*This script is my gift to all you Fetish Fun and BDSM fans out there who enjoy to play but are not quite sure how all the terminologies of a Mistress and Slave session fit together.
*My only intention here is to provide a basic guideline.
*Take – USE whatever parts you like for our own bedroom Role-Play ENJOYMENT.
*Verbal stimulation is 70% of the game combined with the sensual B&D floggings – HEAVENLY.
*Every individual I work with is an entirely new personally with different requirements.
*The following is typical of a session you can expect from a foot fetish toilet slave. Each game’s dramatics will change to a great extent depending on your area of servitude.
*This content is purely a sample.
*I am a writer role-play MISTRESS:

This scenario is that of a hopeful presenting himself for training and assessment of his suitability to be a long-term slave.
M = Mistress
S = Slave

Knock knock.
S: Hello Mistress.

M: Hello trainee slave. Close the door.  No need for you to speak or make small conversation. I will indicate when you are to speak. Now follow me to the lounge where you will receive your instructions on how you will serve me today

Take a seat and pay attention to what I have to say. And pay close attention as this is a very verbal session and I expect an immediate response to my commands.

Now, just to confirm... in terms of servitude what type of slave best describes you? Or in other words, what do you consider to be your talents and strengths in best pleasing and amusing me? Wait! Before you answer here are my suggestions:
Foot fetish and worship
Body worship
Toilet – peeing only
Humiliation – ask me for details
House and general slave
Sex slave or non sexual?
Sissy Chrissy cross dressing
A combination slave

M: So exactly what sort of slave are you? Speak!

S: Foot fetish and toilet slave Mistress.

M: Oh I see – Very well then. I need a good waste disposal unit and loyal subject. One final question, and answer it promptly. Nice or NASTY Mistress ?

S: Nasty please Mistress.

M: Excellent! However, once you are trained, I can be nice as you will ultimately anticipate my every need and there will no cause to exercise discipline or berate you. A Mistress also truly enjoys the sensual aspect of female superiority.

Now take note. If you feel events are progressing too quickly for you and you would like to pause or stop at any time use the phrase “Mercy Mistress”. This is especially the case if you feel you may prematurely ejaculate. Are we clear and do you understand why?

S: Yes Mistress. It is not about is about you.

M: Splendid! You may be a natural. Now as indicated earlier- you are to talk only when requested to do so. Your mouth is merely a tool, a device, a contraption for my convenience or amusement.

I want you to say or repeat as many times as you like – “Yes Mistress” – whilst serving me in this house. You are fully aware I am superior to you but this simple phrase reinforces my feminine power and physical qualities.

And you, my poor misbegotten man, are just a humble servant and slave. But you know you belong here. It is your destiny.

Now on your knees trainee slave and kiss my feet in the appropriate manner of the inferior male.

A light kiss of the toes for the time being will be more than sufficient.

Good. You follow instructions well. Of course, as you are applying to be my slave and personal property, you are to be collared and leashed at all times whilst you are in my presence.

This collar and leash is a symbol of your status which is that of an object that is owned, a utility, a thing to have around while I have some use for you. My word is law as is my pre-eminence. Relax slave – as a true Mistress deeply values a good, competent and reliable slave who tries. However, never forget, it is about me. Quite simple really isn’t it?

S: Yes Mistress…it is about you.

M: Note that I do have a crop in my hand that will be used to discipline any failures to heed – or alternatively any tardiness in following an instruction. It will be also used if you show disgust at your consuming what my body has no further use for. Now bow your head and be collared.

Just to test your sincerity and faith you forsaken unfortunate soul …lift your face to me & open your mouth. Consume my saliva or more appropriately, my spit, as I did not have time to properly rinse today. Now swallow while looking deep into my eyes as I want to see the gratitude and devotion on your face. Remember that at all times you are a receptacle for what is issued from my body.

So tell me Slave … what in part are you?

S: Slave is a receptacle or bowl for the waste of Mistress.

M: Lower yourself to the floor. I want you on your hands and knees. Follow me NOW like a faithful, loyal dog to my computer. Come on, come here boy…come here (whistle). Good boy slave, good boy (pat pat).

I need to catch up with some business, so while I do so, you will take my shoes off and massage my feet. I will give instruction and also correct you as to how I like this to be done. If you perform well, I will allow you to suck and clean in between each toe.

I may also use your face as my foot rest if my business takes a little longer than I estimate.

Now get under the table and get into a comfortable position.

Take that bottle and use the oil to massage my feet .Place that cloth underneath my feet and gently, with long sensual strokes knead and massage this foot. I will tell you when the other requires attention.

Treat my feet with reverence as they and my anus are to be the altars at which you worship.

Remember… I will use my crop to smarten you up if I think you are flagging or wandering off.

You males have short attention spans.

S: Yes Mistress.

M: Understand that I am often pressed for time and I would not normally combine worship with work but when you become proficient my attention will be given solely over to the worship aspect.

Males like you are primarily designed to afford worship and to be functional so why not at times combine the two.

(5-10 minutes pass.)

M: Now the other foot. You are doing well. You may yet be of some use in the chores that a Mistress should not even consider having to do, for instance, cleaning the kitchen and the floors.

You will fetch items for me and serve drinks to me and my girlfriends when they are visiting. You will also be required to leave the apartment and obtain other necessities that I have use of.

Oh! And my absolute favourite, you will massage me whenever I require, all over my stunning beautiful body: my back, my long legs, shoulders, neck. Oooh YES ineed ! You can also massage my hard firm buttocks so you can see what your tongue will be cleaning when the need arises.

You will serve as a bath mat when I am drying myself as I should not have to experience cold tiles. I will stand on you as long as is required. You will also serve as a foot mat while I am shitting – maybe even worship my feet at the same time. I would love that – twin sensations!

Of course you already know ultimately that at times I will not have need of a porcelain toilet if you are here. You are already in my mind my urinal and I will train you to serve fully in that way. It truly takes a special and devoted slave to perform as a piss toilet.

Aah... plumbing for what my body no longer has need for. No more cold porcelain for me. That is what your warm mouth is for. I will also save on toilet paper… splendid! In the meantime of course, you will clean my toilet after I have used it.

This applies to my fellow mistress girlfriends as well if they use it.. ok? But they may use you instead.

S: Yes Mistress.

M: It may be fun to get you to use your hands and tongue to do this but don’t worry... only your mistress and her friends use this toilet. No disgusting males are allowed anywhere near it.

Other jobs... let me think.

I hate to waste food, even that I don’t find palatable. Your meal will be what I have chewed. I will spit it onto a dish on the floor and you will eat at my feet. I may even garnish it with my toe-nail cuttings! More than good enough for you. Served maybe with a small aperitif of my much sought after pee.

Now slave, a reward. Your massage is heartfelt and sincere if lacking in technique. So you may now taste my feet. Clean the oil off first. Take each toe into your mouth slowly and cherish each one. Also lick the length of the soles and don’t forget to nibble the edges.

While you are doing that I will ponder other ways for you to be of service, Mmmmmmm… good you are doing well.

(5-10 minutes pass.)

M: If I have had a particularly draining, harrowing day I may use you to orally pleasure me. A good slave should think not of his own pleasure but solely concentrate on the needs of his mistress. You will know if you have performed adequately when the essence of my divine liquid fills your mouth.

If you are good, I will demand this on a regular basis. This of course will only happen after you successfully pass your probationary slave trial.

Speaking of mouth, I want you to savour my entire foot. Take it in, leave it there, taste its texture, breathe in its aroma. Now the other foot: take it all. I want my toes tickling the back of your throat. Keep looking at me while you are doing this. You are deep throating my feet.

Good, now take both of my big toes between your lips…swirl your tongue around them…suck them as though I had a cock. Maybe I will get a beautiful transexual and you will suck her cock for me. Would you do that I wonder for your Mistress?

Keep those toes in your mouth – I love the sensation. Nibble on them and then run your tongue over them. I want to feel your lips compressed on them.

