over and over again he thrust and fucked me. My clitoris screamed with pleasure and my hips were nearly vibrating off the table I was rocking so hard.

James slid all the way into my throat, hips on my lips, his thighs shuddering with intensity across my pinned head. I didn’t care. I needed them. I sucked, breath gone and still I lashed my tongue and stroked the fire in his cock just as hectors ramrod plunged into me again, fueling my own internal heat.

For a moment we were all just a rocking, fucking, sucking, climaxing machine. My son started to cum, pushing gush after gush of hot sticky love down my throat. I swallowed and gulped and sucked trying to keep every drop even as I could feel it flowing over my lips and chin, flowing across my cheeks and pooling in the hollow of my throat and off, onto the table.

Hector slammed three times more into me and then kept me pinned, his finger trying to push all the way through me to meet his massive cock. Hot spunk squirted deep into me, filling my womb and belly with a fiery warmth that fueled my own rocket blast of an orgasm.

My pussy clenched hard on his tool, squeezing every drop I could out of him while I erupted like Vesuvius, hot pussy love flowing out and down my legs and buttocks.

Oh, I am so ashamed of these feelings, but I can’t help it. I loved it all. Did it excite you to hear how my son and his friend fucked me so hard. Were you wishing it was your cock between my huge slicked tits or deep in my mouth or pussy. I know you’re feeling it. C’mon, I’ts ok. I know you need to cum. Keep stroking. Keep rubbing. That’s it. Almost now….oooohhh yesss! I knew it would be good. Oh…..

Call me back again and I’ll tell you what happened the night had several of his high school football team buddies over.

Night Clubber

Well hello Conrad, baby. This is the lady with the huge titties who you picked up in the Nightclub last month. Do you remember me, Sugar?

You Devil you, why haven’t you called me? You did promise that you would phone me again real soon. I hope you do not mind me calling you at home. When you left the club the other day your business card fell on the floor and it had your work and home details on it. It’s just that I could not wait any longer, you were so good. I have been wanking my little cunny raw thinking of that night stick of yours, Big and huge, desperate for my pussy, dripping wet with my juices. Can’t you tell sweetie I am in heat for your meat?

I have had such delicious dreams about what you did to me in the nightclub. Making me suck you off-fucking me in the ass - you horny bastard you - and in front of all those people. Do you remember my hot snatch? I’m sure you have not forgotten but if you have I will just give you a little reminder with this naughty tale.

It was a dirty old trick that of yours to knock my glass of drink on my skirt so I had to bend right over and wipe off the spilled liquid on my dress before iy stained. As I bent down to do so you had a perfect view of my furry box creaming through my skimpy panties. I like my bush natural and hairy, no bikini waxes for this girl – no way. I just like my muff oozing out like a hairy bear. You seemed to like it too, it is so dam sexy don’t you think?

Then, what you did next! I couldn’t believe you took that big beautiful huge thing out right there on the dance floor, in front of everyone! Oh my Lord Conrad – what a cock! I thought you were telling tales when you said it was 10 inches long. That got me so hot to see you swinging that thing on the dance floor playing with yourself. I just had to dance my best for you, lifting my leg high and flipping my skirt up in your direction. I knew you could see everything.

As you man handled you cock with expertise and pride I knew you like your ladies with juicy twats and long legs, just like your wife’s. We didn’t have to talk much that night, I knew you could tell what I wanted – and all you wanted to know was if my cunt was juicy. There was no need for me to say much more and anyway my body did all the talking that was necessary as I wriggled and strutted my stuff for you on the dance floor. You got plenty of glances of my nasty quim, I just had to bend over and shake my ass pulling my lacy lingerie aside and fingering wide my cunt-lips – so wide so you could see my little oyster all glistening and wet for you. I could tell you loved every minute of it.

You liked what you saw, I know you did. The way you pulled me to you, our bodies tight and feeling every inch of one another. You smothered me with hot passionate kisses with your hard-as-iron tongue, probing around in my mouth with such intensity.

You could not help yourself but to slip a couple fingers up my wet gaping hole and give me a good finger fucking. My knees went all wobbly as you stroked me hard and fast. Conrad baby you sure know how to give a girl a good finger sandwiching. You got me so fired up all my senses went into overload.

Later, when you told me how much you still loved your wife and lusted after her after all these years of marriage that just made me so wet. What was her name? Susie or Suzette or something like that? I was hot but also a bit mad at you.

You are the worst kind husband Conrad – you naughty boy. Playing around on your woman every chance you get you bastard. Always getting that cock out and stroking it in front of strange ladies. I can just see your beautiful lady at home waiting for you to return, her long legs crossed sitting on the sofa, high heels on and a cute little something she picked up at the sex shop just to keep you happy.

I bet she made a delicious dinner for you too, and all this time you are out playing around chatting up unsuspecting women, beating your meat in front of them—probably thinking of Susie the whole time. I would bet you would take Susie up onto the big old kitchen table you have at home pull up that red latex dress she just purchased, tearing off her panties and eating her muff while she moans and writhes beneath you. You are a lucky man Conrad, but that’s just not enough for you is it? Having just a hot tasty wife at home—you need more pussy than that. And all the time a fine upstanding respectable man like you goes around sniffing ladies fanny’s at the bars and clubs when you should be home with your hot Susie instead of pretending to work late.

