(Almost) Mommy Dear: Pregnant Fetish

 Brandy sat on the doctor’s exam table and waited nervously. She was 7 months pregnant and this was the first time she would be examined by a male doctor after her own OBGYN had left practice.

She had always had large breasts and sensitive nipples but now swollen with milk she was at least a 38DD and her aureoles were as large as a silver dollar, brownish pink and so puffy. She could barely stand to wear a bra because of the sensations in them. She was a bit self conscious of how big they were.

She had put on weight but most seemed to go to her already rounded hips and luscious ass which just gave her more jiggle when she walked. And her belly seemed so big and round and she was constantly feeling horny. A fact that didn’t comfort her waiting to see this strange doctor.

At night when she would take baby oil and smooth it over her belly, rubbing the curves and stroking the sides in smooth round motions…it felt so good. Her hand would invariably slip down between her legs. It seemed that all she had to do lately was spread those ever-widening pussy lips of hers and let her finger find her clit and she was cumming, stroking herself to orgasm three and four times. It never seemed enough.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her as she shook those thoughts from her mind and looked up to see the doctor coming in.

“Hello, I am Dr. Ross and you must be Brandy.” He reached out to shake her hand. “How are you feeling today?”

Brandy said she was fine and shook the doctor’s hand. It was a strong, firm grip that tightened on her hand just a bit too hard for her comfort and then held it for a moment before releasing it.

“We’re going to do a full examination today, just to make sure everything is going well. Is that okay?”

Brandy nodded.

The door to the exam room opened again and a nurse walked in. She smiled at Brandy and an electric spark of lust shook her loins as she looked at the sleek young lady in the crisp white outfit, the rounded curve of her C-cup breasts showing just a hint more cleavage than might be professional and her above the knee skirt showing off tightly muscled and toned legs.

Brandy was ashamed for noticing and aroused at the same time. She didn’t usually feel anything, sexually, towards women but lately all she had to do was see an attractive man or woman and she started to get damp.

“Nurse Ray will help you undress and we’ll see how things look.”

“Undress? Is that really necessary?” Brandy asked. She wasn’t sure about undressing in front of these strangers. Her previous doctor only had her pull up her shirt over her belly.

“Well, normally you won’t have to but since this is the first time I’m seeing you, I want to do a thorough check-up. Don’t worry; it’s nothing I haven’t seen before”.

Brandy supposed that was supposed to calm her but the way he said it seemed to make her even more nervous. She was about to say something when Nurse Ray moved up to her and started unbuttoning her shirt.

“Shhhh. Don’t worry, everything is just fine…here.” She pushed Brandy softly back down onto the table and let her fingers quickly undo the rest of her shirt.

As she finished and opened her shirt up, her hands brushed the soft rounded cupped tit-flesh of her sensitive breasts and Brandy shuddered.

“Ooohh? Are your breasts sensitive?” the nurse asked, noticing the shiver.

“Uh, yes, a little,” Brandy admitted.

“Well, let’s take a look just to make sure they are ok.” Before brandy could say anything the nurse had unhooked Brandy’s center-clasped bra and exposed her over-ripe mammary. The cool office air hardened her nipples right away.

“Doctor. Take a look at these.” Brandy blushed as Dr. Ross walked over and stared down at her exposed tits.

“Hmmm, they seem a little swollen.” He reached out and softly cupped one of her plump large melon-like breasts in both hands. He hefted it slightly and began to softly knead it.

“Ooohhhh” Brandy moaned involuntarily. “uh..do you have to…”

“Just relax,” said Dr. Ross, “I need to make certain that everything is ok.”

The nurse meanwhile had stepped down to the foot of the table and now reached up to take hold of the elastic waistband of Brandy’s sweats and pull them down. It was so hard to get panties on these days so she hadn’t bothered and now she found herself naked and laid out between these two relative strangers. She shuddered as Dr. Ross continued to touch her, becoming more aroused as he brushed her nipple and then pinched it between thumb and forefinger.

“Are you lactating yet?” he asked her as he rolled her stiff aroused titty between his fingers and pulled gently on it. His other hand squeezed the breast itself and he began to alternately pull on the soft erect brown tit and squeeze her boob. His hands were strong and firm. She could feel his slightly calloused hand but his grip was firm. She started to shake. She thought she should be frightened; this seemed much more than was needed for an exam but the hand pleasuring her breast felt so good.

“Uhhh, please…Doctor…”she tried to say but couldn’t articulate it.

Suddenly there was another feeling as her knees were pushed apart and her legs spread open and Nurse Ray began to stroke her now very wet gash.

“Hmmm, I’m not sure she is dilating properly doctor. Perhaps we should measure her cervix to be safe.”

“Good idea Nurse. And I think we need to take a sample of her breast milk for analysis.” He stepped back and looked at her nipple that he still pinched tight. A gleaming drop of milky white fluid spotted on the very tip.

“I think you should stop before…” said Brandy but her breath was husky with lust and she knew even as she said it she didn’t mean it.

The doctor and nurse ignored her protestations. Dr. Ray let go of her breast for a moment and walked over to the counter. A sigh of…relief? Or was it disappointment left Brandy’s lips as he released the pressure on her responsive breast bud.

Between her legs something hard and cold suddenly touched her warm gash and started to slide in. The metal sides of the speculum stroked against her labia and pushed her love opening wider. Her clit was pushed against and scraped by the smooth metal and she gasped.

“OOOHH! What are you doing?” But she knew and deep inside, she wanted it.

Nurse ray held her pussy wide, the soft pink and red walls of her labia stretched opened as she slid a finger into Brandy and then a second. The fingers found her clit and started to pinch it and pull against it. Brandy squirmed and gasped with pleasure.

Now Dr Ross returned. He had a glass bottle-like object, open on one end and attached to rubber tubes and a gauge and small hand pump. He took her large unresisting breast and squeezed mid way down, swelling and stiffening her tit even more. He lowered his mouth to it and placed his lips around it and began to suck. His tongue brushed the tit and licked the droplets of mothers-milk off it and his hand continued to softly knead and stretch her breast, milking it now as you would an udder. He sucked it hard into his mouth and his teeth gently bit at it, teasing it to almost an inch long. Her breast ached but in a good way and she reached up with a free hand and began to squeeze her other mound.


Dr Ross took his mouth away and put the open end of the bottle over her nipple. He pressed it down and made certain to get her whole nipple and areola in the opening. Stuffed in firmly, he began to pump the hand-mechanism. The hiss of air and pressure could be heard and immediately Brandy’s nipple was caught in the vacuum and began to stretch and pull.

OOOHH!” she squealed” Ohhh, yess….”

Dr Ross pumped the grip he held and Brandy’s titty was pulled and stretched achingly out, the whole tip of her boob trying to fill that small suction tube. She squealed and cried out even as milk began to leak from her nipple. It pooled around the erect tip and the tube began to fill. It hurt but it was a sexual aching hurt and Brandy groaned deep in her throat.

Down between her legs Nurse Ray continued stroking in and out of her pussy, now filled with three fingers. She was moving in and out faster and faster and the pressure was rising between Brandy’s legs. Her hips were lifting a bit off the table and nurse ray took a free hand and began to pinch and playfully slap at her rounded fleshy ass, making Brandy squeal all the more. Pressure was kept up in her pussy and a fourth finger was inserted, stretching her wider than even the speculum had. The soft slick and puffy walls of her cunt massaged from within, churning her sex into high gear, she squealed a delighted gurgle and ground her hips pushing down harder on the welcome invader.

“I think it’s about time Nurse” said Dr Ross.

“Absolutely” she agreed.

Suddenly all sensation stopped as Nurse Ray pulled her hand out from between Brandy’s flowing wet legs and with a hard ‘Pop’ the suction device was pulled off of her tit. The nipple throbbed red and swollen, almost painful in its sensitivity and covered in the wet glistening milk running down and over her entire breast. Brandy cried out in need.

“Nooo. Please, more….”

Dr Ross smiled and just nodded. He and Nurse Ray took her by the arms and helped her to sit up and then turn around, getting up on all fours onto the exam table. Nurse Ray made sure her legs were spread apart, her plump wet pussy lips jutting out and quivering.

The doctor stepped to the front of the table and onto a small step stool there, raising him up till his crotch was level with Brandy’s sweating face. Without a word, He unzipped his trousers and dropped them to reveal an 8-inch cock as hard as iron and thick around as Brandy’s slender wrist. It was a massive thing. She had never seen a dick as large as that.

“Open!” Dr. Ross said and grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and pulled her head back. She opened her mouth to cry out and Dr. Ross pushed forward, shoving his monster cock between her lips, over her tongue and down almost into her throat.

Brandy gagged and sputtered but eagerly wrapped her lips around this huge love log and started to suck. Her tongue washed the bulbous red tip and her head bobbed, guided by Dr. Ross’s hand, sliding up and down along his rough, thick shaft.

Between her legs Brandy was feeling the absence of sensation and squirmed her ass, trying to thrust it up and out more. Nurse Ray did not ignore this hint.

She grasped Brandy’s ass cheeks and spread them wide. Her head dipped down and her tongue began to lash and slurp at Brandy’s open gash. Her lips surrounded Brandy’s gyrating cock-hole and began to suck at the juice that flowed steadily from it. Nurse Ray’s tongue was like a living serpent in Brandy’s pussy, licking the labia walls, sliding over and sucking at her swollen pussy lips and then, finding her over-engorged clit. Immediately she nipped it in her teeth and bit down not too hard but enough to surprise Brandy who screamed in lustful agony and rocked forward without thinking. Nurse Ray held onto her ass and pushed forward as well and Brandy’s mouth swallowed the entire length of Dr. Ross’s massive pole. His balls actually slapped her chin. He gripped her hair tight and held her there.

She breathed through her nose. Her tongue and lips worked the base of Dr. Ross’s shaft and she even tried to lick his ball sack but there was just too much cock stuffed in her mouth to do more.

“Gaahhhrrrr, Ugghhh.” she grunted over the intruding cock and kept working the shaft. She felt it quivering and the balls against her chin were tightening up. The first salty drops of cum were falling onto the back of her tongue and running down her throat and she swallowed greedily and prepared for more.

Nurse Ray continued to suckle at her wide spread pussy, tonguing her deeper and deeper, slapping her clit with the rough lapping mouth member and sending Brandy screaming towards a monstrous orgasm. Now fingers stroked her opening and pumped hard and fast, finger fucking her hard as the nurse’s mouth continued eating her out. Brandy could have screamed if she hadn’t been gagged with so much cock.