Now place both my feet on your face – feel the coolness and the softness. Leave them there for a while so I can enjoy seeing my feet on my slave’s face. Now take both into your mouth again. You get the idea. You feel so right doing this don’t you? No need to answer. I can see it your eyes.

Ok stop now. Remove yourself. My feet are becoming waterlogged from your toilet mouth. Take that other cloth over there and dry my feet.

S: Yes Mistress.

M: Now, I want to observe how you would clean my crystal glasses and china plates. Slave come out from under the table as we need to visit the kitchen. But first, place my shoes on my feet. You should understand how to do this correctly. Gently and with gratitude.

Even you can see this is the kitchen. The gloves and cleaning materials are there. You will put the kitchenware in the cupboard behind you once you have satisfactorily completed your duties. Understand?

S: Yes Mistress.

M: Good. Now get scrubbing as a good washer should. You have 10 minutes.

(Mistress takes a seat.)

M: If satisfactory I will then see how you perform as a seat or a footstool. When I have friends around as you can see, furniture is at a premium and they would enjoy using a curiosity piece like you. You will be busy I assure you. Keep working while I finish my real work.

Remember I have a crop at the ready. In fact, I feel rather stiff after sitting for so long and I need to loosen up and get the blood flowing. Come here and bend over as I will give you a quick five strokes just for practice.

S: Yes Mistress.

M: Heavens forbid. You can’t take much can you? You will be very easy to get into order.

Now, back to the kitchen. I want to see a 5-star-restaurant-standard finish on those glasses. A Sheraton shine. Actually better than that, work harder.

I will occasionally spit in your mouth to remind you of your station. I may even spit anywhere in the apartment when I feel like it and you will slowly lick it up and thank me for it when I tell you to do so. But I know you see that as a reward – understandable of course because it is a product of my body.

Good. You show promise as a general cleaner. Keep cleaning. Shortly I will sit on you for two minutes and then use you as a foot stool for a similar period. After that we will retire to the bedroom where you will be used as a pillow to keep my feet raised whilst I busy myself masturbating or whatever.

You, peasant, can kneel and watch my pussy while I pleasure myself in front of you as I will need relief from this rather taxing slave training. I cannot wait for the day when this will be an automatic process and procedure for you. Massage, house cleaning, toilet, it will be all second nature for you and all my slaves.

When we retire to the bedroom I want you lying on the floor on your stomach in front of the mirror and next to the bed so that when I enter the room you will be a step up to the bed. Understand? Do not forget that you will also be my pillow.

S: Yes Mistress.

M: Now stop what you are doing and get into the lounge on all fours in order for me to sit on you. GO!

Good you are reasonably comfortable if not a bit low. But you are non stain so if I spill wine on you, no problem. Oh and I may even fart on you if the need arises.

Now how stable are you if I move around a little? Mmm – satisfactory but not exactly the last word in style, but you will do. OK slave now I want you to become a foot stool, move over here and position yourself. Let me put my feet on you, you are the ideal height for a foot stool. Warm for winter, too.

If I have company one of my Mistress girlfriends can rest her feet on your back while the other Mistress can stick her toes in your mouth. It is just a matter of positioning really! Even better if there are three of us, one can sit on you, one can toe-fuck your mouth and one can fart on you.

Ooh – I have another idea. You can serve as a hallway mat as well, and we can wipe our feet on you when we come in from outside. Let’s practice now while we are in the sitting room, foot stool. Get on the lounge floor. I want to see if you can warm my feet when I stand on you. I may have to roughen your skin up a little so all the dirt is removed.

Right – you are in position and yes – quite toasty.

Stop moaning! You insubordinate slave… It’s all about me, remember?! Do you want more punishment?

S: No Mistress

M: Pity I don’t have some used toilet paper – I’d stuff your mouth with it, it’s also a shame your back is not more hairy as it would be cosier but hey… at least you are softer.

See, you please your Mistress in some small way. Feel happy! Now get to the bedroom.

S: Yes Mistress.

(Slave is on the floor in the bedroom on his stomach awaiting mistress.)

M: Now as we are next to the bathroom I want to train you in how to be serviceable toilet paper. You will not clean my pussy today. I consider that to be a reward for later as not all slaves can have that privilege immediately. Anyway, being a male you would become agitated and antsy and forget your role.

A toilet-paper slave is vital as it is beneath the dignity of a Mistress to concern herself with such senseless matters. You will practice circling my anus with your tongue and attempting to clean thoroughly inside as well. I will test with proper paper after and if not done well, you will receive five lashes.

S: Yes Mistress.

M: I will be fair as it is your first time performing this. Now move yourself next to the bed and start massaging my buttocks Take the oil in your hands and warm it, rub my bum cheeks and inner thighs with slow meaningful strokes over and over and over again. Put some effort into it slave, while I feel my juicy wet clit and play with myself until I climax. I demand a delicious frenzied orgasm, keep going and do not stop until I give permission.

You will provide me at the very least, a pleasing amount of stimulation before you are allowed to commence internally cleaning me. If you need some additional liquid tell me and I will allow you to use some of my spit on your tongue.

S: Yes Mistress.

M: Now get started and lick around my precious bum hole until I state otherwise. Lick up and down. Yes that is so right… mmmm that does feel good. Now stiffen your tongue as I want to feel at least two inches of that tongue well inside of me cleaning and cleaning.

Keep going. Remember, if you are becoming dry just tell me.

Come on – lick harder this is your true calling serving your Mistress in this way. Round and round – up and down and deeper and deeper.

Araghhhh I am going to cum. Get your lips into position to receive my love juice. Do not touch my pussy. I just need your mouth to catch my fluid – the essence of my pleasure (sigh). I absolutely love the sight of a slave greedily swallowing my cum.

Now fetch me some toilet paper slave and wipe my bottom. I know you are fixated by its beauty. Clean every inch.

Not bad. The toilet paper is clean. The real test comes though when you really have to clean me. But being a true slave, you cannot wait to experience the exotic texture, the taste of me can you? I cannot criticize you for that. What is a slave for but a convenience? Don’t fret… it will not be long before you are allowed this rare privilege.

Now I want you to summarize what you have learned today. Repeat after me.

Mistress is superior and always right. Repeat Slave –

S: Mistress is superior and always right

M: Speak only when necessary.

S: Speak only when necessary.

M: I am at your call, whether it is in a service capacity or more importantly worship capacity.

S: I am at your call, whether it is in a service capacity or more importantly worship capacity.

M: Learn quickly as a good slave wants his mistress to be proud of him and to become an important and treasured possession.

S: Learn quickly as a good slave wants his mistress to be proud of him and to become an important and treasured possession.

M: Do not embarrass Mistress if she has friends visiting.

S: Do not embarrass Mistress if she has friends visiting.

M: OK that will do for the time being.

Hurry…get to the bathroom and seat yourself next to the useful loo. I have an urgent need to pee and as your mouth is the nearest toilet, get into position. In future you will automatically know what to do when I simply say “toilet.”

S: Yes Mistress.

M: This time I will pee in short bursts as I want to see if you spill any of my precious piss. A good toilet never would. I want you to hold it so I can see your mouth-bowl filled to the brim. Flush when I tell you to. Understand toilet?

Now open… hold… flush… look deep into my eyes – you have my waste in your mouth. You cannot imagine being happier can you?

Don’t reply – just leave the lid up so I can continue to piss in you. I wonder if you could service more than one mistress at once. I will organise a dinner party and you can lie all night here just waiting for us and consuming a dozen or so times. Maybe we could have a piss bukkake. Or even a competition amongst the mistresses who can piss the most.

Very good slave. I feel somewhat better.

Just think… you now have all my urine inside of you. You have all my scent and flavours coating every inch of your mouth. Next time, however, it will be a continual torrent and you will take it like a standard toilet. How lucky are you to be serving me?