But you were there at the club with me, grinding up against me, letting me feel your hard member just waiting to get out and work its magic on me. Heaven, the thought of your huge tube-steak rubbing on me so fine just makes me want to cream my panties. I am so wet and I just want you to take me hard and long with your enormous cock, shove that pole right deep up inside my twat. You know I cannot resist that long hard poker of yours.

On the dance floor again, later that night when you forced me to suck that joystick, right there and then in public. Pushing me to my knees and shoving that rock hard pole of yours into my mouth. I could barely breathe as you slid all the way in, till you balls nuzzled my nose. You held me there, taking you deep and I knew you were showing me off, letting everyone know that I was your personal little slut. But I didn’t mind. I sucked and stroked you just as you wanted. I so enjoyed nibbling on your love pole. And, in the end, when you cried out Susie! Susie! You are the best, moaning and carrying on how much you enjoyed your own wife’s attention, I didn’t mind.

It was so much fun having all the people in the club watching us it was all so overwhelming for my hot slippery pulsating slit. I came in my panties with lots of hot creamy girl-goo streaming everywhere. Conrad honey perhaps sometime Susie and you and I could have a threesome sometime, together licking and sucking and fucking.

Or you could just sit there and watch us two please each other. I could go down on her and use my tongue deep inside her twat, I could really give your Susie a good time. I would nibble her clit and lash her deep wet snatch with my tongue. She would moan and writhe as I brought her to the peak of ecstasy. You could even jack off onto our faces as we sixty nine each other.

Conrad baby I have to sign off from this naughty phone call shortly but I will call you back real soon. Oh yes, think of Susie and I, our faces wet with each other’s juices. I would turn her over onto all fours and I would use a double ended dildo on her. I would stuff it deep inside both of us, so we could grind our cunts together putting on a show that I know you would never forget. That would prepare her for a good bare cunt eating and bum rimming. Oh that would look so good her lovely lips, slipping up and down my rubber dick, and me playing with my little vibrator buzzing away on my clit .

Now I want you to Imagine Susie and me. We are here waiting with our mouths open, each one taking turns sliding your ramrod deep into our mouths. I would kiss your magnificent cock’s head while Susie licked and sucked you balls, teasing and tormenting you till you were ready to burst. Are you ready to give us a heavy gush of your creamy semen? Go on, I know you‘re ready, give it to me honey—I want to eat and swallow that load. My lips are eager and are spread wide apart ready to consume your hefty rigid member. That‘s it, I am licking and kissing you as you cover my face in your cum. Susie is licking your shaft. Now we are kissing each other, tonguing the wet jizz off of each other’s face. OOHHHH baby, YEEESSS!

Well, that’s all for now. I have to go but I’ll dream about you and I will phone you again real soon.

Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll

(Not necessarily in that order)

Cathy Farminghand, aka D-Lite, stood backstage listening to the final moments of her opening act’s performance. They weren’t bad, she thought. Could play up their lead singer’s sex appeal a bit more, but not bad. She watched as Jeremy Bangle leapt high and landed in an almost perfect split while finishing up his electric guitar solo. His fitted leather pants were stretched skin tight and the strongly outlined bulge at his crotch left little to the imagination.

“If I were into men that might impress me,” D-Lite said to herself. But, perhaps she was wrong about playing up their sex appeal. That was pretty blatant.

She stepped back and turned to look at herself in the full length mirror, running her hands down her outfit and subtly touching herself, making sure that she was ready for her entrance.

D-Lite stood 5’6 and weighed in at around 105 lbs. She was a bit on the skinny side but she liked it that way. Her slightly malnourished appearance lent added impact to her most impressive assets; her tits and ass. Up top D-Lite was a 36DD, full and rounded, firm and shapely with the deepest brown aureola and nipples. She always made certain to wear a white leather vest, one size too small, onstage. This not only made her look even more top heavy than she was but her tits always showed through the white top, especially with the bright spot lights that shone on her during the performance. There were times she could actually think of herself standing on stage naked before her fans. That always gave her a small thrill and a small stomach flutter seeped lower between her legs. She smiled, enjoying the pre-performance excitement.

Her ass was also well developed. Through exercise and deliberate clothing choices she sported a little bit extra in the boot, but hard, round and so tight you could bounce a dime off it and get nine-cents change. It got a lot of attention when she danced on stage.

She stared at herself a moment longer, shaking her mane of red and black striped hair and watching it cascade over her shoulders. With her heavy wild eye makeup and her deep glossed red lipstick she had to admit she had made herself up to look a bit like one of those blow-up sex dolls but then again that was what she was going for. And when she sang and moved onstage, absolutely no one thought of her as a doll.

The final chords of the onstage act were playing, the group winding down and it was only another minute or so before D-Lite could leap onstage and mind-fuck her audience into oblivion. She loved this moment. Her hands strayed back up, from hips to breasts, pinching her nipples hard as she squeezed them, making sure she was ready to thrill her audience. Her tits responded and she could see them standing up hard beneath her vest. Perfect.

So immersed in the moment she was actually startled for a second when Alice quickly came up, holding her habitual pre-performance rum and coke. She turned quickly towards the young roadie.