Suddenly, with no warning, a thick finger brushed her anus, rubbing across it with something wet and cold on it and then pushed surprisingly hard into her ass, all the way past the first knuckle. That was it.

Brandy nearly leapt off the table, her huge belly swinging beneath her, her large bouncing boobs slapping back and forth, her pussy shuddering and clenching as if it were trying to hold onto Nurse Ray’s tongue forever. The powerful wave of orgasm swept up and through her, a tsunami of feeling and hot sensation. She bounced and rocked, screaming in incoherent grunts and moans as the doctor and nurse pumped her from each end.

Then it was Dr. Ross’s turn. His cock swelled and stiffened almost completely cutting off airflow and then began to shoot huge loads of cum into Brandy’s mouth and down her throat. She swallowed and gulped in self preservation and wrapped in the orgasmic throes of passion. She swallowed more and more, devouring all he had to give and his cock shuddered again and again, continuing to shoot out spunk.

The finger in her ass stayed buried deep and the tongue and lips ignored the fact that her orgasm crested and continued to lick and pull at her, fingers spreading as they pumped in and out, teeth nipping at her ass and achingly swollen pussy. She groaned and squirmed and struggled not to collapse in exhaustion and weakness.

The two professionals continued to ride her as the rodeo sex toy she had become until Dr. Ross’s cock had been sucked completely dry and Nurse Ray had licked and lapped every last drop of hot sex juice from her pulsing vagina.

Slowly the two medical personnel stepped back, allowing Brandy to slip down onto the table, weak and trembling and feeling more alive than she had in recent memory.

Dr. Ross looked down at the sweating trembling pregnant woman on his table. Her red throbbing tits still shook under her ragged breath and he could see the muscles in her legs quivering with occasional spasms.

Brandy looked behind her and smiled weakly at Nurse Ray whose face glistened, coated with her hot sex. The nurse slowly licked her lips and smiled back.

Brandy turned to Dr. Ross. He still stood with his pants down, his raging erection not yet gone limp. She met his gaze and managed to whisper…”More?”

Baby Loves Mommy: Infantilism Fetish

Daniel had just finished another busy day at the office. He was the CFO of a large insurance firm and he spent most of his days bent over a computer and arguing with underwriters. Someone always had a problem and he was the go-to guy.

When he started at the firm he really liked the work. Always in charge, being needed, knowing that the office couldn’t function without him. He had been married and he was the head of the household too. He would get home and Laura, his wife, would tell him all the troubles of the day and he would be there to take care of them.

It was the same in their bedroom. Daniel was always in control. He would tell Laura what they were going to do and what he wanted and she obeyed. He was very satisfied and he thought she was too.

Then, Laura had told him she wanted a divorce. That she wasn’t happy in their marriage or in their bed. She said he was too controlling and never let her feel a part of the decision making process. He never considered what she had wanted. Daniel had been stunned. He thought making the decisions and taking care of his wife was what he was supposed to do. But apparently it wasn’t what Laura had thought and she left him.

After that, work seemed to become more difficult. Every time he took the reins and made a decision or fixed something that someone else had messed up on he would start to worry that he was stepping on their toes. Worse yet, he began to resent them for making him be in charge. Why did he have to make all the decisions?

It really began to bother him and to affect his work. He found himself snapping at employees for no real reason. Sometimes he would purposely miss a project’s deadline, just to show them that he wasn’t happy being made to be in charge.

His love life suffered too. When he finally began to see other women, he was hesitant and often timid with them. He didn’t want to make any decision for them for fear of scaring them off. He needed the companionship and the sex that they represented but he found himself bristling at having to do anything for it. Soon he wasn’t even dating.

Finally his boss called him into his office and sat him down. He was told in no uncertain terms that his performance was suffering and he was not pulling his weight.

“Take a two-week vacation, Dan,” said his boss. “That’s not a suggestion, that’s an order. And when you get back, either be back to your old standards or…don’t come back. Got it?”

Dan nodded and said he got it. And he left.

That’s how he came to be sitting in his apartment, at 11:00 am, watching daytime TV and reading the paper and feeling almost nothing. He didn’t know what to do with himself or his life.

It seemed to him that the harder he tried to hold on and control everything, the more it all slipped away and the more frustrated he felt. What he really wanted was to share these troubles with someone, a woman someone, but even that wasn’t working. So, he sat alone, depressed and listless and passed the days in abject boredom and apathy.

Then, on the third day of his enforced vacation, he saw something that changed everything. Out of desperation he had been scanning the personals in the paper. Maybe he could find a hooker. That seemed the most he was able to aspire too. But all the ads seemed to be the same; “I’ll do whatever you want!” “How do you like it?” Once again they seemed to want him to be the boss, putting all the effort and decisions squarely on his shoulders.

Then he saw the ad; There was a picture of a woman, a bit older than most of the 18-22 yr olds he usually saw. She didn’t wear sexy lingerie, instead she wore a simple floral print, blue house dress and an apron and below her, the caption read: “Mommy knows best.”

Somehow, this image and the words struck a chord with him. Deep inside he felt a tingle of something he hadn’t felt in a while. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was getting himself into, but then again that seemed to be the point. He dialed the number.

He heard the phone ring and then it picked up and a soft, sexy and throaty voice, answered.

“Hello.” A simple word but it made him tremble just a bit.

“Hi” he said.

“Who is this?” the woman’s voice asked. It wasn’t rude or forced. She sounded genuinely interested.

“Uh…I’m Daniel…uh, Dan.” And then, because he didn’t know what else to say. He added, “I saw your ad.”

“Well good for you Danny. I’m glad you called. Do you need a little comfort from Mommy? Is that what Danny needs?”

He hadn’t been called Danny since he was a young boy. It brought up all sorts of forgotten feelings and though it could have been taken as condescending, he heard real compassion in her voice.

“I…I guess so. I don’t really know what I need any more. Can, you help?”

“Of course I can. Mommy can always help widdle Danny feel better. Give me your address and I’ll be there shortly.”

Not really knowing why, Dan gave her his address.

“Don’t worry Danny. Mommy will take care of you. It will be okay.” And with that, she hung up.

Dan didn’t know what to do now. He had just given a complete stranger his address and now she was coming over. And she talked to him like he was a little boy, a baby even. And yet, although he could have felt embarrassed or annoyed at that, instead he felt oddly…excited. And so, not knowing what else to do, he sat back in his chair and waited for “mommy”.

It didn’t take all that long. A little more than a half hour later, there was a knock on the front door and before Dan could get up and answer it, a woman opened the door and stepped in.

“Hi sweety, Mommy’s home now.”

The woman who came in was not the sort of woman Dan would normally have sought out for a date (or more) but she had a certain quality about her that made him harden immediately. She was probably in her 40’s, but still well kept up. Thick gold-yellow hair in a very simple cut to the shoulders, rather old fashioned actually. She stood about 5’7” tall she wore the same blue floral print dress and apron he had seen in the magazine. She had lipstick on and a bit of rouge to her cheeks, but not too much. And her body…it was soft and curvy. Perhaps a little overweight even but she had quite a formidable set of boobs that stretched out the top of the apron and her calves, below the hem of the dress, were curvaceous and firm. She had on sensible black house shoes.

“Hi” Dan answered.

The woman smiled at him and its sense of genuine care made Dan feel tingly all over.

“Isn’t that just darling” she said as she started walking towards Dan. “Danny is playing dress-up, pretending to be all growed-up. Oh that is just adorable.” She had reached him now and took him by the hand.

“Well, now that Mommy’s here, I think we can take off those old grown up clothes and get you back into something more appropriate.

Dan was nonplussed and just stood there as “Mommy” began to undress him. First she pulled off the sweater he was wearing and folded it neatly over the back of the couch. Then she stepped up to him and began to unlace his tie. She pulled it off, dropping it on the floor and slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

Dan couldn’t move. He was shivering at her touch and he could feel her body so close to his. Her large soft breasts occasionally brushed against his chest and he shook with a pent up excitement. And yet, it wasn’t just an animal lust. There was something deeply “personal’ that he was feeling. A sense of…safety. Security that he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

Now that his shirt was unbuttoned, Mommy tugged at it and pulled it from his trousers and slid it down over his arms. Then she moved her hands to his belt. She unbuckled it slowly and then pulled it off, sliding it from around his waist till she could drop it too on the floor. Then she unhooked his trousers and carefully slid his zipper down. She took her hands and slid them inside the waist and slowly pushed them down, moving her hands over his hips and down his legs as she did it.

Her touch was electrifying and Dan shivered again.

From her stooped position at his feet where she had slid his trousers down, she looked up at Dan and smiled.

“Ooooh. Is baby cold?” she asked him “Don’t worry; we’ll get you all warm and cozy. Then she looked at his crotch where his hard thick cock was pressing hard against his fruit of the looms. She smiled at that.

“Oh look, Baby’s wee-wee is hard. How cute. Her hands reached up and slid over his tighty-whities and cupped his rock hard rod. She caressed it once and then pulled down the underwear, allowing him to spring out and free. His hard 8 inches bobbed up and down.

She just smiled and stood up.

“Come on Danny, Mommy is going to give you a bath and get you all cleaned up.” She took Danny by the hand and led him towards the bathroom. Once here she helped him step into his tub and sit down.

“I’m not really sure I need a bath” Danny started to say, but Mommy just shushed him. She reached into a pocket of the apron and pulled out a soft blue pacifier. Before Danny could even react she placed it between his lips and into his mouth.

“There you go Danny” she said kindly. “Here’s your binky!” Now you be still and let mommy get the water just right for you.

As Mommy turned the spigot and started the bath water, testing the temperature, Danny sat in his bath, naked and thought about all of this. This attractive matronly woman was treating him like an infant. She had put a ‘binky’ in his mouth and undressed him and was now going to bathe him. Shouldn’t he be appalled or outraged or embarrassed by all of this? Maybe, but he wasn’t. For once he was totally not in control and this woman was taking care of him. Maybe to others it would seem sick or strange but to him, it was peaceful…and very exciting. So, he sucked on his binky while Mommy filled the tub.