Now I am going to allow you a reward as you have pleased me today. Get off your knees from the floor and position yourself to lay facing me on the bed, I want to see how your penis performs and if it is satisfactory I may require your cock to service and pleasure me one day in the future. When I demand it, I want it thrusting HARD and LONG in and out of my voluptuous wet vagina for hours.

M: Place your dick in my hand.

S: Yes Mistress.

M: Is this nice slave… am I not a good and fair Mistress?

S: Yes Mistress.

M: Never forget that I take all this for granted, as natural as breathing. There are dozens of slaves just begging for your opportunity to be here. I know for a fact that slaves like you live to serve a woman like me whether it is licking the sweat off my feet, running errands or just waiting to be of use, you know that is your lot.

S: Oh yes Mistress

M: Now slave you will cum when I command. Do it now or reap another beating. Give it to me! All over my naked full breasts and swollen thick nipples. Unload on my breasts and when you are spent I will shove my engorged aroused boobs into your mouth so you may clean your own semen off my golden brown skin.

Good boy. You have eaten the cum. Clean and lick every last drop up for me, like you love it. Now shower, get dressed and present yourself to leave. I have no further use for you at the moment. You are simply a possession and a toilet.

I will not say anything to you when you leave unless you have failed in some way. Once home, you will compose a summary of this training and send it to me. I will then respond and outline what further tasks and improvements you will need to take into account for your next session of servitude. I will also give you your slave name and provide a time for your next attendance.

Now thank me for allowing you to be my slave. In fact for even acknowledging you exist.

S: Thank you Mistress Victoria Duvel.

*Please note that this script requires a 90-minute booking.
*If you have an hour only, we DO NOT EVEN NEED TO discuss what is to be excluded from the session.
*I know exactly what to do and how to take care of all your needs. Trust ME. I AM YOUR MISTRESS!
*ALTHOUGH Suggestions and variations to the above are gladly taken… PROVIDED I can accommodate any play you have in mind.
*And of course REMEMBER... it is about ME!!  

Thank you to Porcelain, my most treasured and talented slave in Perth.
Your contributions towards this most magnificent training session have benefited me greatly.
My sweetest darling dedicated subject.
I pray you are well and in good health. MD.x


Presents - No Holes Barred

 With or without Bondage and Domination the choice is yours.


Chrissie, in her French maid outfit, is to attend to Mistress.

Chrissie is to clean Mistress’s apartment and prepare snacks for friends of Mistress visiting later.

More importantly, these friends are male and Chrissie is to service them in any way Mistress sees fit.


Scene 1.

MD: Come in Chrissie.

C: Hello Mistress.

MD: Do you have all that you need to become a slutty tramp maid for me?

C: Yes Mistress. Tight knickers, lots of mascara, torn stockings.

MD: You know why we want that look don’t you?

C: Yes Mistress. To be the sexual plaything of your friends. To do anything you direct me to do.

MD: That’s right – because you are a slut. It’s no use pretending otherwise because we know that you can never compare to a REAL man. You have been basically created to be useful to those who are blessed with the gifts of life.

Is that not so my grubby little two-holer?

C: Yes Mistress.

MD: Now what might be some of those things that I will direct you to do?

C: Take your friends in my mouth, in my hands, in my bum.

MD: Now Chrissie. Correct me if I am wrong but by taking them in that way, I assume you mean this:
That you will kneel in front of one of them. I will tell you which one; that you will ask respectfully if he will allow you to hold his cock; he will say yes.

You will compliment him on the size and beauty of his cock. It is big – I’d say about 9 inches. You will then stroke his cock slowly, rubbing up and down the shaft. You will do this while thanking me and him for this privilege. You will also compare your cock with his. You need to be fully aware of your inadequacy. That cock of yours is laughable. It will never be allowed to come in contact with me.

I wonder how many times you have heard a woman say, “Is it in yet?”

Just adds to the catalogue of your miserable existence really. Lucky for you I give meaning to your life.

Now, my plain little Dumbo, pay attention. When he is fully erect, you will then request permission to kiss the tip of his cock and then the length of it. Again he will say yes. You will do this for a minute or two.

However, my friend can be impatient. I fully expect him, without warning, to grab you by the head and suddenly thrust his cock deep into your mouth. You will not act surprised or be startled by this. You will keep your head still for as long as my friend wishes to fuck your face! Certainly better than looking at it!

You will not gag because he has a great fondness for being deep-throated. You will wrap your lips around his cock, move your tongue over the head. You will become at one with the smoothness of the head and the first hint of cum leaking from it. He even will allow you to take it out of your cesspool mouth and let you adoringly rub it over your face.


C: Yes Mistress.

MD: Good. My stumpy little person thingymejig understands.

My friend does not like to be interrupted when he is on the verge of coming, particularly when he has before him, a slutty sissy on his knees. He just loves coming in mouths like yours because he understands your sad desires. If he is especially turned on, he will come over your face as well. You WILL feel his cum explode over the roof of your mouth, down the back of your throat. It will be hot and plentiful and you will relish the taste. I have seen him come and I can guarantee that you will be swallowing a lot. You had better swallow well as he likes repeat performances.

He will rest while I have something else in store for you. When he is recovered you should be prepared to be on your knees again and you will know what is required. He may want something else so again be prepared.


C: Yes Mistress.

MD: You are a natural slut aren’t you? A fully-fledged cum receptacle.

This gives me an idea.

My friends have informed me that if you please them that they will tell some mates. One day I will ask them to organise a line-up of 10 men and you will simply wait in the bedroom and when they have the need you will be required to blow them to completion. Or maybe they will stand around in a circle and cover your face in cum. I will charge them $10 per orgasm to cover my costs.

If you are satisfactory I will require you do this for any of my customers who like having the use of a greedy slut’s mouth on their cock. You will not be paid for this…you will do it for me!

C: I will do my best Mistress.

MD: Of course you will. Well as best as a barely functioning half-wit can.

Now I have not forgotten my other friend. He really enjoys orally pleasuring me. I enjoy it as he fit and athletic. Lean and strong. I like them that way! But he deserves pleasure too. So while he is on all fours paying attention to my pussy you will be behind him.

You will be behind so you can stroke his cock while licking his arse. You will enjoy that as he has the arse of a 20 year old. You will put your tongue deep in it. You will lick his balls, take them in your mouth. You will do this for a least 10 minutes alternating between arse and balls.

The better you do the better he will perform for me. OK? At the end of the 10 minutes my friend will lie on the floor on his back. I will sit on his face looking towards his feet. Do you know why Chrissie?

C: No Mistress.

MD: I think you do Chrissie. Maybe not…I keep forgetting how dense you are. Baboon material. Because what you will do for me is put a condom on his cock and then lower yourself onto it. You will do this facing me. I want to see in your eyes the shame and humiliation you will undergo for me.

I want you to bounce up and down on that cock. Really get those love-handles flying! I want you to acknowledge the fact that you have already the cum of a superior cock of a superior man in your putrid mouth.

I have seen what you are and I will see it again because once I have come, it is my friend’s turn. You will lie on the floor and I will then jerk his cum onto that table. You will crawl to the table and lick the cum up. As with the other gentleman, it will the sperm of a true masculine individual. It won’t be the insipid, watery stuff that your shrivelled thing produces. Like off yoghurt. Anyway, you will do this in no more than six long, sensual licks. If you don’t you will suck the toes of both of them.

Is that clear?

Oh! I almost forgot: these men like to cheer each other on when they are being serviced. If one directs you to do something you will obey. And always remember…if you displease me you may get a kick in those midgets that you call your balls.

C: Yes Mistress.

MD: Good. Oh, by the way. If either needs to piss, you will hold their cock while they do so. If you are particularly inept, you will get in the shower and they will use you as their urinal. The phrase pissy chrissie will alert you to that. Your mouth is fit for that as well. It is certainly not fit for saying anything, not that I’ve heard anyway.

To give my friends a bit of breathing space after all this activity you will serve drinks and snacks. That is your purpose really: waitress, maid, cock-sucker, just a portable set of orifices really.