“Here’s your drink, Cathy,” Alice said. D-Lite smiled at the young girl. She was the only one of the crew who called her by her given name no matter how many times she told her not too. It was kind of sweet actually. She took the short drink and shot it back quickly, feeling the burn sting her throat and begin to feel the fire spread from her chest to her crotch.

“Thanks sweety…and it’d D-Lite, please?”

Alice looked embarrassed and nodded quickly, taking the glass and turning away. D-Lite admired the view of Alice’s ass as she moved away: small, round and a little bouncy. She would definitely have to think on hitting that thing!

Final strains from the onstage band crashed over the audience and faded as the loud applause and cheers washed over the band. They took their bows and waved at the audience eagerly as they rushed off stage. The curtain came down fast and her crew began the speedy exchange of instruments and set pieces.

D-Lite took a deep breath and readied herself to go onstage. Jeremy, the lead singer of Dark-flow walked past as he moved offstage with his band. He stopped and smiled at D-Lite.

“Give’em hell D,” he said. Then his hand quickly slapped at her ass, making a hard smacking noise as he connected. D-Lite jumped and glared at the obnoxious rocker. He smiled unashamed and moved on.

She could let it upset her but why. That smack was as close as he would ever get to tapping that ass and she knew he wanted to. So, let him cop the occasional feel.

The lights onstage dimmed, the curtain began to rise and the deep throaty voice of the announcer cried out her entrance. D-Lite grinned and leapt out onto the stage. The lights hit her eyes, the roar of the crowd washed over her like a wave smashing into shore and she screamed out in response.

“Are you ready?” The crowd screamed back and D-Lite grabbed her instrument and lay into the first chords of her opening number.

The fingers of her right hand pulled and struck the strings of her electric while her left hand ran the frets. The first notes were good but then she stumbled for a moment, as if a light flicked off and then back on in her brain. It caused her to misplay a chord and she mis-stepped a move, but she was a professional and recovered immediately. She wasn’t even certain that the audience noticed. But she did. It wasn’t like her to make a mistake like that onstage. Even as she worried on the miscue mentally for a moment, her hands and body continued her set and the act continued.

* * *

Offstage, Alice watched the rocker with bright hard gleaming eyes. Maybe the audience hadn’t noticed her mistake but she had. She was watching for it. It meant the drug she had laced D-Lite’s drink with was starting to work. She knew it wouldn’t take that long for the effects to become more pronounced. And she could hardly wait. She looked over at Jeremy and his two groupies that stood with their arms draped around him. He smiled a hard cruel smile back. They wouldn’t have long to wait until the bitch got what she deserved…and Alice got what she wanted. Tonight, the audience was in for a bigger show than they ever expected.

* * *

Into her third set now, D-Lite rocked the stage, leaping and screaming her lyrics as she bounced across the stage with wild abandon. Her heart was hammering and her body shaking with little tremors. She felt positively giddy, and her crotch was on fire with an itch she could not satisfy with music. She gyrated and played back across the stage again, her mind spinning. Her hands struck a dozen misplayed notes but she could not seem to calm herself enough to take back control. Somewhere in her head she knew something was wrong but the high electric feelings that pulsed through her subsumed any coherent thoughts and her body moved and writhed on feeling and instinct alone.

As she hit the last chord of her current song she tried desperately to take just a moment to settle herself. With a heroic effort she stopped, standing still for a second, breathing deep, ragged, shuddering breaths. The audience howled and their adoration for her ran through her like a lightning strike. Her breasts ached and strained against the material of her vest, they burned with an unholy fire that she so desperately wanted to quench. Between her legs she could feel her juices beginning to trickle out from her pussy, making her crotch slick and hot. What was happening to her? She was never this out of control.

Her legs started to shake and she looked to the offstage area where her people watched. She saw Alice and a couple others behind her but she couldn’t quite make out who they were. She actually dropped her guitar and turned towards the young girl. She was going to try and walk offstage but she wasn’t sure she could make it. She nodded at Alice hoping the girl would understand she needed help. Even as she did, her hand reached down between her legs to rub away the fiery sensations.

She didn’t even notice as she began to slide her hand into her pants, her fingers seeking the shaved swollen lips of her pussy and spreading them to allow her to stroke herself.

Alice seemed to see what was happening and she ran onto the stage. A few others came with her. D-Lite was frightened at what was happening but relieved that help was on the way. And even as she stepped towards the running intern her second finger slid into her gash and she stroked both fingers deeper.

Alice ran towards the out of control star. She saw that the drug was having an even better effect than she could have hoped. D-Lite was actually playing with herself onstage. She reached her boss and took her by the arm. Jeremy’s two groupies ran right behind her and as they had been told, one took her other arm and the other stood behind her.

Alice held D-Lite’s arm with one hand while the other stroked D-Lite’s other hand and slid down it, into her pants. She ran her fingers to D-Lite’s crotch where her juice-slicked fingers played with herself and Alice slid her fingers in as well, helping the rockstar to better excite herself.

The blonde groupie behind D-Lite encircled her waist with both hands and slid her hands up over her belly and onto her heaving breasts. She squeezed hard and crushed the two sensitive globes together. D-Lite moaned and bucked as she felt the hard arousing swells of sex flowing over her. The groupie grabbed her vest with both hands and tore it open in one vicious yank. D-Lite’s very considerable assets sprang free for the entire audience to see.