When the warm water was just about 5 or 6 inches deep, she turned off the water. Then she turned towards Danny. She got a washcloth off of the sink and a bar of soap and she wet them and began to wash Danny all over. She scrubbed his back and chest and shoulders. She made sure to wash behind his ears. Then she moved down over his belly and to his crotch. She wrapped the washcloth around his still stiff dick and began to stroke it up and down, soapy suds allowing the rough cloth and her tight grip to stroke him. But she was gentle and after only a few strokes she stopped and moved on to his legs. Danny groaned and dropped the binky from his mouth. He tried to reach her hand and put it back on his needy cock, but she gently slapped his hand and smiled.

“No no Baby. It’s not play time. We need to get you all cleaned. Let Mommy finish.” And she did, stroking and scrubbing down his legs and calves and even his feet where she carefully washed each toe individually, sliding the soapy wash cloth through and between them and over each one.

Then she rinsed out the wash cloth and turned the faucet back on to run warm water that she splashed gently over him, rinsing him off thoroughly.

Finished, she took him by the arms and helped him stand up. Then she held him while he stepped out of the tub and she took a towel and wrapped it about him. She rubbed his arms and chest and back dry and then moved the towel between his legs. She cupped his balls in her toweled hand and stroked and patted them dry, then ran the soft material over his shaft and even made sure the tip was dried off. She finished up running down each leg.

By the time she was done Danny was trembling with excitement. She hadn’t really done anything to him yet except a few touches and strokes and yet he was quivering with lust. His cock was harder than he could remember it being in so long. He wanted more from Mommy and yet, he wanted her to keep control, to tell him what to do and take care of him.

Mommy smiled at Danny and now she set him down on the toilet.

“Okay Danny, you need to make poo-poo now. Come on and show Mommy what a big boy you are.”

Danny was shocked for a minute. He had never had anyone do something like this and yet now Mommy reached down and held his stiff prick and stroked a hand along the side of his ass cheek.

“Come on Danny. Poo-poo time. That a boy.”

Danny wasn’t sure if he could with this woman standing over him and holding his cock but he knew he had to try for Mommy’s sake so he bore down and tried to shit. Sure enough he felt the bowel movement coming and as Mommy gripped his cock and pulled it gently even as she rubbed along his ass, Danny made a big poo-poo. Mommy seemed delighted and she let go of his stiff organ and clapped for him.

“Oh that is such a good boy Danny! Yes, that’s my big boy!” She stood him up and turned him around, leaning him over to place his hands on the toilet seat and raise his ass into the air. Mommy took some toilet paper and spread Danny’s ass cheeks. Then she began to wipe and clean his bottom. She wiped away any faeces residue and then took her finger, covered in toilet paper and scraped it over his anus, even pressing into his dark brown hole. Danny grunted in surprise but mommy kept a firm hand on his back, petting him as she entered his asshole. She pushed her finger in up to the first knuckle and twisted it back and forth. Danny groaned finding surprising pleasure in that deep stuffed feeling.

“What a good Mommy’s boy, yes you are.” Mommy cooed at him. Then, she slowly drew her finger out. Danny groaned but whether in relief or disappointment, he wasn’t sure.

Now Mommy stood him up and led Danny out of the bathroom and back into the living room. There she picked up a purse she had carried in and then turned to Danny.

“Come on now Dannykins, let’s go to the bedroom. We need to get you changed. Again, she took Danny by the hand and together they walked down the hall into his bedroom.

Here, she set the purse down at the head of the bed and then told Danny to wait. She moved to the purse and pulled out a large white cloth. Then she laid it out on the bed and positioned Danny to sit down on the cloth. He realized it was a diaper. He should have been mortified but he wasn’t. She laid him back. Now she took a bottle of baby oil out of the purse and sat down next to Danny. She poured a little of the oil onto her hands and rubbed them together and then began to smooth and stroke them in soft circles over Danny’s belly. She massaged the oil gently into his stomach and up to his chest. Her fingers gently pinched and stroked his nipples as she ran over his pecs. He groaned under her touch and she smiled.

“Does Dannykins like this? Oh yes he does.” She said and kept up the strokes.

She added a bit more oil and then ran her hands down over the stomach and to his hips and groin area, She ran her open oil-coated hands along the inside of his thighs and down his legs and yet she never touched his penis. Danny was going mad, his hips bumped and his cock bounced and stood hard and rigid. Then, Mommy finished his legs and took her hand off Danny completely. Danny groaned out loud, almost crying and Mommy looked concerned.

“Oh poor Danny. Are you hungry? I haven’t even fed you yet, come here my sweet boy.”

Mommy took an arm and slid it under Danny’s back and helped him sit up. Then, she reached up to her apron and undid the strap around the neck. The top of the apron folded down and Danny could see Mommy’s large breasts pressing against the thin blue material of her dress. There were several large buttons that held the top flap of the dress and Mommy unbuttoned them deftly and opened up her top. Large soft milky white boobs nestled together in a plain white bra. She smiled and with her two hands, pulled the cup from one of her breasts and pulled it free.

It sagged just a little but was tipped with a thick hard nipple and beautiful rosy pink aureole and quivered there. Danny’s heart beat faster and his cock responded, bouncing and quivering even more.

Mommy took her breast with one hand and cupped it, lifting it up. The other hand she placed on Danny’s shoulder and pulled him gently towards the waiting tit. He needed no further urging. He bent his head and placed his mouth around the engorged waiting nipple. He began to suckle on it, trying to put more of the desirable breast into his mouth, chewing gently on the soft pliable flesh, sucking on the erect titty. It felt wonderful and he heard a moan of pleasure escape Mommy’s lips. He smiled knowing that he was also making Mommy happy. Then a sweet trickle of liquid started to flow and suddenly Danny found himself breastfeeding at mommy’s teat. The milk was light and warm and sweet to the taste and once it started he wanted more. He took his hands and began to squeeze the fat milk filled breast and suck and lick harder, drinking down her mother’s milk.

Mommy groaned again in pleasure and as she held Danny’s head to her breast to suckle her, she reached down with her other hand, sliding along his leg till she found his iron hard shaft. She wrapped her hand tightly around it. It was still slick from the baby oil and she began to slowly stroke and pump baby’s cock. She could feel the ridges of skin and the soft rubbery head of his cock as she slid up and down it, squeezing and releasing some, alternating to send pleasure along his engorged cock. She felt Danny respond and moan around her milky tit. She pressed her breast harder against his mouth and continued to stroke him. Faster now, she slid up and down quickly. The oily lube getting additional help from the droplets of precum that began to leak from the tip of his penis.

Danny held on to his Mommy’s breast and squeezed and suckled, drinking the warm sweet milk, swallowing every drop. His hips humped against mommy’s hand as she gripped his wee-wee and stroked him, faster and faster. He felt his balls tightening, he could feel the hot liquid rising in him and the teat he sucked fed him more and more. He held tight to mommy and let her comfort him in so many ways.

Her hand stroked along the ridges of his shaft faster and faster. She knew he was close, she could feel the spasms starting and she could feel the tug of his mouth on her breast, his teeth biting her swollen milky tit. She groaned and squeezed his cock harder and he began to shoot his hot sticky cum. It splashed out across her hand and his belly and her dress. She kept stroking, milking his cock for every last drop even as he cried out and sucked her titty dry.

Together they held each other and rocked softly back and forth, Mommy holding Danny’s pee-pee and Danny sucking mommy’s tit. They rocked together, their breathing ragged but beginning to find a controlled rhythm. As they sat there, Mommy stroked Danny’s hair and whispered to him.

“It’s okay my big boy, mommy’s here. Mommy’s here. And Danny knew that things would be okay now. He could face work and day to day life…because he would always be able to come home to Mommy.

Forced Fisting: Fisting Fetish

Megan had watched the game with a sense of building excitement. She loved everything about the sport and had been thrilled when her local newspaper agreed to let her write a sports blog every week. Aside from the benefit of getting into all the games free she was getting up close and personal access to all those sexy hunks on the team, especially Brian Fawn.

Brian was the lead goal scorer for the Devon Knickers, and besides he was every woman’s wet dream. 6’2” with wide shoulders and hard legs. His chest was broad and hairy and his ass…oh, Megan dreamed of that ass, draped in green silk shorts…or in her dreams, undraped. She blushed at her not so pure thoughts about the muscular soccer player.

She could see the way the other cheerleaders threw themselves at Brian and the other players but she was the one who had permission to fraternize, not them. Well, it wasn’t really fraternization, it was reporting…though the way she did it, there was a little fraternizing as well.

The team might not have been so anxious to talk to a female sports reporter at first. They didn’t seem to think much of women in sports at all. So, she decided to start by getting their attention.

She always wore a long, professional looking overcoat, matching scarf and gloves to give the impression of formality but underneath, she would have on a man’s white shirt, unbuttoned halfway down, showing off her 36DD knockers to their best advantage. Her skirts were always below the knee proper, but before she went down to the field to talk to the team, she would be sure to unwrap it and put it in her bag, leaving only a pair of black lace panties and garter belt with hose.

Once down to the field she would be sure her coat was unfastened but tied properly with its belt. When she got to the team, she’d carefully untie the belt and allow the coat to gap appropriately. The men certainly paid attention quickly enough. Soon she was surrounded by the team. Then she’d tie the coat back up and start asking her questions. It didn’t take the men long to figure out that the more questions they answered, the looser the belt became and soon everyone was talking…and looking. And that was OK with Megan. She loved being the centre of attention and commanding these men’s interest.


Lily watched that slut Megan walk over to the team and ground her teeth when all of the men quickly started gathering around her. She was so pissed at that fucking reporter, taking all of the guys’ attention away from the cheerleaders, where it rightfully belonged.

Sure, she knew that she and the girls were forbidden from dating (or fucking) the players during the season, but she also knew that she and Brian had never really paid attention to that rule, nor had a lot of the other girls and the team. They were careful about it, but they enjoyed the attention of the men as they teased them all week during practice, giving them the hope that they might put out.

Of course, since that bitch Megan started writing her blog, she’d drawn all the attention away from her and her girls. That just wasn’t right. Sports reporters should be big hairy ugly men…or maybe the occasional handsome young newcomer. They knew how to draw attention to the cheerleaders as well as the players. But ever since Missy Megan started interviewing the team, Lily and her girls were on the outside looking in.