They may give you advice on how you can better savour their cocks and show more appreciation for their come. When they are ready they will tell you and you will make yourself and your mouth and anus available immediately.

Sometimes my friend with the nine inch cock likes a tight arse to plumb. He will probably want to do it while you are in the kitchen bending over getting something from the fridge. He won’t warn you. He has the right to take you anytime regardless of your feelings or your circumstances. Just treat it as a warm up for the blow-job that is imminent.

You have already the size of his cock, and I know you liked it in your mouth. That ridiculous worm dangling between your jelly thighs was excited so do not pretend otherwise. So if he wishes to fuck your arse you will take it without complaint, without moaning. Your hole will be stretched and I will let him take his time. It is all about my friend and if he is happy so am I.

Once again, I want you facing me and looking at me when he is up you. Just think, 9 inches plunging into you. He may come in your arse but knowing him your mouth is to get another spray. Or maybe he will come in a glass and you will tip the contents into your mouth. Slowly…I want to see the cum slide gently down the glass. You will then lick it clean.

Or again, he may come on my toes and you will clean them. So many possibilities.

But they all point to the one thing…your essential mediocrity. Without a warm mouth and arsehole where would you be? A useless and unsightly ornament. I have lovers who satisfy me, slaves who cook for me and write stories for my amusement. I could not trust you with any of that. Well?

C: True Mistress.

MD: My other friend should be ready to have a second crack now. He adores my arse and the little rosebud that nestles between my arse cheeks. He loves wanking over it and spraying his juice all over me. You will have your face at all times one inch from my bum when this is happening. You will hear his cum splashing my bum, you will smell it and feel its heat. You will admire it for a minute and then beg permission to clean me paying precise attention to the cum on my anus. Again your tongue will be the cloth.

After that you will wash the two gentlemen. You will soap their cocks and balls for them. You will towel them dry. As they leave you will kneel before them and thank them for having proper cocks and thick healthy sperm. You will thank them for allowing you to have access to both.

After they have left you will massage my feet and I will outline which areas you need to improve in. So let us get ready…they will be here in one hour. And it will take all that time to have you looking remotely attractive. Speaking of that, I don’t like the way your boobs are getting bigger than mine. A bit of boot camp I think.

Curtain closes…..

The end

Sissy Chrissie’s big day out

(An adventure for the x-dresser.)

The scenario

Chrissie last week purchased a new outfit with matching accessories. He has done this as Mistress has requested that he dress up at her apartment and learn the art of applying make-up. He will then accompany Mistress for an afternoon of shopping followed by an afternoon tea at a city tea house.

Chrissie is consumed both by excitement and apprehension as he is unsure what secret plans Mistress may have for the outing.

MD = Mistress Duvel

C = Chrissie

Scene 1.

Mistress Duvel’s apartment.

MD: Come in Chrissie.

C: Yes Mistress.

MD: First of all we will ensure that you are sufficiently presentable to be seen in public with me. So follow me to the bathroom where we will apply makeup. You may place your outfit there.

You will pay attention to any techniques or tips that I give you. The reason for this is that in the future, you will arrive fully made-up and attired. Also when I have my other girl-friends around you will demonstrate to them your new found skills. Furthermore you will serve them when they are here and I want you looking the picture-perfect maid. Understand?

C: Yes Mistress.

MD: Now sit there.

First beauty tip: Always sit with your back to the light. That way no carbuncles or other unsightly menaces will be prominent.

MD: Finished. Are you impressed? I know I am. What a cute sissy you make even if you do look like Bronwyn Bishop.

C: Thank you Mistress.

MD: Now to complement the make-up, we will have you dressed appropriately for a day of shopping with the girls. I hope you brought casual chic to wear and nothing too formal. If I consider that your clothing is too dowdy I will make you wear a wig that would not look out of place in the 1950s. A perm with a mauve rinse. Would you like that?

C: Oh no Mistress!

MD: Good answer. You have good taste.

First the knickers and stockings. Come on – straighten those stockings. Crikey – a little maintenance on the legs might be an idea for the next time. Good opportunity for me to showcase my waxing talents!

Now turn around Uh oh…we may have to have a quick stop in Myers or DJs to purchase knickers because that pair makes your bum look big. Right…the dress and top. I am not sure if you are completely to my satisfaction – we may have to purchase a belt or scarf to add some colour. We’ll see how we go – we may not have time.

OK let us see you how you walk – your deportment, as it was once called, is important. Walk to the door and back. OK again. Hmm... you do have the walk of a pensioner heading for the free buffet. You know head forward and jaw out – grim concentration allied with steely ambition to get the biggest slab of Black Forest.

I want you to swing those hips – a bit of sass girl. Stick that chest out and let the world see you!

OK – one more time – to the door and back. We will have to work on that.

Get your bag – let’s go shopping.

Scene 2.

Department or specialty store.

MD: First perfumes and cosmetics. Lets try something floral because you are my little blooming flower aren’t you?

No not Britney! What were you thinking? No girl of mine is of the trailer-park. I suppose you think Amy Winehouse is a good look too!

(A few minutes later…)

MD: Now something sensual for when I pimp you out. Mmm... Dolce and Gabbana, Donna Karan. As a test, I will let you choose.

Now let’s make our way to the lingerie. Let’s try something dainty and frilly. Black of course. Even though black can age a lady it is also slimming. By the way, if you see something that you would like to see on me, go ahead and buy it. Sessions are always more fun when my girls contribute in this way. Don’t be afraid of me criticising your choice… it simply shows that you are thinking of the most important person here today. Understand?

(A few minutes pass.)

MD: I think you have spent more than enough. Would you like to relax and have a chat about today’s little outing.

C: Of course mistress.

Scene 3.

Tea house.

MD: Slave Chrissie, I will have (here you name your tea/beverage).

You will have Lady Grey. Suitable, no? I may even call you that if you continue to blossom.

Oh yum look at those dainty little cakes with wings on. Just perfect for you. Pink icing as well.

Stop fidgeting with your elastic…a proper lady waits till she is in a private area before she adjusts herself.

Now – what have you learned today?

(Chrissie expounds on the day’s events.)

MD: Good. I have enjoyed shopping with you. It is always more fun without a moaning dead weight male mooching about. We girls know what the essential things in life are don’t we?

Let’s return to the apartment. My feet need to be massaged and I also want to see how you look in your new lingerie. Might try a different eye shadow too.

Now let’s go and…remember…swing those hips.

The end.

These slaves may or may not be available due to their private lifestyles pending. Naturally they must be pre-ordered.


Mistress Duvel has been closely monitoring and observing her slaves.

She has particular roles and positions in mind for each one and these roles are germane to their personalities and attributes. They are as follows.

Lifestyle Larry is being groomed as the personal attendant of Mistress. Errands, domestic duties and more happily, sex-slave and being available for at least three days a week are the primary requirements. Larry appears to have the front-running for this position.

Cumbucket Cam. Mistress enjoys hosting little parties for close friends and valued clients. They have all expressed a fondness for bukakke (both her female and male acquaintances) and Cumbucket Cam is ever willing to be a receptacle for whatever comes his way.

Porcelain Pete. Mistress, if she organises a party, is always a fine hostess. Part of this is providing clean and welcoming facilities for her girlfriends and this is the task of Porcelain Pete. His mouth is required to serve as a urinal or spittoon for her guests. If Mistress deems it appropriate, he will also provide a full toilet function.

Humiliation Hugo. Everybody, on occasion, needs to rid themselves of petty frustrations. Mistress and her friends are no different. Humiliation Hugo is required not only to take verbal barbs, but to perform or suffer demeaning tasks. After all, he wants to make the world a better place for Mistress,

Hugo's hours of Horror

MD is kindly welcoming Mistress Vixen, Mistress Eclipse and Mistress Armageddon as the mistresses have all had, for various reasons, a difficult week and have gathered to make someone pay.