The cheers from the crowd were overwhelming as they watched this live performance turn decidedly X-rated. They loved it and screamed encouragement at the girls as they continued to stroke and stimulate their star.

The second brunette groupie took hold of the ultra tight spandex waist of D-Lite’s pants and started to slide them down. Her hands rolled the waist band over D-Lite’s smooth round ass and stopped long enough to grab an ass cheek hard and then “slap’ it with a stinging blow. D-Lite just groaned in an inarticulate sound and writhed in their grip. The brunette then quickly slid D-Lite’s pants down her legs to her ankles.

Now naked except for her stiletto-heel boots, D-Lite moaned and wriggled as these three women laid her back onto the stage. Alice moved between her legs, spreading them wide with her knees. She grabbed her own t-shirt and pulled it up over her head revealing her perky round tits quivering with excitement. She lowered her head between D-Lite’s spread legs and her hands ran across the puffy slick lips of her gash. She pinched them and spread them wide, helped by the fact that D-Lite continued to stroke her fingers in and out of her own cunt. Alice stroked her fingers along D-Lite’s open hole too and pulled them wider, her fingers probing and rubbing till they found D-Lite’s hard engorged love button. Then Alice bent her head and let her tongue stroke across D-Lite’s clit.

She teased it with a few quick lashes and then pushed down and began to suck it between her lips, almost spanking it with her tongue and nipping it with her teeth. Her hands slid over and along D-Lite’s own slicked fingers and together they pushed deeper and deeper into her, fucking her now with almost an entire hand while Alice continued to eat her out.

D-Lite couldn’t make sense of any of this. On the on hand she absolutely knew what was happening. She saw and felt Alice spreading her pussy and licking her juices. She knew she was naked and she could feel fingers and tongues pulling and stroking her tits, sending hot flashes of desire throughout her. She also knew she was onstage and this shouldn’t be happening here. But that part of her who knew all this was like an observer in a little glassed-off control booth. It watched it all but could not affect or control what was happening. The part of D-Lite that was in control was the full-force screaming sexual lust that flowed across and through her body. She desperately needed more and more stimulus and reached for it, shoving her pussy up hard into Alice’s face, trying to grasp her hair and grind it in harder. She thrust her great round tits up harder into the mouths that sucked and chewed on them, screaming in pleasure at every sensation. She knew beyond a doubt she was completely out of control and she couldn’t help it at all.

The groupies meanwhile had their mouths covering D-Lite’s ample boobs, biting her titties and sucking hard on them. They squeezed and pinched her tits, biting, licking and playing with them till D-Lite was raging out of control. Then blondie pulled back and quickly shucked her denim shorts, pulling them down over her hard round ass and revealing her thick patch of wild blonde hair covering her own quivering mound.

She got her shorts off and then straddled D-Lite, stroking her ass cheeks against the soft, warm, cushion of her tits. She slid forward and grabbed the rock star’s hair and began to grind her own pussy into D-Lite’s face.

The smell of her sex filled D-Lite’s nose and fired her passion. Her mouth sought out the offering and her tongue lashed out, probing between the hard thin lips of the groupie’s vagina, sucking and chewing on the thick blond hair that covered the dripping wet opening. She plunged her tongue deeper, sliding along the walls of her labia and licking up all the glorious-tasting love juice that leaked from it. Her lips sucked the wide flaps of blondie’s pussy lips into her own mouth and she nipped at them with her teeth, pulling them wider and sucking more of her hot sex into her mouth. She found the hard quivering clit and engulfed it. Holding it firm with her lips and running her tongue over and over it again and again.

The blonde groupie shook and writhed her pussy, grinding it harder into D-Lite’s mouth and moaning with animal lust as her juices flowed hotter and faster. The rock star was eating her out like a starving man at a buffet and she could already feel the start of her first orgasm building.

Between D-Lite’s own legs Alice continued to lick and suck even as her fingers slid in and out of D-Lite’s opening. Now cum covered and sticky with her juices, Alice slid one hand down below D-Lite, cupping her ass cheek. Even as D-Lite thrust up, pushing her pussy harder into Alice’s mouth, Alice began to slide a finger between D-Lite’s bouncing quivering cheeks and searched for the tight round hole of her anus. The soaking wet fingers found it easily enough and she took her index finger and circled the rim of it, pushing in a little bit more each circle. The tip of her finger began to penetrate and D-Lite’s hips bounced and thrashed higher both demanding deeper penetration and trying to pull away.

D-Lite wasn’t used to anal play. The invader at her ass felt hard and hot. Even just the first part of Alice’s finger, just to that first knuckle filled and stretched D-Lite more than she was used to. She shrieked in pain – and lust – and thrashed her hips, bouncing her ass trying to dislodge the anal intruder. But there was another part of her as well that welcomed the thrusting member. It delighted in the overstuffed feeling of both pain and pleasure and a deep growl was let loose from somewhere inside her, even as she struggled against it.