What did that busty bimbo have, that she and her girls didn’t? I mean, Lily was only 22 and some of her girls were as young as 19. Wasn’t that what men wanted? She had perky tits and a great ass and when she did the splits she knew men were dreaming about her. But no, those oafs would rather ogle that cow with the giant udders. She could just gag. I mean, Megan had to be at least 28. She was ancient!

Well, tonight Lily and her posse would see to it that Missy Megan got all the attention she could ever crave! She tossed her long thick red hair, tied into a foot long ponytail, over her shoulder and headed back to her girls. They looked at her and smiled, nodding here and there. Everyone was in.


Megan stood in the circle of guys on the field sidelines and asked her questions about the game. Her coat was already untied and she was actually playing with a fourth button on her shirt, for emphasis. The team surrounded her and had eyes only for her. She laughed and asked another question about this season. As long as she kept getting these exclusives her job was assured. And, if a player didn’t give her enough of a scoop or was reluctant to talk, she just started wrapping up again. They’d start talking pretty fast after that.

The water boy came up and was handing out bottled water and sports drinks to the team. He was a younger kid, maybe 17 or 18 and he always stared at Megan. She let him. He didn’t have any real value to her from her position as a reporter, but she could get that guy to run errands and take care of whatever she needed and all it cost her was the occasional flash.

She had told him early on with the team that she liked the Four-Score Energy drinks and would love it if he would bring her one when he came around with the team’s water. She had been certain he got a real eyeful of her voluptuous breasts and even a peek of titty when she asked him and “voila” she always had her drink after that.

Today was no exception; she took it from him and gave him a sexy smile. He blushed four shades or red and finished handing out the water.

She drank as she continued to ply the team for secrets of their strategy and any juicy gossip on the coaches or other teams. Eventually she had enough for her next blog and said goodbye to her boys (that’s how she thought of them. After all, they belonged to her) and headed off field and towards the cheerleaders locker room to change. She couldn’t very well go walking around town dressed like this. She giggled at the thought and not for the first time wondered what it would be like to do that. She snorted as she giggled again and weaved a bit. She shook her head and tried to focus her eyes. She was feeling a bit dizzy. Hmmm. She’d sit down in the locker room for a minute. She kept walking, a little unsteady but not too bad.

But by the time she got to the Cheer-room as the cheerleaders called it, she was having trouble standing. She made it inside and went over to a large couch they had along the wall and sat down heavily. Something was definitely wrong. She couldn’t think straight and the room was spinning. Maybe if she closed her eyes and laid her head back for just a minute, she would feel better. Blackness swallowed Megan up and that was the last thought she could recall.


From the office of the cheerleaders’ coach, Lily and her girls watched on the closed circuit monitor and saw Megan drop unconscious. “Buzz”, the water boy was there too. He could hardly contain his excitement.

“It worked” he squeaked. “She’s out!”

“Of course it worked,” Lily said coolly. “That GHP we put in her drink will keep her out about an hour. Plenty of time to get set up for our…show.” She laughed a nasty laugh and her girls chimed in. Megan was not favoured by these women.

“But remember, you said I get a blowjob!” “Buzz” added. “Remember!”

“Oh I haven’t forgotten Buzz. You’ll get whatever you want, I guarantee it.” She turned towards her loyal followers. “Let’s go girls. Time’s a wastin’.”


Megan slowly started to wake. She felt like she was drugged (which in fact she was). Her eyes were heavy and her mouth had a stale, wretched taste to it. It was also dry. She licked her lips without much success and tried to sit up. Something was wrong, her hands were stretched back over her head and she couldn’t move them. Her legs seemed immobilized too. The shadows of drugged obscurity fled in the face of rising panic and she started to struggle and writhe in an attempt to sit up. Suddenly she heard hooting and clapping and some kind of banging. She focused her eyes and looked around her, as best as she was able.

She quickly panicked as her predicament came clear. She was in one of the locker rooms. A tall row of lockers, rising up along either side of her gave off a claustrophobic feel to the room. She was on a bench in between the lockers that ran the length of the row. Her hands were tied together with something (she couldn’t see what) and stretched out behind her to keep them secured. Her legs straddled the bench and were also tied to either side of the row, either to the lockers in some manner or to something else. And…she was naked.

Her large voluptuous boobs rolled across her chest as she struggled, jiggling and bouncing, giving off quite a show. And with her legs spread apart so wide, her pussy was spread wide open and visible.

But that wasn’t the worst (and of course, that was pretty damn bad). Along either side of her stood several girls, most in bra and panties but a few topless or naked as well. They were all members of the cheerleading team and they all had wicked smiles on their face. Lily, their team captain, stood directly next to her head and looked down at the helpless reporter. Lily was also naked and her thick red bush hovered just to the side and above Megan’s nose.

And on top of the lockers…Sitting on top of the two rows, like spectators at a coliseum, was the entire football team. Their legs hung over into the aisle and they kicked against the mesh metal of the lockers hooting and laughing as Megan struggled.

Lily smiled and reached out and casually slapped Megan across the face.

“Hi Sweety. Welcome to your fucking nightmare.”

Megan screamed and redoubled her efforts to sit up, yanking at her bonds and trying to escape her ties. As the curvaceous blonde bounced and rolled her body, the onlookers cheered harder and wolf whistled at her predicament.

“Is everyone ready for tonight’s show?” Lily called out and all the men and most of the girls started cheering wildly in the affirmative.

“Good. This slut has teased us and pushed us aside, making her way into our club and we don’t like that, do we?”

Again, the locker room echoed with the team shouting and pounding on the lockers. Many of the girls screamed no and reached out towards Megan. One of the cheerleaders, a petite brunette whose name escaped Megan took her hand and slapped Megan’s tit as hard as she could. The helpless blogger screamed as her over-ripe fun-bags bounced and rolled as other girls immediately took up the cause and started slapping her tits as well.

Megan screamed and pulled desperately at her bonds as the catty women slapped her large boobs, first from one side and then the other. Someone grabbed a hold of her swelling nipple and yanked, pulling it hard and twisting. Megan cried as more and more slaps fell on her, and her other tit was pinched and pulled getting similar treatment.

The boys on the lockers had an unobstructed view from overhead and they cheered and shouted as the girls reddened her body, slapping and pinching her all over.

Now open hands began to slap her legs and her thighs and calves. Someone was taking an open palm and slapping her across her spread wide pussy lips. They actually struck her clit once and that brought an extra shriek from Megan’s throat.

Soon though, the slapping died off as the girls became tired of that game. Megan’s body was red with welts and hand prints all over it. Her breasts especially were hot and throbbing from all the “attention” paid them.

Now, Lily raised a leg and stepped over Megan with it, straddling her. She moved her hips forward and her pussy brushed Megan’s chin and scraped up to her mouth. Lily had spread her pussy wide and run her fingers along her wet gash, moistening it for Megan and now she slid her wet open hole over Megan’s mouth and started to grind down.

“Eat me, bitch” she screamed at the abused woman and grabbed her hair, yanking her head and face even deeper into her wet and wide pussy.

“Eat me now! C’mon use that mouth of yours for something worthwhile!” Lily held Megan’s hair pulling it hard and began to thrust and scrub her pelvis over her face, pressing her pussy harder onto her mouth. Megan tried to turn away, tried to avoid the dominant cheer-bitch’s gaping hole but she couldn’t and if she was to breathe, she needed to eat her so Megan’s tongue began to lick and lash up and through Lily’s pussy, sucking at the fleshy wide lips, stroking the pink silk inside walls with her tongue and gulping down pussy juice as it filled her mouth and rolled over her cheeks and chin.

Now someone was at her pussy. She could feel fingers spreading her wide. Two sets, one on either side, pulling at her pussy lips and stretching them back wide. A finger began to stroke and play with her inner walls, sliding in little circles and slowly pressing deeper and deeper.

Megan grunted and cried out as a second finger joined the first but with her mouth full of Lily’s pussy she could only gag out a moan. Lily scrubbed her cunt harder over Megan’s face and she was forced to gulp more flowing cunt-love even as her cheeks and chin were being scraped raw.

Now three fingers had slid into Megan’s pussy and the pressure was becoming unbearable. Her clit was being crushed to the side and stroked hard again and again and her cervix felt tight and shoved wide.

Lily started to groan and gasp and juices suddenly erupted from her pussy. A stream of slightly sweet golden liquid squirted out and across Megan’s face and into her mouth. Megan was forced to gulp and swallow even as the rest of the ejaculation ran over her and covered her face. She cried, starting to sob as Megan continued to masturbate on her face.

OH MY GOD! Someone was pulling her pussy wider, pinching the fleshy sides and peeling it back hard as now a fourth finger pushed into her open love canal…she could feel the steady pressure and she screamed into the gushing cheerleaders pussy to stop but the thumb now joined the other fingers and someone slid their fist right up to the knuckles

Megan’s ass bounced and rolled but girls on both sides grabbed her legs and held them still, pulling them wider as her vaginal intruder now started to shove the knuckles past her pulled-wide opening.

Lily took this moment to lift her leg and step back, pulling away from Megan and allowing her deep sobbing gasps of air followed by screams of begging, pleading with the cheerleaders to stop.

Suddenly a new figure was next to her. It was Buzz, the water boy. He was naked and staring at her with eyes filled with lust and as wide as saucers.

“I have wanted this ever since I first saw you,” the excited water boy said. “And now, you’re mine.”

His hand was holding and stroking his cock. It was one of the largest rods Megan had ever seen: at least a full 10 inches and so thick. She shouted “NO” but Buzz just grabbed her hair and rammed his hard cock head into her mouth. It was between her lips and sliding over her tongue before she could do anything.

At the same time there was a “pop” sound and the back knuckles of the fist filling her pussy pushed past the last straining obstacle and were fully inside her. She shrieked, trying to squirm but was being held down too firmly.

“Buzz” loved her shriek as it sent cascading sound waves up across his penis and he shoved forwards, gurgling with pleasure at her hot inviting mouth and silky lips.

Megan’s mouth was stuffed, gagged more fully than ever before and Buzz was not all the way in. Already his rubbery round cockhead was touching the back of her throat, threatening her gag reflex. She tried desperately to breathe around the monstrous intruder and open her throat to him, for her own self preservation.

In her pussy, a whole fist was fully inside her and the fingers were slowly unclenching, pressing against the walls of her labia and poking and striking her clit repeatedly. Then two fingers pushed upwards and struck across Megan’s G-spot. Shudders ran through her legs and her pussy clenched and shuddered. The girls knew they had her spot now and started stroking the fist in and out faster and faster. Cunt cream bubbled around the edges of her forcefully spread pussy and oozed out over the hand that pistoned in and out, the fingers stroking and rubbing her harder and harder.