Hugo has been summoned as he is to be the recipient of the four mistresses’ wrath.

All three have arrived and are are chatting with MD.

ME: Good lord. What a week with the tax fiends. All these questions...What’s this claim for? What's that mean?...blah blah blah.

MA: I know precisely what you mean. I tried to get a little depreciation write-off for a flogger and a worn out enema kit and they wouldn't play ball. They were a bit sniffy about it.

MD: Maybe they need to conduct workshops...I reckon we could make them see sense.

MV: Make them see stars more likely after I finished with them! By the way...what is that object in the corner?

MD: Oh that's Hugo...feel free to start on it anytime you like.

MV: Cripes...he is a little bit ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ isn't he? It is times like this that you envy the blind.

MD: Yes...depilation isn't my strongest suit...but all that hair helps to absorb abuse and put-downs.

MA: Come over here Mogilla.

ME: Good lord! Boob bounce and jelly belly. I am curious to see what is like to stand on.

MD: Very comfortable I can guarantee. I use him to warm my feet after a shower.

ME: Wow...I will test that later.

MV: I want to pinch those tits with my toes. Get over here you hairy baboon.

Hugo shuffles over to MV and removes her shoes without asking or instruction.

MV wriggles her toes and then clasps each of Hugo's nipples with her toes. Hugo grimaces but no sound escapes his lips as he is under severe orders from MD not to say anything unless directed to do so.

MV: Well trained MD. Can take a bit a bit of physical duress as well as verbal. I will stand on its gut now. Bloody hell...I've sunk down to my ankles. It is like sinking into furry quicksand!

Save me you lot!

MA: I am not sure I would have it my house MD. Is it a haven for lice and rats and other vermin? A wild creature could make a decent nest in there.

MD: No problem...I spray it with Mortein and douse it with Demestos every few days...seems to keep things under control.

MA: Hey... let's have a drinking game! The first not to think of a derogatory name beginning with H has to scull! After you scull, you spit on its face.

MD: Good idea...let's go in alphabetical order.

MA: OK. Half-breed Hugo!

MD: Hideous Hugo!

ME: Mmm...Hirsute Hugo.

MV: Ho-hum Hugo.

MA: Hicktown Hugo...

MD: Good one. Uhhmm... Hog-face Hugo.

ME: Half-tonne Hugo...

MV: I'd rather have a drink and slag on its ape face than think any more. Right here goes...

MV gulps her wine around, swirls it around her mouth and hawks a few times..then unloads an enormous spit on Hugo's face. MV is extremely pleased with her effort.

Light pink saliva covers Hugo's mouth and chin.

MV: Slurp it up matchstick dick. It is a silly little thing isn't it.

ME: Looks like feeding time at the Zoo. Does it grunt when it communicates?

MD: I don't know. I never listen to it.

MA: Will it suck your farts?

MD: Yes...pretty good at it too.

MA: Good. I feel one brewing. Move over here and place yourself exactly there... on your knees and mouth open.

Hugo complies and MA kneels on the couch. She pulls her latex skirt up and pulls her knickers down (Hugo is impressed..MA has a truly lovely bum).

MA: Here it you mouth firmly around my hole. Bloody hell...I reckon my farts will improve that breath of yours. Dental hygiene is available to everybody you know. To be fair, a semi-ape human would not be aware of floss and mouth wash though would it?

A muffled sound emanates...

MA: Stay there and suck...staaaay!

ME: Hey that worked a treat...not even the hint of a whiff.

MD: I have told you before. It does work.

MV: Hole sucking Hugo. It has an use after all. I thought it was just a useless lump. Speaking of lumps..look at that pudding arse. Talk about a bad moon rising. A bit interchangeable with it's face if you ask me.

MA: That explains it's breath then.

MD: Have you any hints for curing its breath. I need to air the apartment at least twice a day when it is here.

ME: Remove all its teeth and tongue.

MV: Make it gargle with Dettol.

MD: It gargles my pee - that improves the atmosphere.

MV: Speaking of which - I need to pee. Can I use its face.

MD: No need to ask.

MV sits astride Hugo and directs him to the bathroom. He lies in the shower recess and MV stands above him.

MV: Close your eyes you plodding pile of pudding. I need to take a piss on your face.

Hugo does as told and feels a deluge of warm water soak his hair and rush up his nostrils. He splutters briefly and this only triggers a greater torrent.

MV obviously has disciplined herself prior to the evening and saved her waste for Hugo. MV admires her work and peers interestedly at Hugo's matted, soaked hair.

MV: Stay here and don't shower or dry yourself. I will ask MD if it is OK to send you home reeking of dry pee.

MV leaves and returns.

MD: Stay there for 10 minutes and come out when you have dried off. Use the heater. That's that thing in the corner if you need reminding. Hop to it!

Hugo returns less than fragrant.

MA: No significant change as far I can tell. Its back forest is looking a little crusty though. Open your mouth.

MA leans over and manufactures a long, slowly descending string of spit into his mouth. She watches it gather on his tongue.

MA: Hold for a few swallow. I must say MD... having receptacles like Hugo and Porcelain Pete is a mighty fine thing.

MD: Yep...they are fully aware of what their mouths are intended for.

ME: Hey MD... do you have a carrot in the fridge?

MD: Yes...why?

ME: Can I use it?

MD: Sure thing girl.

ME: Hugo...fridge...carrot...can you remember that? Was that grunt a yes MD? You will need to translate.

MD: Yes a yes. You may need to repeat the instruction though once it arrives at the fridge.

ME: Ooh it remembered. Clever baboon. Come here and stick that dimpled doughnut derriere in the air.

Hugo knows what is coming but does as directed.

ME slowly inserts the carrot halfway in Hugo's backside.

ME: Now stand up and touch your toes. If you drop that carrot I will make you eat it!.

MD: Touch your toes and then squat. Remember you will eat it if you drop it.

Hugo manages to get close to his toes, fiercely clenching his cheeks as he does so. The Mistresses all cackle as Hugo's substantial bum with its protruding carrot presents a grotesque spectacle. They are eagerly anticipating the squat.

Hugo stands and slowly squats, sweating all the while. Squatting and clenching at the one time is not something he has done before and the barracking of the Mistresses is not assisting his concentration.

Hugo, thighs beginning to burn, reaches what he feels is a satisfactory position. The carrot is intact.

MA: Damn! It hasn't moved.

MD: Mmmm..I know! Pepper!

ME: Bravo. Hugo...waddle to the kitchen with that carrot still in your arse. I will hand you the pepper and you will inhale upon your return to the loungeroom.

Hugo manages to tortuously waddle to the kitchen and is handed the pepper. He waddles back to his position.

ME: Now you know where they got the inspiration for the ugly duckling. Now have a good dose of that pepper.

Hugo sniffs a little and despite all his endeavours, sneezes mightily. The carrot shoots out like a torpedo. The Mistresses cheer.

MD: Pick it up with your teeth. A bit off is it? Excellent.


Larry's Lot

Lifestyle Larry is Mistress Duvel's favourite chained slave. This entails him attending Mistress on a daily basis.


The following is a typical day for Larry.




It is 7.00 am and Larry has prepared breakfast for Mistress. He taps lightly on the bedroom door.


MD: Come in Larry.


LL: Good morning Mistress.


MD: Morning Larry....ooh Cajun potato omelette with seafood...splendid.


LL: Hope you enjoy it Mistress...


MD: You have not failed yet Larry.... I may enter you in MasterChef and make a few dollars out of you.


LL: Yes Mistress. I will create a dish in your name....we could appear as a team. You could just sit there with a whip in your hand. Ratings might improve!


MD: Something with whipped cream in the dish...would that be too subtle?


LL: Not if it incorporates beaten eggs too.


As the banter continued, a well established routine had commenced. Larry peeled back the blankets and sheets from Mistress. With her long, brown limbs stretched out before her, LL lovingly cradled her right foot in his left hand and gently kneaded the toes with his right. Mistress thoroughly enjoyed this start to the day.