Alice could feel the tremors rushing through D-Lite and she drank greedily at the juice that squirted and flowed from the diva’s pussy. She knew that D-Lite was close to cumming for the first time this evening but certainly not the last. She wanted to make certain that D-Lite stayed in the mood, so, after a final deep stroke of her tongue, she backed away and even pulled her finger out from between her cheeks. Then she reached out and even pulled D-Lites own hands away. The groupies knew this was the sign and they too moved off the panting rock-and-roller.

D-Lite was suddenly free of hands and tongues and of deep pussy smell and her body struggled with their absence. She moaned and tried to sit up, reaching for Alice.

“No. Don’t stop…I want more. I need more…” but Alice just backed away, holding tight to D-Lite’s hands.

“You’ll get more I promise, but for now, be a good girl and turn over.”

The young roadie helped pull the shaky singer to her knees. Her breasts heaved and shook with deep gasping breaths. Her erect swollen tits stood out achingly stiff and quivering. Juice from her well lubricated cunt ran down her thighs and dripped onto the stage floor. Alice just looked at the shaking star in front of her and smiled even more. This was better than she could have hoped for. With the help of the two other girls, D-Lite was turned around and knelt down to be on all fours, She looked up at Alice standing before her and panted, her tongue sticking out slightly from between her wet full lips. Though her body screamed for release and more, her mind desperately tried to reassert some control.

“Why…” she gasped between breaths. “Why?”

Alice just laughed and grabbed D-Lite’s hair with both hands. She had quickly dropped her own pants while they turned D-Lite over and now she pulled the starlets face right up between her legs.

Alice’s pussy was trimmed with just a light fuzz of golden brown hair along the tight firm opening. She pulled D-Lite hard against her, so that her nose was pushed into Alice’s sex. She rubbed her hot crotch across D-Lite’s face and D-Lite began to lap at the fresh clean scent of a youthful pussy, scrubbed against her face. She felt the hairs tickle her nose and lips. For such a youthful looking pussy it parted easily and was well lubricated already. D-Lite wanted to resist but couldn’t; the smell and touch and taste were too much for her and she buried her mouth against the young girls gash and stuck her tongue deep between her labia walls to drink at her well of hot sex. Alice groaned in sheer pleasure and held D-Lite’s hair gripped tightly in her fists barely allowing the diva to breathe.

The two groupies next to D-Lite and Alice hadn’t finished playing either. They too quickly finished stripping. Blondie’s firm cantaloupe sized boobs stuck out hard while Ms. Brunette’s large floppy tits swelled and jiggled whenever she moved. Blondie moved behind Alice. She knelt down and began to kiss her round, plump ass cheeks, spreading them wide and starting to run her tongue over and around the roadie’s tight brown hole. Alice groaned in pleasure being licked and stroked both front and back. But she knew she couldn’t quite yet give in to complete pleasure.

She looked over, to the side of the stage where Jeremy stood. The tall, muscular punk stood, naked, cock hard and stiff in his hands. His eyes fixed totally on the onstage scene. Alice nodded to him and he needed no further urging. He quickly ran onstage and joined the group.

D-Lite saw none of this. Her face crushed between Alice’s legs, her mouth filled with the young roadie’s love juice. D-Lite was pushing deeper, drinking from the girl and lapping up smell and squirt and flesh. She probed deeper and deeper with her tongue till she at last found the hard full clit deep in Alice’s love-canal. She immediately set to licking and sucking on it vigorously. She bobbed her head up and down fully immersing her face in the sticky sex that flowed from her and still she wanted more.

Then suddenly D-Lite felt a presence between her legs. Someone was kneeling down behind her, pushing her legs apart, grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them. The legs didn’t have the smooth supple bare touch of a woman’s leg. They felt harder, more muscular and hair scratched enticingly along her inner thighs. Her eyes widened and a part of her mind cleared. There was a man in back of her…and she knew who it must be. Jeremy! The bastard!

D-Lite tried to pull her face away from Alice’s cunt, tried to turn her head and see what was going on, to say something. But Alice just pressed harder against her and held her in an iron grip. Her attempts to shout or scream only ended up lapping and scraping Alice’s gash even more deeply.

Behind her she could feel something now, hard but semi-spongy. It was rubbing against her pussy-opening, coating itself with her hot sex juice. It pressed hard between the lips and began to spread them wide. The rock-hard shaft of the intruder was entering her where no man had ever gone. She bucked and thrashed her hips but the hands gripped her ass cheeks tightly. Then, with no warning, the hard bulbous cock head pulled away from her vaginal opening and slid up, between her ass cheeks and directly to her anus. She didn’t even have time to scream before Jeremy thrust forward hard and fast.

Her sphincter muscles held for just a moment, fighting the intrusion and then with a “pop’ he was in, slamming all 8 inches deep and hard into her virginal poop chute. Her whole body jumped and she now struggled for real, screaming to no avail as her words were absorbed by Alice’s cunt. The two held the rockstar between them. Jeremy behind grunting with short sharp thrusts banging hard against her ass and alternating hard stinging slaps across each cheek. And Alice scraped and thrust and rode D-Lite’s face, forcing the diva to swallow her cunt-love or suffocate against the young roadie’s thighs.