Already having trouble breathing, Megan began to gasp as the quivering sensations of a deep orgasm began to build in her. It started in her belly and crawled down towards her fist-fucked pussy and began to heat the entire nether region of the poor raped reported. She moaned and cried around the cock that plunged in and out of her mouth. Whimpers escaped her and were heard by the crowd and they cheered her on.

Her chest heaved, she gasped and breathed harder, her cunt leapt and clenched as she was fist banged faster and faster rushing her unmercifully towards the precipice of uncontrolled orgasm.

Then, Buzz began to groan and pant. “Oh yesssss. Ohh gaawwd yesss” he gasped and suddenly he was filling her mouth with a gallon of jizz as he shot his load hard and full into her mouth and down her throat! She swallowed for self preservation, the hot thick salty cum coating the inside of her mouth and sliding down her throat. Her belly warmed by its gluttonous devouring of it, desired or not.

Now her pussy could stand the hard, fast manipulations no longer and it too exploded with fire and shuddered waves of sensation. A tsunami of liquid love filled her spread, filled cunt and squirted out a high golden yellow arc spouting in short spectacular bursts. She shouted as the cock was removed from her mouth allowing her a full throated scream of wailing hate and pleasure, mingling as her body betrayed and fulfilled her beyond anything she had ever known.

The aftershocks of her orgasm continued unabated for almost a minute as her tormentor continued to fist her, finally slowing the pace and at last starting to pull fingers out slowly.

Megan lay quivering, still tied to the bench, as her body shuddered with pleasure bordering on pain and slowly started to come down from her forced fist-fuck high.

Lily stared at her, the blogger’s face coated with glistening cum and pussy juice, her body still shaking. She stared with no pity. She looked up at the men on the lockers, almost all of them naked now, hard raging cocks held and stroked in their hands.

“She’s all yours boys,” she said and she turned away as the team leapt from their perches and surrounded her and the other cheerleaders. Hands began to touch her again, tongues started to taste her and the feelings once more began to be forced upon her. She cried out, a deep-throated lusty moan as fingers grabbed her lips and cheeks and pulled them wide apart, pinning her mouth open and wide, two cocks beginning to fill her mouth. She cried and screamed and in the end, succumbed to more than she ever imagined possible. But that is a story for later.

Shayla’s Ordeal, Pt.I: Rape Fetish

Shayla trembled as the three men stood over her. She never expected to find herself in this kind of a predicament. She was used to showing houses to all types of people, men, women, couples. She had heard how other women realtors had been attacked or molested by potential clients but she’d always felt that they must have done something to deserve it. She was smarter than they were and she knew it. “It could never happen to me, because I won’t let it,” was something she had often said but now it was about to happen and she frantically tried to figure out what she had done wrong. She had arrived at the house precisely at 6pm as requested. Brad, the man who made the arrangements with her, had told her that he was coming into town for only about 24 hours and wanted to look over a property or two for his family. They were moving up here at the end of the month. He needed a large home, somewhere quiet and off the beaten path as his wife was a nature lover and couldn’t stand to be in the heart of any big city. Shayla had the perfect place and made arrangements to meet him and show him around. She was sure he’d like it.

She had put on her best blue blazer and knee length skirt over a peach coloured silk blouse with a matching scarf. The blouse was somewhat shear and she’d chosen a pale pink bra to wear under it so as not to contrast too much. She knew she looked good and for that extra emphasis she had undone one more button, revealing an arousing amount of cleavage. Men were so easy. She knew this always kept a man staring and allowed her to manipulate them as they stared at her 36DD breasts. But there hadn’t been Brad and his wife—instead there had been Brad and two others who had come out from a back room as soon as she and Brad entered and at the moment they seemed very intent on doing much more than stare at her.

She lay on the floor of the living room as the three men stood over her. Her blazer had been yanked off when she had tried to run to the door and she was panting from trying to keep away from them. They had surrounded her and kept grabbing at her, slapping her ass roughly or managing a squeeze of her large boobs as she tried to get away. Finally one had grabbed her and swung her into the two other men who had grabbed her, one by each arm. Then Brad had walked up and ripped open her blouse. He smiled and grasped her bra and shook it, bouncing her breasts and laughing. He slapped each of her big soft tits, hard and she squealed. Even as she struggled though, she could feel her nipples harden at the rough treatment and she shuddered in fear.

Then, Brad grabbed her throat. She was sure he was going to strangle her, but all he did was tear off her scarf. Then the two men turned her around and Brad gripped her wrists and twisted the scarf around them, knotting her hands together. When he was done they let go of her and Shayla stumbled backwards, falling to the floor. Now the three men stood around her staring.

The largest of the men, a brawny blond man who looked like an over-muscled surfer with tanned skin and piercing blue eyes, moved behind her and hoisted her up under the arms till she was kneeling in front of the other two.

Brad just kept smiling and began unzipping his pants while the second fellow knelt down and in one quick sweep of his arm, pulled her bra up over her tits, exposing them. He smiled broadly and reached out, pinching a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He pinched hard, twisting it as he stretched it out. Shayla yelled and sobbed. "Please No...SSTTOOOPPP!"

She shook and squirmed but all that did was shake her tits more and the man pinched harder. Then, he lifted her large swollen tit to his mouth and took the nipple in his teeth. He bit down, tugging and then started to suck and bite her tits over and over.

"OOOWWWWW! No more....please!" she begged even as a sensation that might have been almost…excitement ran through her. She couldn’t stop her tits from stiffening and swelling even more. She shuddered and blushed in shame.

Brad was naked now and he grabbed Shayla by her thick long rich black hair and yanked back, raising her face to look up at his. His dark eyes were cruel and she could see the lust barely controlled in them.

"We ain’t gonna stop till we have filled all your holes, as many times as we want.” He took his finger and brushed it over her beautifully swollen trembling lips. “We got all night for using you and we have a lot of fun planned. Now shut the fuck up!" and with a quick motion he slapped her across the face.

Shayla started to scream something at him but as soon as she opened her mouth she was gagged as Brad shoved her head forward and filled her mouth with his hard 8 inch cock! Shayla’s eyes went wide and she tried to yell but all that did was run her tongue over the head of his dick as he forced himself deeper into her warm wet mouth. She tried to shake her head free but he held her hair tight and began to fuck her face, now sliding his throbbing cock all the way into her mouth till his balls nestled against her nose. Her cheeks bulged and she was forced to continuously deep-throat her attacker.

She twisted and pulled at her bound hands trying to escape this forced face fucking but to no avail. The man behind her kept her upright, his hands joining the other man’s hands on her tits as he reached from behind. Her poor breasts were squeezed, sucked, pinched bitten and pulled, slapped and stretched as Brad continued to fuck her mouth, faster and faster. "mmmpphhh!..ugh….nnnnooooo!!” Shayla tried to scream, but all that came out were grunts and muffled sobs around her cock-filled mouth. Brad stroked away grinning and beginning to breathe harder and harder.

"Oh fuck-yeah, she is a great cock sucker...MMMMM. You all will have to try her".

The others laughed and agreed and Shayla shuddered inside realizing they all intended to use her. Then Brad said something that terrified her even more.

"Hey, where are those toys we brought for her?” The man behind her let go of mauling her breast with one hand long enough to gesture toward the side of the room.

"Over there in that sack. Danny, go get ‘em. She seems to be warmed up enough."

The one pulling her tits out to obscene lengths laughed and released it for a moment, though he bit down for a final nip before he got up and went over to the wall where a large sack was sitting.

Shayla’s mind raced. "Toys? What sort of toys? What were they planning to do to her"?

She tried to shout stop again and ask what their plans were but at that moment Brad’s cock swelled and shuddered seeming to fill up her mouth even more, if that was possible. Brad moaned "OOHHH SHHIITT!" and pulled her head right into his crotch, her nose filled with his cock hair and her lips practically engulfing his balls. Brad shuddered and began to squirt cum into her mouth, filling it. She started to gag and tried to pull back and she had no choice but to swallow just to keep breathing what little air she could get. Even then, she couldn’t swallow all of it. His jizz filled her cheeks and spilled out between her lips and Brad just kept cumming and cumming. Cum ran down her chin, dripping onto her soft, abused boobs.

From behind, the man who had her tits, squeezed and pulled with a fevered passion, twisting her breast and slapping it, watching as it flounced about, the nipples becoming even more swollen and engorged, turning deeper red. Between her breasts abuser and Brad’s cock deep in her mouth she bucked between them till Brad finally seemed to run out of semen.

Slowly he pulled her head off his cock and forced her head back to look up at him. She was gasping for breath, her cheeks flushed and her lips and chin coated with cum. Her eyes were tear-filled from fear and from the pain that the mauling her breasts were getting. She gulped breaths of air in ragged gasps and managed to croak out a plea.

"No...more.....I won’t tell! Please?"

Brad just grinned and said, "No more...why doll, we’re just starting. This was the opening act.”

He reached over to the sack that Danny had brought and upended it – onto the floor next to Shayla fell out nipple clamps, a breast pump, several vibrators, some larger than Shayla had ever seen. There were also several items that looked electrical that she had no idea what they could be as well as a coil of some sort of thin nylon rope and some large industrial sized rubber bands and many bottles of various oils and creams. Brad let her stare at the selection for a long moment and then said, "Welcome to Rape Club. You’re our official party favour for the night!”

Shayla screamed as Brad and the men behind her picked her up and carried her into the next room.

Shayla’s Ordeal, Pt.II

Shayla screamed and bucked in the grasp of the men as they carried her towards the next room. She knew it was a large vaulted ceiling den or game room and she was terrified of the sorts of games they were planning.

She kicked her legs and rolled her arms, her large breasts slapping wildly about as she struggled. One of the men holding her was obviously aroused watching her tits and lost concentration for just a moment. Shayla’s foot slipped free and she kicked her captor hard in the side causing him to drop her. She swung around and tried to shove the second man back. It worked for a moment and for a few seconds she was actually free.

She turned to run for the front door. She made about three strides when Brad hit her from behind and tackled her to the ground. A moment later the two other men were atop her as well. Her large, already sore tits were flattened into the carpet and as she struggled under the men’s weight her nipples scraped back and forth sending both pain and arousal through her. She shuddered as she felt her nipples hardening again. She couldn’t be responding to this brutal treatment, could she?