Larry, for his part, took quiet satisfaction in the feline and sensual look on the face of his Mistress. This combined with the morning after sleep scent of his mistress always made the early start to his day an utterly satisfying duty.


Larry swapped to the left foot and Mistress rested her right in Larry's crotch. She knew full well Larry enjoyed this and had every intention of taking advantage. You see, Larry had certain privileges not afforded to other slaves. Mistress used him for her sexual needs and she was feeling peppery this morning.... It is well attested to that a good sleep is nature's most effective restorative.


MD: Larry...I am in the need of some attention.


Larry was well versed. He immediately placed mistress's foot on the bed and moved without haste to the source of Mistress's morning itch. He first placed the heel of his hand on the clitoral area of Mistress and with slow circular motions, re-introduced Mistress to her sleepy state. Putting the breakfast tray aside, Mistress lay back and closed her eyes.


Larry had exceptional touch.... The pressure on her clit was both maddening and exquisite... a few minutes more and she would tug his head downwards and have his mouth and tongue bring her the pleasure she craved. Larry continued his ministrations until a tug on his ear indicated the next step. He slowly nibbled along the inner thigh area of his Mistress until his mouth finally reached its destination. With a light touch, he rubbed his lips on Mistress's pussy. He slowly increased the pressure and watched MD's eyes half close.


However, while Mistress was luxuriating in all of this, she also felt a little contrary and business-like this morning and decided that she would save her pleasure for the evening. She had the prospect of a busy day of slave training to consider. Besides, as much she treasured Larry and his servitude, she perversely enjoyed keeping him on his effect, on permanent probation. She gently pushed his head back...


MD: OK Larry...we will save this for the evening.


LL: Yes Mistress. Have you finished your breakfast?


MD: Yes Larry. I have two of my regulars today and I am becoming jaded with them. I intend to test their boundaries so I need some quiet to time to mull over some ideas. I will call you when I need you.


Larry retires to the kitchen and commences his his domestic duties. Larry enjoys this part of his duties immensely...keeping the apartment in pristine condition, the fridge stocked well and ensuring all the accoutrements of Mistress's livelihood are in order and available.


Larry is beckoned...


MD: Larry - bathroom floor.


LL: Yes Mistress.


When going to the toilet in the morning, Mistress enjoys resting her feet on a warm slave instead of the cold and uninviting tiling. Larry has performed this role on innumerable occasions and always appreciates the intimacy of the moment.


He lies down in the exact position that affords MD the most comfort. Mistress sits on the toilet, places her feet on LL's chest and flicks through a magazine. Larry hears the steady stream of Mistress's urine and is always aroused by this. He awaits as an almost inaudible groan passes the lips of Mistress.... A solid slapping sound followed by another emanates from the toilet and the heady aroma of Mistress's shit reaches his nostrils. Mistress is fit, healthy and eats well and to Larry this is why her shit always smells earthy and never foul.


MD: Right. You can wipe me now and then shower me .


MD rises, turns around and presents her lovely bum to Larry. He does not serve as her toilet paper or toilet slave (Mistress has a few trusted slaves who perform that role) but cleans her in the traditional manner. Kneeling behind MD, he gently rubs her soiled hole and once satisfied, disposes of the paper and flushes the toilet. Mistress is of course, above all this type of menial and pedestrian task.


Larry next runs the shower and then tests the water temperature. MD steps in and Larry now has the enviable duty of soaping the lithe body of his Mistress. Larry takes an inordinate amount of time to complete the process. Mistress is well aware of this but is prepared to indulge her slave. Besides, it is a pleasurable time in which to do some thinking.


Larry works his fastidious way from MD's feet, up her calves and shins, her inner thighs and then her flat tummy. Mistress is always touched when Larry, always at this point, pretends to clean her belly-button. A tingling sensation nibbles its way around her stomach when Harry does this and she considers it cute and quirky the way Larry concentrates fiercely on this small feature of her body.




The sight and texture of the lightly scented soap bubbles on his mistress always intoxicates Larry. This is particularly in the case when he turns Mistress slowly around and applies some lotion to the small of her back and watches the creamy trail cover her perfectly round buttocks. He dallies here with small circular motions, hands working in unison.


Eventually, and mindful of the time, Larry moves to the shoulders, neck and back and combines soaping with a little massage here and there. With her light brown skin displaying a rosy hue, Mistress steps out the shower and happily undergoes a vigorous drying off. A light lotion is next applied and Larry's work in the bathroom is done.


MD: While I am applying my make-up, can you test my violet wand?


LL: Yes...and what boots and shoes will you be using today?


MD: The thigh high boy in the first session loves them... and then I think the pixie boots for the second. And get that big monster of a black dildo out as well... session one has being flirting with the idea of an industrial strength bum bonking for some time. Your Cajun omelette and shower has me fired up.


LL: Uh oh... I had better get the ball gag out in case he screams the place down!


MD: I will make sure he won't...I intend to clamp his tongue with a dozen clothes pegs before the fun begins. I haven't had a good workout for a while. And he had better have had an enema before he turns up.... a shitty Mistress is an infinitely more unpleasant prospect than a shitty dildo.


LL: Basic law of nature that.


MD: Right, off you go...otherwise I may warm up on you!


LL: I'm gone!


Cumbucket Cam & Porcelain Pete Coming Soon


This is a three-part series. 

Mistress Duvel's slave served for the very first time under Mistress Eclipse as a trainee full toilet. He displayed all the necessary qualities that would enable him to be of use as an efficient and proficient toilet for Mistress Duvel and her friends. To this end, Mistress Duvel intended to use him the following morning to establish if these qualities and resolve to serve had survived the passage of the night.

SCENE: Morning after. MD's apartment... Mistress in bed.

MD: Slave. Come here. I feel the imminent need to shit. First, warm up my perfect hole with your tongue. That's the way. Good lord... you are eager. You are clearly as excited as I am. You can remove your tongue for the moment and tell me what you are feeling.

S: To be honest I barely slept last night. To think that you will finally allow me to serve you in this way is so fulfilling. I always suspected that you were interested in doing this and now that you have decided to do so is beyond any feeling or words that I can express.

MD: Try slave.

S: is so taboo isn't it? Shit. Most people hate discussing it but at the same time have a fascination with it. To state that you are willing to consume another person's shit...well can there be a greater compliment or commitment to that person? It must be a wonderful feeling to have a person under you in this way and I want to be that person under you!

MD: That I will find out and no - I cannot think of a greater compliment. Will you attempt to consume all of my shit or do you want a little test run with no consumption?

S: A little test run as I don't want to exasperate or disappoint you. I tell you what... do half in my mouth and the rest in my hands if that is alright with you. I want it to be special with you. Last night with Mistress Eclipse happened rather quickly.

MD: Excellent! As it is my first time, too, so I will see if my aim and control is any good. Doesn't matter... in the long run it will all be heading straight into your mouth and down your throat.

Start licking. Put your tongue in deep. Good. Deeper stiffen your tongue. Wonderful.... oh oh I can feel my crap pushing against your tongue. I think I have a good deal to be rid of. Hurry into the bathroom and lie on your back with your left hip next to the plastic container.

Slave stampedes to the bathroom and positions himself on his back next to the soon to be superfluous toilet with his hip positioned as requested. MD is nervous as she positions her beautiful bum about six inches directly above slave’s mouth.

She pauses for a few moments as a steady stream of pee flows onto slave’s chest and stomach. MD relaxes as she wants very much to remember this moment as it arrives. She looks down and sees slave opening his mouth and accommodating a thick log of her shit as it slowly exits her. She stops and watches slave adjusting his mouth to take in as much of her shit as he can.

MD: Relax and stay still slave. I will now move down to your stomach. Cup your hands under my bum when I tell you to.