Behind Alice the groupie continued to tongue the young girl’s asshole, sliding a finger down between Alice’s legs and stroking and spreading the already wide opening of her barley haired pussy. The other girl lay on her back on the stage and slid her face till it was beneath D-Lite’s pendulous hanging boob. She grasped the soft full mound and squeezed and pulled, putting the erect nipple and swollen aureole into her mouth. Then she bit down and began to suck, teasing D-Lite’s tit with tongue and teeth. Her other hand slid between her own legs and she fingered herself while she sucked.

Behind D-Lite, Jeremy fucked her ass hard and deep, enjoying the way the over-tight rear canal clenched and trembled over his cock. He knew he was her first anal and he revelled in it. He grunted and thrust again and again as her body shook and bounced. He took delight (and took D-Lite) in slapping her ass, hard and sharp. First on one cheek and then the other; he could hear her grunts and groans as he thrust into her, her muffled cries as he spanked her again. He rode her hard and loved every minute of it. And he knew she loved it too.

Jeremy was right. D-Lite had never felt this way. Her whole body was a sweating, shaking, cunt eating, ass-fucked, tit bouncing carnival ride that she was strapped into and couldn’t stop and though never in a million years would she have thought this, she found that her body loved it. She loved it. The sensations filled her up and overwhelmed her, pushing her faster and faster to what she knew would be the single most amazing mind-blowing orgasm she had ever had.

She pumped and licked, mashed her chest harder into the groupie’s mouth and now slammed back against the cock in her ass. She screamed and cried and groaned sending ripples of pleasure throughout Alice as she sucked the roadie like a vacuum on high. Her tongue literally fucked the depths of her pussy and filled it like a snaking cock.

Alice screamed with pleasure as she suddenly and fully came. She was a squirter and her juices splashed out, showering D-Lights mouth and face. D-Lite just kept licking and swallowing.

Jeremy felt it coming. He saw Alice’s tits bouncing as she ground her pussy against D-Lite and started to cum. He felt his own dick swell and his ball sac tighten and he knew it was time. He pulled back one last time, almost fully out of her, his purple cocks-head just within her brown spread ass and then he slammed forward, all the way. He slapped both ass cheeks hard and then grabbed on. He started to shoot his wad, semen spurting out, filling D-Lite’s ass deeply and coming back up her chute to leak out and down her thighs. He held himself there and thrust again and again, short tiny thrusts that caused more cum to shoot out and fill the sexually ridden D-Lite.

That slam of a cock deep into her finally set of D-Lite, too. For a moment it was as if her entire body was consumed in a bolt of cosmic lightning, shorting out every nerve and hair follicle and washing over her exposed skin as if shedding her first layer of flesh and revealing a wholly new and completely sensitive form. She screamed and rocked forward so hard that she pushed young Alice almost off her feet. She had to stumble back, over the girl behind her and the two struggled to keep their balance.

D-Lite screamed in pure joy and release and freedom and pain and all of the above and more and howled till her throat could make barely a sound. Her body was alive all at once and she basked in the explosions of lust and feeling that swept her away momentarily from this reality to a plane of pure sensation.

As the shrieking feelings welled up and ran over and finally began to recede, the five figures onstage slumped down, staggered back, sat down and just quietly trembled for a moment, allowing the feelings and senses to reassert themselves over them all.

As D-Lite finally gained some semblance of control she looked at the group of women and the man who had ridden her mercilessly and brought her to this magnificent plateau of feeling. Then, she looked out at the audience, realization dawning that they were displayed for the huge crowd. The audience had witnessed every moment and was screaming and standing, cheering with wild abandon. She could even see a few couples fucking hard in their seats. She tried a few times and finally managed to stand. She stood there, naked, dripping with sweat and cum, staring out at the sea of crazed sexed-up fans. She looked back at the two groupies and at Alice, now starting to stand as well and looking at her and the crowd and the sides of the stage. Only Jeremy stood tall, proud of his actions and smirked at her.

D-Lite had been taken by these people. She supposed it was against her will but inside she knew she had loved it…and wanted it again, though on her terms next time. Still, these people deserved some sort of payback for what they had done.

She stared at them and smiled. The relief…and confusion in their eyes was obvious. D-Lite turned to face the audience once more. She held up her hands and motioned the wild crowd to settle down. After what they had witnessed, nothing could completely still them but the roar died to a manageable level.

D-Lite walked to a mic stand and picked up one of the microphones. She smiled her best dazzling (and sexy) smile. She was sure that this picture of her, naked and glistening would be in every paper and on every website tomorrow (as well as a whole lot of other ones too she thought). But now, she needed to assert her control. To show those who assaulted her that she was still standing strong.

“Well!” she shouted into the mic. “Did you all like that?” The crowed screamed their delight at her. She nodded and motioned quiet again.

“OK, OK. Hold on. I’m glad you liked our surprise performance…but now we have another surprise for you all.” The crowd stilled and an expectant air took hold as they looked at their favourite rocker, naked and sexual and ready to offer them something new.

The women on stage and Jeremy looked at D-Lite too. What was she up to? Alice was realizing that they hadn’t given much consideration to what would happen after it was over.

D-Lite nodded to her fans.

“Yes. Something extra, just for you. These friends of mine…” and she waved to the others onstage with her. “These friends are deeply sexual beings who have shared this exhibition of their prowess with you. And now they offer you all a chance to participate. They want to take on all comers. So if you want them, come on up and take them! They’ll handle everything you can give ‘em.”