Brad, now on her back, grabbed her hands and pulled them back behind her back again. While he quickly bound her wrists tightly he said, “Lets’ show her what disobeying gets her, boys!”

The two men laughed in agreement. For a moment Shayla wondered what would happen and then she felt a stinging open hand slap on her ass. Her bubble butt bounced and jiggled. She shrieked in protest and another slap followed, hard and fast. As she squirmed under Brad’s weight the two men slapped and spanked her ass, faster and harder with each stroke. Shayla was hurt and humiliated as these men reddened her round ass, spanking her as if she were a child. Each blow stung a bit more and spread a painful heat across her butt cheeks.

Then Brad stepped off and grabbed her by the elbow.

“That’s enough, c’mon guys, we have so much more in store.”

As she was lifted to her feet, her arms twisted sharply behind her, thrusting her already swollen and sensitive breasts further out, she tried once more to beg for mercy.

“Oh please God no….please! I won’t tell anyone just stop now. I’m begging, please.”

Tears filled her eyes as she pleaded to the men. Brad just shook his head and sneered.

“No way are we going to let a fine piece of meat like you go. But we will need to shut your whining mouth up.”

He stepped away for a moment as his two companions held her, one to each side. He grabbed for the bag of “toys” they had brought and rummaged around inside. His hand came out with a black leather strap that had a large red rubber ball in the middle of it.

Shayla’s eyes widened and she screamed only to have the red ball shoved into her mouth between her teeth. Brad pushed it in, stretching her jaws almost as wide as they could go without cracking. Then he expertly wrapped the wide black leather bands around her head and buckled them tightly in back. Shayla’s mouth was filled, her lips spread out and around the oversized ball gag in her mouth. She shook her head and screamed, but all that was heard was a muffled moan.

The two men spun her around again towards the room and Brad moved in front of them and Shayla. He reached out and grabbed a nipple and squeezed, pulling it hard, then he was moving her towards the next room. Shayla squealed around the gag and drooled around it as she was marched towards her next assault.

As they pulled her into the large game room, Shayla saw what looked like a long massage table in the centre of the floor. It was probably 6 ft. long and had a detached headpiece that a face could lie in. But there were also two curving indents down the table about a foot from the top.

Shayla was afraid of what that meant and she soon found her fears justified. The three men manhandled her over to the table and lifted her up onto it, face down. Her head was laid in the detached cradle, encircling her head but keeping her face accessible. The curved indents were placed exactly right for her large pendulous breasts allowing them to hang down free and open to anyone’s touch. He arms were quickly cuffed down to the sides of the table while she realized in horror that the back of the table split open and as her legs were cuffed tight her assailants split the table spreading her legs very wide.

Once she was held in place the men stepped back and stared at their handiwork. They walked around the table slowly, a hand reaching out to pinch her ass or give it a slap. One man reached down and tugged hard on one of her tits. Shayla shrieked and bounced as they slapped and pinched her over and over.

“Mmmmgggphhh…” she tried to beg but the large ball gag kept her from doing more than drooling, making obscene sounds that seemed to inflame her captors.

“Ooooh, I think she wants more of our attention boys,” Brad said. “Let’s give her what she wants.”

“All right!” the blonde surfer looking man said. He walked around behind Shayla and positioned himself in the “V” between her legs. Then, he raised a hand and slapped her hard and stinging, once on each ass cheek. Then his hand stayed and he slowly began to caress her round ass and slide across her trembling cheeks to down the crack between them.

The other man had gotten something from the bag and come over to the front of the table. Shayla squirmed and struggled to turn her head but could not quite see what he had. Suddenly she felt a hand grasp her large breast and squeeze it. He pulled and slapped at her breast a couple of times, making Shayla buck and struggle harder. Then she felt something hard and rubbery-feeling pushed up over a breast. The man held it there tucking her large tit into the cup. Then, she heard a small whirring sound like a small electric motor being started and the round hard rubber cup began to suck at her breast, suctioning and pulling, drawing her breast into it more, swelling it and pulling the nipple tight. She squeaked in pain and surprise but the unrelenting pressure tugging at her breast began to have an effect on her.

At the same time, the man behind her reached her arse hole and one hand spread her cheek as the other took a finger and began to penetrate her from behind.

Too much! Shayla shrieked through her gag. She couldn’t believe this, how could they do this to her. This wasn’t sex, this was just using her as a fuck toy to get off, tormenting and torturing her. She screamed, her jaws aching as they tried to make words intelligible past the hideous red rubber gag.

“Phh….lleese!” she managed to gurgle out. She tried to shake her head, tears streaming down her face, drool running out her mouth and over her lips. The violation into her ass just continued, as he slowly, inexorably pushed his finger in as far as the first knuckle and then pulling almost completely out and then slowly going back in.

“Ugghhh…mmmpphh!” She grunted and squealed again, she bucked her hips but just managed to shove her as up and deeper onto his probing finger.

Brad’s face appeared below hers as he looked up at her from below.

“Enjoying yourself?” His hand reached out and grasped her one free breast and squeezed. She groaned and shook her head.

“Doesn’t really matter. We are and that’s all that counts.” He twisted her nipple and tugged it hard. The breast pump continued to suck, pull, release and suck again on her other breast. The finger in her ass now went deeper each stroke and her rapist began to twist and turn the finger as it moved in and out.

Brad smiled at her puffy tear stained face. He let go of her breast for a minute and brought his hand up, gently stroking a cheek.

“You want us to stop this? Really?”

Shayla gagged and tried to nod.

Brad stared for a minute and then stood up. She felt his hands go to the buckle of the ball gag and a moment later it came loose. He ducked down to her face again and tugged the horrid rubber ball out of her mouth. Immediately she began to scream.

“Stop! God stop please. Anything just stop!”

Brad smiled and stood. He gripped either side of the table and Shayla heard a ‘click’. Then he tugged at it and the front of the table began to rise, like one end of a teeter-totter. Brad pulled it up to about a quarter of the way between where she had been and being fully upright. It put his large cock almost directly in front of Shayla’s face.

“Tell you what my little slut.” He grabbed her hair and yanked. Shayla screamed in surprise and Brads cock slid forward filling her mouth.

“You make us all cum before you cum and we’ll stop, OK?”

Obviously Brad didn’t expect an answer as he kept a hold of her hair and slid his dick deeper into her mouth. She tried to scream, to answer him but suddenly she felt the finger in her ass withdraw. There was a release of pressure for just a moment and then she felt something round and large at her bunghole. The man behind her had his hard cock at the entrance to her ass. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide and pushed forward. Slowly his cock entered her ass and Shayla bucked and screamed, thrashing at the intrusion. That jerked her large breasts and the breast pump pulled harder. At the same time, the third man released one cuff on her left arm and placed his large cock into her hand.

“Better start milking me babe ‘cause you’re getting milked till I’m done.”

Shayla sobbed and pulled on his cock, beginning to stroke it back and forth. The vacuum on her breast kept sucking and teasing her sore aching tit and Brad filled her mouth with cock, sliding in as deep as he could and then back out only to plunge forward again. Behind her, the blonde surfer type had fully penetrated her ass. He slapped her ass cheek with one hand while he kept himself tightly filling her. His other hand reached down to her wet pussy and slid along it till his fingers found her clit. He began to flick and rub it in time to his grunting thrusts into her ass.

Tits tormented, cock-sucking her captor, ass-fucked and jerking off another man she bucked and writhed between them all, her groans and grunts egging them on. Their pace quickened. But so did the heat in her body. Even though she was being tormented and taken in every way against her will, her body was responding and her pussy was heating up quickly.

She squirmed and clenched trying to slow her own feelings while trying to get them all to cum before she did. She actually believed they would stop if she won this tortured race. Inside her mouth Brad was swelling and sliding deeper. Her cheeks puffed hard and full as she slobbered and sucked. Behind her the surfer shoved deep and pulled on her clit and she stroked harder and faster on the third man’s cock while her breast was milked for all it was worth. But the intensity was growing. She began to groan and shudder.

No, she couldn’t cum, she couldn’t. And yet her body betrayed her as all the feelings of pain, humiliation, and intense stimulation brought her roaring towards the most thunderous climax she had ever had. She screamed around Brad’s cock and choked as it banged the back of her throat. Slap after slap rang onto her ass and she felt each sting driving her on. Her tit ached and her hand stroked. Then, in a blinding flash of sensation and intensity she reached climax. Her pussy clenched and she actually began to squirt. Her body shook with tremors and shock after shock of mind-blowing orgasm wracked her till it was almost too painful to bear. And still the three had not cum.

Brad let go of her hair and squeezed her free breast, pulling and twisting it. It throbbed and swelled, her nipple rock hard. Then, he began to cum. It shot into her mouth, filled her cheeks, even went up her nose. She choked and screamed and swallowed him as he pumped load after load into her mouth. Behind her the surfer grabbed each red hot ass cheek and squeezed even deeper as he spewed a sharp hot load into her. Now her hand on the third man clenched him hard and he even gave a grunt of pain but it didn’t stop him cumming as he shot a white hot load, splattering the table, her arm and her side equally.

For a moment, as she swallowed cum and sobbed deeply and shuddered as the orgasm spent its way through her, they were as one single being, she the heart and they the extremities that she fed and strengthened. She felt a oneness she had never known and yet a disgust deep and soul felt.

The men laid on her letting themselves recover. Shayla’s ragged breath finally began to regain some normal rate and the men slowly, almost reluctantly pulled back from their abused and glistening fuck toy.

Shayla tried hard to lift her head and look at Brad, trembling to hold her head up but she did.

“N…now? Please stop? Now?” she begged hoarsely. “No more. Please.”

Brad was breathing hard and sweating, his face red and his eyes gleamed. He slowly smiled and lowered himself, squatting naked in front of her.

“No. You lost the bet. You came first. And I’m sure you will, again and again.”

Shayla’s eyes widened in terror.

“What…no! No more, God no!”

But Brad just stood up and looked to the blond man still standing behind Shayla.

“I think it’s time you go put the ‘Open House’ sign up in the yard. We wouldn’t want to miss any potential ‘customers’”. Brad laughed and bent down, flicking the switch on the breast pump off and pulling the cup off Shayla’s red swollen throbbing tit. It released with a soft ‘pop’ and her swollen udder hung throbbing and full of sexual ache.