MD is transfixed by what she sees: a perfect mini-tower of her shit sitting proudly in her slave’s mouth. At least four inches extended out of his mouth and she is quietly pleased at what she has achieved so far. She is trembling but manages to move down to his stomach. She is thinking this is far more compelling but at the same time easier than she thought it could ever be. She could feel her pussy moistening as it fully dawned on her what was happening. She had a man gladly receiving and, more importantly, clearly revering her shit!

MD: Right, hands now.

Another fragrant and longer log emerges.... Slave's hands slowly fill and he is surprised by the heat but is also close to ejaculating. His Mistress’s shit has an earthy taste and he will gladly swallow when instructed to do so. The sight of it slowly opening her anus and then the sensation of it touching his lips, filling his mouth, and the weight of it in his hands stirs an almost primeval feeling in him. He has crossed the Rubicon and will do it again in an instant.

MD: There is a container next to you. Place both my gifts in the container. Well done. As agreed you will not consume today. I want us to go on a journey together – a ceremony, a rite of passage whereby toilet servitude to your mistress will be a matter of fact and a routine part of your day. Understood? Remove my gift from your mouth and now place it as directed so that you may answer me.

Slave does so (but cheekily takes the opportunity to bite a small piece off and keep it in the corner of his mouth).

S: To be honest, this is what I would have liked a long time ago. You can take it for granted that I will serve you faithfully. I consider it an honour that you allow me to experience your shit.

MD: Ah well, a long time it may have been but your patience has been rewarded. Now, present your face and tongue. Another stage in your education is to study the gentle art of toilet paper use.

Mistress positions her bum on slave's face and moves it back and forth.

MD: Now use your tongue to thoroughly clean me. I no longer wish to be bothered with such a task; it is literally and figuratively beneath me.

Slave, with brow and nose lightly streaked with his mistress's shit, extends his tongue and slowly and joyously cleans the beautiful orifice an inch from him.
He works his way around the rim and once satisfied that no essence remains, pushes his tongue deep into her hole. When his tongue is coated, he uses his fingers to remove the waste and wipes them clean on his chest. Thus, lovingly he performs this lowly but exalted task.

MD: I must say, what a pleasurable way to have a morning shit. No cold porcelain, but instead, warm breath and tongue. If you are confident I am now clean, I want you to use your hands to place my gifts in the container in the non-human toilet. First, kiss and lick each piece prior to disposal.

Slave reaches into the container and cups the first log. He applies a series of kisses and then licks slowly backwards and forth and then gently and reluctantly places it the toilet. He repeats with the second. Mistress is fascinated and impressed with her slave and his devotion. She has one last test.

MD: Place your head in the toilet and hold it there. Now say goodbye to the essence of my body.

Mistress flushes the toilet and slave does as instructed. As Mistress cannot see, he rolls his tongue around and then swallows the small piece of shit he had deviously retained. The flavours were intense and he was impatient to experience more. Mistress demands to see her slaves face and as expected, it is glistening with water and utter contentment. She places her hand on and in her pussy and wipes her juices all over his face and throat.

MD: I am a lucky Mistress. We will progress this in stages and eventually I will have no need of the non-human toilet.

As a reward for your conduct and devotion, you will worship my feet after breakfast and serve as my urinal as required during the day. Now clean yourself up and after that make me a coffee and some toast. I have to update my web-site and prepare for my other slaves, an anti-climax I should imagine. However, I may assess some of my more reliable and keen slaves for this training as well; a human toilet for each day of the week. What a prospect don't you think? I may even use today's events as a template and put it up on my site as a guide.

S: It would only be what you deserve. Extra cash too! Don't forget about me though, Mistress.

MD: I won't. You will serve at least once a fortnight. I have started with you and that always means something to me. Now clean up and on with business. 

Part two and three coming soon.


By Victoria Duvel


Mercy is not an option, there is NO cut off password.

Extreme torture tactics. Ex-SAS, Military, Commandoes, Special Forces welcome.

I love working with you guys, your pain threshold is amazing.

#1 You are to kneel on the floor and Mistress will place a bowl in front of you.  Mistress then squats in front of your face and pisses into the bowl. She then places two dice into the bowl.

#2 In front of the bowl she places 12 cards face down with numbers 1-12 on them.

#3 On the other side Mistress has written things with which to punish you.

#4 OR mistress could write things that you need to do to pleasure her.

#5 There are 12 cards in all, a mixture of pleasure and punishment cards.

#6 Slave has to retrieve the dice with his mouth and place them on a towel or mat next to the bowl.

#7 The number corresponds to the item or card number.

#8 Mistress then places both dice back into the bowl and slave takes one out again with his mouth and drops it.

#9 The number on the first die is the severity of the punishment to be received on a scale of 1-6.

#10 The second die is removed and dropped and the number multiplied by the first die is the number of times the punishment is to be received (maximum 36) for servitude or other suggestions Mistress may have – it could relate to time.

Example: 1x4=4. Four minutes of flogging with the cat of nine tails or four times I may choose to give you four of my best full-power cane strokes depending on the card.


This game can be played in any time limit from 1 to 3 hours. Book this session ONLY if you are prepared to submit 100 PERCENT


Glad cling, slice plastic areas of you open and electrocute you

Immobilised with glad cling, slice an opening for your mouth and nose, face sitting suffocation 30 sec on 30 sec off

Balloon popping blindfolded and scare tactics

Cock and balls tied, pull back foreskin, expose head

Toothpick torture

Nipple clamps

Pegs cock clamps

Needle play x20 into your leg or back

Ice torture, anus and nipples

Anal play, prostrate milking

Pinwheel nipple and cock torture

Over the knee spanking

Belt, paddle and twaise

Hot wax, dripped on nipples and cock

Bondage rope, tied down and raped

Pro touch vibrator deep arse penetrator

Urethra sounds, cock slit penetration

Ball torture, biting, nail scraping

Piss in panties squatting face, smear wet panties on his face, stuff in mouth, golden shower

Cock whip single tail

Floggers, blue floppy, red cock, cat of nine tails

Cross-dressing and slut training

Deep throat, cock training, numerous devices

Forced consumption – even that I find distasteful – I will spit it into a bowl and you will EAT at my feet

Body biting

Forced amyl snorting

Scratching sounds, scratch him

Bondage and body slapping head to foot standing

Violet wand, orgasm by electrocution

Cock pump torture

Bad-boy butt plug g-spot locator

Strap-on 10inch flesh, 8 inch black boy, 6inch blue tip

Blindfolded light B&D with humiliation

Cropped and canned, numerous




Ball sucking torture

Deep rimming

Worship pussy

Drink Mistress’s golden wine

Lovely honey nectar, female squirt

Ginger Insertion, anus and pee-hole

Dirty talk, cock punishment

Water sports, toilet training

Medical scenes

Body slides

Deep tissue pain massage

Tickling to tears, bondage

This list is incomplete I need tonne's more suggestions  slave's. Please email me more torturous, inventive, fun things to do with my subjects. Anything you can think of would be welcome. Thank You MD


You're back to see Lady Blaise you small, shrunken piece of useless cock. I hadn’t expected to hear from you again my pathetic foot fetish slut. After the way I had to actually debase myself and change your diaper while you sat there the entire time sobbing about how your wife disrespects you! As she should, that much is clear. I had to spread your ass and stick that enema hose deep in that puckered disease-ridden anus of yours just to make certain I didn’t catch something. And then you could only hold in a litre of that hot oil and soapy water before you shit all over my floor. You disgust me. Get over here, stay bowed down, and kiss my feet in the appropriate manner of an inferior slave dog boy.

Is that a smile I see on your face—IS IT? Do you plan to just sit and grin while I tell you how badly you want to make me retch? Well? Don’t just sit there you good for nothing waste of a man, crawl over here to me...RIGHT NOW and become my foot stool! When Mistress Kitty Cruelle is visiting you will become her hallway mat. She will roughen up your face a little so all the dirt from her feet is removed. It is a shame your back is not hairier as my feet would be warmer resting on it.

All of a sudden there is a knock at the door. Mistress Kitty Cruelle enters.