The crowd screamed and surged forward, bodies clambering over one another in a rush to swarm Alice, Jeremy and the rest. D-Lite made a quick dash off stage but her gang was taken aback by her announcement. Before they could react men and women of every age and size were holding and pulling the four of them to the ground. Hands everywhere on them, cocks and pussys and mouths and fingers everywhere. Alice screamed and her cries were drowned out by the mass orgy that had begun.

D-Lite watched and smiled. She might even join in…eventually. From the looks of this crowd, there was time. The gang was going to be busy for quite a long while.

Secretary and Boss

Oh, I am so glad you are here today. I have to tell someone what happened to me. It was so degrading. Look at my clothes, they’re all torn up. My big round titties are poking through where everyone can see. Oh! Can I just wrap my arms around you and hold you? Maybe sit here on your lap? Oh thank you.

So here it is…and I hope you won’t think me a bad girl for what I’m about to tell you. I stayed at work late today because I was going to get up the nerve and ask my boss for a raise. I waited till almost everyone was gone because I was nervous enough without an audience. I went to his door and was just about to knock when I heard a groan coming from inside. I thought he might have hurt himself so I quickly went in to see what had happened.

Oh my god, he wasn’t hurt at all. He was sitting on his desk with his pants down and a woman was kneeling between his legs sucking on his cock. I mean I was shocked. And his member…it was so, large. I stood there not knowing what to do. My boss, Mr. Humphries saw me and the woman turned around and we all just stood there for a minute. Then the woman got up and started to walk over to me.

She was wearing a red halter-top and a pair of denim shorts. Her breasts were so large they were straining at the fabric of her halter and I could see her hard nipples poking out, and her shorts were cut so high I could see…oh well, maybe I shouldn’t say. I can? Ok. Well, I could tell her pussy was shaved. That made me a little, sort of excited like. I was so embarrassed that I had seen them. I tried to back out but she took my arm and pulled me in. She closed the door behind me and I heard it lock. I wasn’t sure what was going on.

She held on to my arm and walked me towards the boss’s desk.

Mr. Humphries just stood there and looked at me.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

I told him I had heard something through the door and was worried but he just got mad and said I was spying on him. He said maybe I liked what I saw and wanted some myself. He grabbed my other arm and told Sheila to help bend me over the desk. I tried to pull away but they were too strong. I found myself pushed face down on Mr. Humphries’ desk, my large sensitive breasts all squished and mashed as they held me down. I cried and told them I wasn’t spying really but Mr. Humphries said he knew what to do with slutty secretaries who were naughty. He got behind me and started putting his hands on my ass. He slid them around and squeezed, hard. He began to pinch me and when I yelped he laughed and smacked me. I jumped but Sheila and he just kept me bent over and he slapped my ass hard again.

I struggled, trying to stand but they were too strong for me. Then, Mr. Humphries told the woman, Sheila, to turn me over, so they took my arms and turned me around, shoving everything off the desk and laying me across it. I screamed and tried to get away but Sheila climbed right up on top of me, straddling me and holding my arms above my head. She pressed herself against me and told Mr. Humphries to get the ties. Then she started to squirm and rub her big tits against mine. I screamed at her and tried to wiggle away but that just made her more excited…and it actually excited me too, a little.

Then before I knew it Mr. Humphries grabbed my wrists and wrapped something around them. He pulled on them and suddenly had my arms tied to something at the bottom of his desk. Then, Sheila started sliding down my body. Her hands stroked my arms and she ran her fingers across my throat. Her hands slid onto my breasts and she squeezed them, finding my nipples beneath my silk blouse and pinched them. I yelped and she just laughed.

She kept sliding down my body. She took one of my blouses buttons in her teeth and tore it off. As she kept going down she started biting me through my skirt and when her hands reached my waist, she grabbed it and yanked it down in one vicious pull.

Oh I was so scared. I hope you don’t mind me holding onto you a little tighter. Uhg, my breasts are so sore from what they did to me, maybe while I talk you could massage them for me, gently please. Ooooh, yes, like that. Thank you.

So, where was I? Oh yes, Sheila had reached my legs and she spread them wide and began to lick my thighs slowly, nipping with her teeth while Mr. Humphries got more ties and secured my legs. There I was, tied and spread across the desk and there was nothing I could do.

Then Mr. Humphries came over to stand near my head and looked down at me, smiling a cruel smile. His hands reached out and he quickly ripped my blouse open the rest of the way, exposing my large tits. He took his hands and stroked my neck and slowly slid under my sheer white bra. I cried, telling him not to but he slid his hands around my large breasts and cupped them in his big strong hands, pulling them out. He bent over and took one of my hard tits in between his teeth and began to tug on it, biting and pulling at it while he squeezed and rubbed my other breast. I whimpered in pain but I couldn’t help it, my nipples started to get hard and I began to get all tingly inside.

You don’t think I’m a bad girl do you? Good. Uuuhhh, I like the way you’re squeezing my breasts, that feels good.

Then Sheila took a large pair of scissors out of the desk drawer. I thought at first she was going to hurt me but she just grabbed the edge of my panties and stretched them, sliding the crotch right between the lips of my pussy. She pulled them so hard, they rubbed and slid across my sweet clit and made me shake all over.