“We have several friends stopping by. They are anxious to see what the house has to offer.”

Shayla screamed and thrashed as her assailants moved to open the house to their other guests. Her ordeal was not over. Not even close.

Shayla’s Ordeal Goes On, Pt.III

While one of her rapists left to open the house up to their ‘guests’ Brad and his friend grasped Shayla by her arms and lifted her up off the table they had been abusing her on. It was quickly moved out of the way to make room for more games with their exhausted victim.

Shayla was limp and shaking. She was panting, trying to catch her breath and her body was covered with sweat and cum. She looked up at Brad with brown eyes, large, soft, and pleading. Tears filled them.

“No more…please. I won’t say a thing just let me go!” But her begging had no effect.

Brad and his partner now took a rope that hung through an industrial eyehook in the ceiling and tied Shayla’s wrists together. Then Brad lifted her arms above her head while the other man pulled the rope up. Shayla was pulled to her feet hanging by her arms, her feet just able to touch the ground. She screamed and tried to kick out but she still was weak from the several orgasms they had made her have and all she did was jiggle her body, shaking her large pendulous breasts and her ripe round ass. The men seemed to appreciate this.

Brad reached out and took hold of one of her still hard and swollen nipples. He pinched it and pulled it, stretching it out and shaking her whole breast. The other fellow moved behind her and rubbed his hand across her rump. He gave it a squeeze and then suddenly ‘smack’ he slapped her hard on her right ass cheek. Then again, ‘smack’ on her left.

Shayla shrieked in surprise and jumped trying to get away but Brad just took her other tit between the fingers of his other hand and now pulled and twisted both her nips while behind her she was spanked hard on the ass again and again.

Shayla squirmed and moaned and cried out as she was pinched and swatted, made to dance and jiggle for these men. Through her gasps and tears she begged for them to stop.

Finally, the men seemed to tire and stepped back. Shayla hung there like a piece of meat and the men just walked around her, staring at her like hungry dogs. Her head hung down and her hair was matted and in her face. She sobbed in gasping heaves. Partly because of the degradation that was happening to her but also partly because deep inside her body was responding to this treatment like it had never responded before.

She couldn’t really be enjoying this could she? How could she possibly want what these men were doing to her?

Brad and his friend didn’t give her much time for introspection. She heard the door slam from the front room and a moment later the third fellow came back. Shayla looked up piteously and gasped when she saw two well-muscled men standing with him…and a woman too.

The men looked as if they could be body builders. They had short hair and hard muscles shown off well by the tank top and shorts they wore. And they weren’t that old either. She guessed they were perhaps in their early 20’s.

The woman on the other hand was maybe a little older but she looked…well, Shayla shivered with an unknown tremor as she gazed at her. The woman had thick red hair that fell to her shoulders. She wore just a hint of eyeliner and makeup but her face seemed sexual to Shayla. Full lips and white teeth showed in her predatory smile.

She was a tall woman too, perhaps 5’11 and had a white men’s dress shirt on, that was tucked into a pair of tight jeans. The shirt made her large hard breasts very evident and she didn’t have a bra on—obviously.

“Please…help me,” Shayla tried to whisper to the newcomers. “These men are raping me. Help me please?” but the three of them just smiled: hard, predatory smiles.

“She’s just like you said Brad” the woman said. Her voice was smoky and soft. “I’m going to enjoy this.”

“Worth every penny,” one of the new body builders said and he approached Shayla. He reached out and cupped one of her large aching breasts and hefted it in his palm, like weighing a melon. Then he squeezed it and bent his lips to the nipple. He brushed his tongue across the stiff tit before putting his lips around it. His teeth grabbed hold and he bit down, not too hard but enough to bring a choked gasp from Shayla.

“Oohh!” she cried. “Stop!” Even as she said it she felt her breasts responding. Her already hard nipple throbbed between his teeth and stiffened more.

Now Brad was at her other breast and he began pinching and pulling the tit out again.

Shayla shook herself, and squealed but the newcomer held on to her tit harder and Brad just laughed.

The woman was watching this and had slowly been removing her shirt. Now she stood topless, her impressive bosom swollen with lust. She must be at least a 36DD Shayla thought and was then immediately ashamed that she was so aware of another woman’s breasts…but they were magnificent.

“I think she looks awfully naked up there” the woman said as she moved slowly towards the helpless Shayla. “Do you have something to ‘decorate her’ with?”

Brad smiled and stepped away.

“I have just the thing. You folks get ready and I’ll get her surprise.”

Shayla trembled in fear. What surprise? Oh God, what now?

By getting ready, Brad had obviously meant get naked because now all the men and the woman began to shuck their clothes. When the men’s shorts came off Shayla squeaked to see that both men were rock hard already and huge. At least 10 inches and so thick.

“Oh my god” she gasped. The men smiled and one grabbed his cock and gave it a stroke.

“Impressive, no?” he said to her.

Now brad came back with a small brown bag. He set it down and reached in to pull out a small bottle. He held it up for Shayla to see. It said ‘Extra deep heating rub.’ Shayla’s eyes widened. Brad just chuckled and opened the cap. He moved to her and turned the bottle up to put the deep heating cream first on one nipple and then the other. The man who had sucked on her tit earlier now took both hands and grasped both tits, rubbing and rolling them, kneading the lotion deep into her boobs. But Brad wasn’t done. He knelt and slipped a hand between Shayla’s legs.

Shayla squealed and tried to hold her legs closed but the new men each took a leg and spread them, holding her just off the ground. Shayla wiggled and wailed as Brad spread the heating gel onto his fingers and then reached between Shayla’s legs. He began to stroke her swollen puffy pussy lips, spreading the ben-gay like ointment generously across them. His fingers spread her lips and pushed inside, smoothing the invading heat everywhere till he came to her clit. He rubbed hard against it making Shayla groan and squirm even more.

Then he pulled out and put one more glob of the lotion on his finger. He walked around behind her and the two men moved up her legs to her ass cheeks. Their strong calloused hands each grasped a cheek and spread them while Brad took his goop-smeared finger and began stroking and circling her anus.

“NO NO NO!” Shayla screamed. “Not there PPPLLEEAASSE!!!” But Brad took careful aim and speared deep into her bung hole, spreading the hot penetrating lotion deep into her ass.

Shayla bounced and yanked on the rope and tried to close her legs but the men held her wide. Now the woman walked up.

“That’s a start. But, let’s add something more festive shall we?” She raised her hand up and Shayla suddenly saw she had several very wide industrial sized rubber bands in her hand, each a bright pink or orange. They seemed small in diameter. The woman looked at Shayla and licked her lips slowly.

Shayla was momentarily confused. “What are those for?” she whispered.

The woman looked deep into her eyes and said, “All part of your training sweet-lips.” Then she took the first rubber band and pulled it wide and open between her two hands. She took the constricting band and began to pull and squeeze it over Shayla’s left breast. When it was up and fully encircling her boob, the woman let the band go with a ‘snap.’ Shayla yelped as her large overly sensitive breast was suddenly tightly banded. Her tit and aureole swelled, like squeezing one end of a balloon.

The woman looked at Shayla. “You like?”

Shayla’s eyes were wide with terror. The rubber band pinched her breast and her round swollen nipple began to turn red. That and it began to feel hot, tingling like a fire slowly being turned up. She shook her tits and wriggled in captivity.

“Noooo!” she yelled. “Take it off, please!”

The cruel mistress, standing there naked, staring at her victim…her plaything, just took another tight rubber band and added it to the first, tightening Shayla’s breast and swelling it more. Then she took two more and squeezed Shayla’s other boob into them. Now Shayla’s boobs were tied and they began to redden and purple in colour as the blood was all forced to the nipples.

Her titties were hot and throbbed and ached, tingling and spearing deep sensations across her entire body. Her tits were thick swollen and rigid, standing out almost an inch and her blood-engorged reddish purple areolas were as large around as a silver dollar.

But even that wasn’t enough. One of Brad’s friends came up to her. He hadn’t forgotten her either and he held up a large mouse trap. Smiling wickedly he pulled the hard snapping bar open and putting her nipple onto the flat wood of the trap, let it go, snapping it hard onto her teat.

Shayla screamed and jerked and the mousetrap bounced erotically and wavered at the end of her breast.

Now the woman reached down between Shayla’s legs and began to finger her splayed wide pussy. Soft fingers pushed gently at first, caressing the puffy labia and stroking in and across the reddish brown lips of her gash. The hairs on her trimmed cunt thatch stood on end as the woman knelt and began to softly blow across her pussy’s opening. The hot flame of the lotion was growing intense and Shayla couldn’t keep any part of her body still as she quivered and shook and trembled from all the sensations spreading through her.

The soft breath of the woman blew cool against the hot burn of the lotion, alternating chills and heat waves. The woman smiled as she saw Shayla’s juices start to dribble out and she knew they were getting to her. Her hand slid a second and then a third finger into her snatch. The fingers spread her wide and moved in circles inside her, scratching her pussy walls gently with her nails and rubbing hard against her clit as it was crushed against the side. The woman leaned in and stroked her tongue across the outside of Shayla’s pussy, lapping the cunt juice from her short hairs and inside of her thigh.

The touch of the mystery woman’s tongue shocked Shayla like an electric prod. She groaned in pain and in lust as sensation after sensation moved through her. She was swimming in feeling. Her eyes closed for only a moment as she bit her lip and tried to regain a little control. But she lost even that as the second mousetrap snapped down shut on her other abused titty. She screamed out loud.

“AAAAHHHH!” God no more STOP!!!!” but the group of tormenters around her just kept going.

Suddenly a sharp sting on her ass, as a belt slapped against her, leaving a red welt. She jumped and twisted in her ropes but couldn’t escape the ‘slap’ “slap’ ‘slap’ of the spanking being delivered. Her ass was turning bright red, and she squealed with tears streaming down her face as she cried for them to stop.

But deep in her pussy the feeling was growing again: a subtle roar that was beginning to build. She tried to deny it, tried to clamp it down but again and again fingers stroked deep inside her, her nipples were pinched and snapped, breasts tied, sensations became even stronger as her boobs felt like a thousand pins and needles sticking them. Her ass ached, her clit throbbed. Now someone was slapping at the mouse traps hanging onto her nipples and even more waves of delirious pain and pleasure exploded through her.