“Get into position slave! I need to wipe my dirty boots on you. I walked into some dog shit earlier. Your job is to lick my stinky boots clean as a whistle. Got it?”

Slave boy runs to her feet, lays down and Mistress Kitty proceeds to walk all over him, violently digging her feet into his face and mouth. Slave boy licks her boots furiously fast. All the dog shit is being wiped clean off her smelly boots and into his mouth.

“Are you looking at me worm-dick? Are your eyes peering at my thigh-high black stiletto-heeled boots, real leather boots? Maybe you are hoping—truly a lost cause for someone as insignificant as you—to get a look at the deep 'V' between my legs or cast your eyes upon my round, firm ass in my tight red latex skirt? HA! If you are fortunate I will shit on you later. That is as close as you will get. I am finished with you, get away from me!”

Lady Blaise orders foot-job slave to return to her.

“For now, turn around my little toe rag. Take my little toe into your mouth and suck on it tenderly. Don't forget to lick the length of my sole and nibble on the edges of my heel. I want you to take each toe into your mouth individually. I want to see your tongue twirl around the toes and I want to feel your lips compressed on each toe knuckle lovingly. Don't forget to lick my toe nails clean. No toe jam what so ever is to remain. There, there, good foot fetish slave.”

Mistress Kitty's boots are now off. She is sitting on the lazy boy chair. Foot bitch boy is in front of her.

“Now, since you are shivering at my feet, lick them. Go on dog, LICK! That’s right, start with the heel. Run your pathetic tongue across the toe and be sure to get the underside of it. That’s all that tongue of yours is good for. The diseased semen that drips off your lips that you call a voice has me gagging just thinking about hearing it. Here! Open your mouth; bring your shit-head here... (SPIT) Just having you this near me makes my mouth taste sour. I need to get rid of that flavour. Go ahead, what are waiting for? Swallow it and get back to work you flea infested limp-dick.”

“Now, I want you to move to the back and suck on my heel. That’s it; go on... I know you want to. It’s the closest you will ever be getting to have any part of a woman in your mouth. Here, put your lips around it and suck, you gag inducing whore's spawn —I want you to pretend it’s a man’s cock; maybe that will get you worked up. See! Hard. Long. Everlasting. I’ll bet you’re not even good at that — sucking on a man’s cock. You probably don’t even know what a real man’s cock should be like — how could you? Your sad excuse for that appendage looks like a dog shit that failed to come out properly and got stuck between your legs. It just hangs there and smells.”

“That’s it; lick that gonorrhoea-plagued tongue of yours up the ball of my feet. Come on, you can do better than this...Maybe if I take my heel and step on that tongue of yours. Keep it still....Like that! Ugh, even stepping on your tongue is a waste of my time. You are pathetic.”

“What are you doing now? Crying. (SLAP) Don’t you dare! Your tears are wasted liquid from your putrefying body and I don’t want any part of them near me. You dumb bastard, look! One of your tears has stained my tiled floor. I want you to take that sick gaping slit you call a mouth and suck it up right now. Off the floor, that’s right. You make certain that no bodily fluids of your touch my floor ever! Got it?”

“Now...stand up. I may as well look you over and make certain you’re not infectious... just disgusting.”

“Oh look...your chest is hairless and smooth and there are two little red specks. Are those nipples? (LAUGH) They look more like measles spots. Perhaps if I take this one and pinch it hard...UH! I’ll pull it out and twist it, maybe that will get a response. Can you feel that you putrid little piss ant?”

“Turn around, go on—do it. I hate wasting breath ordering you twice! That’s one more second of my life I’ll never get back because it was wasted on you.”

Look at that sagging, spotted, marked ass of yours. I would have to beat it just to give it any character or colour at all. I’ll take my lash and smack your ass cheek with it! (SMACKS HEARD) There! Again! Once more! (LAUGH) Ha — still your ass looks like a snot rag left lying on the floor too long: wrinkled and foul, useless to anyone!”

“So what makes you think that you can just come here today and bask in my presence? Surely you are not thinking that you are worth anything more than a toilet mat? I will use you as a toilet mat to worship my feet while I am pissing. Yes I would enjoy that twin sensational. You are nothing, inside or out to be of any value. Like that shrivelled asshole of yours, there is no depth to you whatsoever! Even deep down, you are a shallow, sickening, sad- sack of a person. Like a condom that lies at the side of a road, discarded even before it was used because it wasn’t worth anyone’s time.”

“Now, bend over and grasp your ankles. C’mon, all the way! Shove that lump-covered ass of yours up in the air. Stick it out...more...don’t you dare fall over. That’s it. Now, I am going to give you the privilege of being speared in the ass by my crop. Can you feel that, pushing between your flabby limp butt and scraping across the surface of that stinking spiral of an asshole, shrivelled and unused as it must be. Here, feel how the broad round head of my riding crop begins to push into your worthless sphincter. Lube? You don’t deserve any lube. The fact that I am gracing your anus with my gift is more than enough. I’ll just twist it, ugh, harder now!!!”

“There...I have the head in. Now I will begin to shove it slowly, deep into you dark abysmal shit-hole. It’s probably the nicest thing you have ever had in there. Don’t you think that you should thank me you, dick-less waste of human excrement? Thank me for favouring you to attend to my feet today!

“There, that’s better. Now, since you thanked me I will give it one last twist and then, because I am in a good mood, I will leave it there for you as you stand bent over, being pleasured more than you have any right to be, simply because I have deemed to notice you!”

“Has anyone ever asked for your company you puss-filled goat turd? Does anyone out there even like you? I can’t see how they could. I can only barely stand you and I am being paid to!”

“Now let’s see, with my caning stick up your ass are you getting excited. Don’t move. Let me look down and check for myself. After all, one has to learn to deal with the unpleasant task of checking their animals from time to time if they are to keep them on the farm.”

“Here, I’ll take my hand, encased in this smooth as a baby’s ass lambskin glove and see what I find. Hmmm, not sure what this is? Here, I’ll grab it and twist like that! Being a eunuch it won’t bother you.”

“My God! Is this your dick or just a big clit? I can’t even tell what gender you are. You are the most completely useless, ragged, shit-filled body of a man it has ever been my displeasure to know. Fall onto your knees slave. Go on — don’t worry about my crop, I’ll take it out when I want to. You just kneel there on all fours. Now, crawl over here to my chair. C’mon, faster you diseased cripple. Just pretend there is some life in you!”

“Now, I’ll sit here and you can be my footrest again! Don’t move. I would hate to be disturbed. I am going to just sit back and take a quick nap while you enjoy the position of being a piece of my furniture.”

Upon awakening Lady Blaise and Mistress Kitty feel the need to have a hot, soapy, steamy shower together whilst slave boy is their shower mat. Mistresses should not have to experience cold tiles while drying themselves. Slave is now sitting on the freezing tiles waiting for instructions by his Goddesses.

“Kitty, grab the soap darling. Massage it onto my body, eevverrryywhhheerreee.”

“Oh yes Blaise, you little devil. And the same for me I hope?”

“Of course, sweetie. I love the feeling of your hand on my juicy fat clit and your soft plump lips on my tanned skin. You’re such a good friend. Oops! Kitty, I just slipped my wet and soapy fingers inside your fuck hole. Tell you what, let's have a squirting party all over slave.”


The Mistresses giggle as they play with each other's bodies.

“Ooohhh, aaaahhhh, mmmmmm.....yyyyeeessss”

“Ooohhh, aaaahhhh, mmmmmm.....yyyyeeessss”

“Oh God, yes, mmmm, baby, fuck, oh God, oh God, oh God...OOOOOOHHHHH”

“Slave! Dry my body, then my feet. Get my black stilettos and latex wrap. NOW!”

“Oh, and no need to thank me for leaving that shaft stuck up your poop-chute. I’ll keep it there till I need it again.

“Goodbye for now my small, ineffective dick-wad. Perhaps later I'll even remember you were there while we showered.”