Then, she cut them off, and slowly pulled them from around me, all the time keeping them between my pussy lips. Oh, it was so good but I knew I shouldn’t like it.

Ooh! I can feel you under your pants. You’re so big and hard. I’m not hurting you am I? No? That’s good. Here, let me see if I can move a little. MMMM. Yes, oh I think that’s better. I’ll just keep my hand down here to make sure I don’t hurt you while we sit and I tell you the rest of what they did to me. You do want to hear it, don’t you? OK, good.

So, I was tied across the desk and spread so they could touch me wherever they wanted. I was begging them to stop but they just laughed. Then, Mr. Humphries got up on the desk like Sheila had done and straddled my stomach. He was still naked and his big hard cock was standing out so stiff and hard. He took my tits, one in each hand and slid up, pushing his hard, throbbing cock between them. Then he squeezed them together, pinching and pulling my nipples at the same time while he slid his dick in and out between my round soft boobs. He was so big the tip of his cock would almost bump my chin.

Sheila hadn’t forgotten me either. I felt her hair brushing against my legs and her tongue kept stroking my thigh, moving slowly up towards my pussy. It was sore and still a little tingly from what she had done with my panties when her lips closed over me and her tongue stroked out across my hard clit. I bucked, but that just made her bites on my clit harder. Then she began to lick and stroke my pussy in earnest.

Mr. Humphries kept sliding his cock back and forth, titty fucking me faster and faster and Sheila’s tongue kept stroking my cunt and her lips kept sucking on my clit. I felt her hands slide around my hard tight ass cheeks and squeeze and spread them, pulling them wide. She drove her tongue deeper into me and sucked harder, taking my clit between her teeth and lashing it with her tongue. Her fingers squeezed and stroked my ass and then I felt one of her fingers sliding across my bunghole. My whole body rippled in a deep shiver and I tried to cry out but it just sounded like a moan.

Mr. Humphries liked that. He said, “This bitch is enjoying herself. Let’s turn up her heat.”

Then, he let go of my sore and abused breasts and grabbed me by my long blonde hair. He wrapped his fingers deep in it and slid himself forward. I knew what he was going to do and I tried to say “No!” but he pulled my mouth right to the tip of his hard cock. It was already a little wet from his excitement. Then he just pushed forward and I was forced to swallow him. My mouth filled up with his dick and he kept pushing till my lips were touching the end of his thick shaft. I almost couldn’t breathe and tried to yell at him but I could tell it was no use so I started stroking and sucking on his cock, hoping I could finish this quickly. He held my hair and slid his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face over and over again. I licked and stroked, my tongue rubbing along his hard rod and my mouth sucking him in.

Then Sheila began to press her finger up into my ass, slowly but steadily. I bounced and wiggled but she just kept it up and you know what? My pussy was really on fire. I don’t know if I could have stopped at that point. I went from trying to wiggle away to thrusting my pussy harder and harder against her. I wanted her to go deeper and her finger did, I could feel it sliding all the way up to the first knuckle. I screamed around Mr. Humphries cock and he began to stroke faster and faster. My body writhed up and down, shaking all over as Sheila tongued me towards climax and I did the same to Mr. Humphries. His cock felt larger than even before and I could tell he was close to cumming. I ran my tongue up and down his dick faster and faster and Sheila was fucking my ass with her finger in and out in and out and she sucked and bit my clit, urging me towards my orgasm.

Oh my goodness, I seem to have unzipped your pants. I must have gotten too excited telling you my story. Oh my, your cock is as big as Mr. Humphries. And so hard. MMMM. Here, I’ll just wrap my hand around it and stroke it some while I tell you the rest. Is that ok? Ooooh! I can tell it is.

Anyway, I was so worked up. Sheila had me right on the edge and Mr. Humphries had his cock almost down into my throat. I was gagging but I didn’t care. I kept sliding and sucking him, making love to his cock and sucking harder and deeper. He was trembling and I could hear him groaning. Then, suddenly, Sheila shoved her finger deep into my ass hole, all the way. I bucked hard and screamed. Mr. Humphries nearly pulled my hair out by the roots as he shoved his cock deep and held it, completely filling my mouth; my lips were actually sucking on his balls. Sheila bit down and lashed my clit once more and I came. I started bucking and thrashing, pulling and straining at the ropes they had used to tie me so helplessly. I screamed and Mr. Humphries began to cum. Huge loads of cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but he wouldn’t stop. My cheeks bulged with his man juice and I squirted out my lips.

My own orgasm kept riding up on me, cresting hard and then receding but Sheila kept her finger going and kept her tongue lashing so I would start the climb to its peak once more and experience it again and again. MMMM. I can see I’m exciting you. You’re starting to throb too. Do you want to be the one that has me tied down? What if I just slide off your lap here and kneel at your feet. Master? Is it ok if I call you master? You can make me your slave and I’ll have to do whatever you say…Just like Mr. Humphries and Sheila did…all night long. Oh yes, there’s more that happened. But for now, I think I need to service my new master. MMMM, your cock is so hard. Let me taste it, please….mmmmmm. oh yesssss. Mmmmpppghhh.