She felt the orgasm coming. She cried out in shame and her whole body rocked in abandon.

This wasn’t sex. This wasn’t fucking. This was her body as a fuck-toy under the control of these strangers being made to do things she would never have thought of. How could they do this to her? She wasn’t like this…and yet she screamed closer and closer to an explosion of sexual ecstasy.

The woman could tell it was coming and now slipped a fourth finger into Shayla’s open gash. The men grabbed her legs and began to lick and nibble down her calf and up her thighs as they spread her wider so that their mistress could put her last finger in. She did so and now began to fist Shayla unmercifully, sliding hard in and out over and over again, crushing and pulling and teasing her clit towards a bigger and bigger explosion.

Shayla cried and screamed, bucked and twisted. She wasn’t truly hanging any longer as hands all over her stroked and pinched and pulled and squeezed her, keeping her lifted as her pussy reached its grand finale.

Her throat scraped raw as the inarticulate growl and roar of animal lust tore out of her. Her body went nearly epileptic in its seizures as she came again and again. Her own juices squirted out of her overstuffed pussy and she shook as the woman sharply pulled her fist out and then latched on to her pussy with her mouth to suck and lick up all of her cunt flow.

The wave crested and crested and crested. For one brief moment Shayla wondered if she could die of orgasm. Her heart pounded, her breasts throbbed with the beat, her legs shook and inside her feelings screamed through her hurt and shame, lust and pleasure, all mixing till they were indistinguishable from one another.

So overwhelmed by all of these feelings both physical and emotional that she barely registered that the rope binding her hands had been slackened and several sets of hands were lowering her to the ground. Her head swam and she couldn’t concentrate. She had no strength and would have collapsed except that strong arms on either side of her held her up on all fours. The mousetraps on her tits hung low enough to slap and scrape the floor and pulled even harder on her punished titties. She groaned with no real meaning but was suddenly silenced as an enormous thick cock was shoved deep into her mouth. The rigid shaft pushed deep into her face till crotch hair and ball-sac slapped against her chin. The thick rubbery tip slid down her throat and she found herself unable to breathe as she was filled. Her cheeks bulged, her face turned red. She shook her head and rolled it trying to get the cock out of her mouth. Hands gripped her hair in fistfuls and pulled her head back allowing her a gasping choking breath and then slammed in fully again. She had no choice but to suck and gobble this intruder or suffocate.

Now at her ass, she felt two hard cocks, one beneath her and one behind. She realized that she was straddling one of the men holding her up. She tried to say “no” but by now she knew it was useless. She was their fuck toy, their slave and would be used any way they wanted to and…heaven help her a part of her wanted it.

Between her legs fingers parted her puffy cunt lips and rubbed across them as an enormous rod shoved deep inside her. At her sphincter a hard round dick’s head also struggled, pushing deep into her tight and still burning ass, sliding over the first ridge of muscle and jamming it deep into her. In her womb she could feel the two cock heads filling her, meet, separated only by thin membranes. They filled her, shoved even deeper and then began to pull out only to slam back in.

This shoved her forward and onto the cock shaft she was devouring. Her lips were spit covered and wide and wet as she slobbered up and down his cock. He held her hair, sliding her up and down his shaft at will, growing closer and closer to exploding and filling her mouth and throat with cum.

Her tits slapped the ground and the man beneath her yanked the traps off her tits. She shook and screamed as the two cocks slammed into her deep and held her there. The dick in her mouth was plunged full length in and her assailant held her head tight against his tight shivering sac as he began to cum.

Inside her ass and pussy those cocks too began to shoot their load.

Her mouth filled with hot sticky cum and swirled down her throat and out her mouth over her lips and chin. Behind her the men ground their crotches hard against her, spewing cum load after load deep inside.

All these explosions of lust and orgasm were too much for her and Shayla too, began to cum again, shaking and bouncing and rattling atop these rapists, being filled by them and letting them know by her reactions that she deserved no better. She screamed around the cock filling her mouth, her tongue licked out and swept across his balls. She purposely lapped harder and harder swallowing all that she could. She ground her ass and pussy back and forced the cocks deeper too. Cumming together was a magnificent experience and she had to prolong it.

Hands stroked her everywhere, someone was slapping her ass cheeks again and her tits were being slapped and still she needed more. She bounced and rode and thrashed, impaled and surrounded by these strangers. Wave after wave of violent sexual lust ran through her till finally, she could no longer feel any individual sensation, just a deep soul felt thrum throughout her being.

Bodies collapsed around her and she slid from their cocks and hands and lay atop and around them. She could not move. Her entire being tingled and she shook uncontrollably. But, she knew this was what should be. She knew they were her masters and she would serve them…and, she knew beyond any doubt that it was never going to be over.

As she lay there she felt hands and lips and tongues begin to touch and lick and stroke her. She groaned and rolled over to let them.

Public Humiliation: Cross-dressing/Humiliation Fetish

The street that the market stood on was quite busy; cabs and pedestrians and bikes, all vying for their place as they zipped back and forth. Consumers of the outdoor market had to tread carefully as they crossed from one aisle of fruit and vegetables to the next as many bordered these narrow roads. However, this was all commonplace and business went on without any major incidents.

To the west and just behind the market there was one of the numerous public loos, available, for free, to anyone needing a quick pit stop. Inside the wooden and whitewashed building with green and yellow trim, were five stalls, all tiled in abstract patterns and colours to give the interior a rather unique and funky feel. Narrow windows, were pulled open to allow air and light into the small building while high enough on the wall to prevent any peeping toms from spying on the customers.

The toilets themselves were very nice. High quality white porcelain with sturdy wooden seats, laminated black and, for the majority of the time, actually kept clean and relatively stink free.

‘Pauline’ stood outside the loo, watching the passersby and knowing that a few were watching him. He stood about 5’8” and weighed in at maybe 150 lbs. His rusty orange hair was greased and spiked to stand up all over his head and he had a perpetual two-day growth of stubble, no matter how often he shaved. Still, it wasn’t his looks, per se, that drew people’s attention.

On this seasonably warm day, sun out and people enjoying the gorgeous weather, Pauline stood wrapped in a large trench coat. He held it tightly around him, untied or buttoned but held closed.

He was looking at the crowds, trying to spot those that he thought would be looking at him. Finally he saw a few who kept glancing in his direction. He smiled, though not directly at them, and dropped his arms to let the coat fall open.

Beneath it he wore a pair of red blush lace stockings with a black garter belt about his waist and clipped to the stockings’ hem. He had a red silk corset laced about his middle and a pair of black silk panties of the crotch-less variety so that his pathetically small cock and balls hung dangling down.

Making certain he had been seen; he turned quickly and walked into the loo. He knew he’d have company soon enough. Inside, he walked to one of the large open stalls and stepped inside. He closed the door but did not latch it and he waited.

Presently he heard footsteps walking in, tapping against the concrete of the floor. They moved across the room and Pauline could hear them stopping occasionally and the creak of a stall door. Whoever it was, they were looking. Pauline smiled and the tremble of expectation in his belly rumbled through him and down to his loins.

A moment later the door to his stall slowly swung open. Pauline had dropped his coat on the floor and stood there, silk corset with red lace hearts on display. The man who opened the door seemed a typical businessman: about 6’, maybe 210lbs, salt and pepper hair. He stared at Pauline for a moment and then stepped in. He opened his pants and quickly dropped his trousers. Then without a word slapped Pauline across the face and grabbed his hair. Pauline whimpered and dropped to his knees.

The man thrust his already stiffening cock at Pauline’s face. Pauline opened his mouth obediently and the man shoved his thickening member into his waiting mouth. The man was well built, he had a strong grip and his cock was swelling more and more. Pauline wrapped his lips about the man’s organ and began to suck on it, his tongue sliding up and down the rigid shaft and over and around the rubbery bulbous head. His cheeks bellowed out and in as he breathed and sucked on the man’s cock, even as the man roughly shoved his head up and down, fucking Pauline’s face hard and fast.

Pauline’s mouth was filled with big dick and he spit and drooled and licked, slathering it up and down, his lips sliding across and under it, urging his master on towards release. As he sucked and licked, his own hands reached between his legs to his small cock and began to stroke it. His head pumped back and forth and his hands mimicked the movement.

Suddenly the man grabbed Pauline’s head harder still and shoved him all the way onto his quivering man pole. It swelled and shuddered and the man did not release his grip, instead holding him against his hard, tight balls as he began to cum. He shot his load hard and deep down Pauline’s throat and then quickly yanked out and splattered his hot thick cum all over Pauline’s face and chest.

Just as quickly as he had come in, the man stuffed his cock back into his trousers and turned, leaving the public loo. Pauline stayed kneeling there, licking the sperm from his lips and shuddering with conflicting emotions of excitement and shame.

He stayed knelt there, waiting. He didn’t know what he waited for but he knew more would come. He trembled inside, feeling guilty at his lack of willpower to stop doing this but excited knowing that he would be used again.

It didn’t take long as he heard a pair of footsteps walking in. They clicked and tapped against the floor, very unlike the businessman’s shoes. A moment later two women appeared at the door to his stall. For a moment Pauline was confused till one stepped in behind him and the other dropped ‘her’ pants, revealing a long, hard cock wiggling at attention.

The tranny behind him was dropping her (his?) drawers too and reached down to yank Pauline’s ass up by the silken panties he wore. The crotch-less undies bit hard into his scrotum and squeezed him. He cried out as the man behind him knelt and pulling his cock out spread Pauline’s ass cheeks wide. Pauline heard the tranny spit and felt the hot saliva land on his ass crack and trickle down. Then with no more foreplay, he was grabbed and pulled back as the she-male slammed his cock into Pauline’s ass. The rounded head of the tranny’s cock struck and spread his tight, quivering anus. The tranny wasn’t gentle and shoved forward, forcing the large head past his tightened sphincter muscle and ‘popping’ into him. Then sliding rough and half dry down his shit-canal to fill him up.

Even as he was violated from behind, the one in front of him grabbed Pauline by the ears and pulled him forward. His cock ran up against Pauline’s mouth and the tranny slid his organ along Pauline’s lips, sliding his face all the way to his balls and then pulling his head back by the ears till the tip of his throbbing meat was positioned once again at Pauline’s lips. Pauline opened his mouth submissively and sucked in the hot cock-meat.

From behind he felt the hard, repeated sting of his abusers hand as it slapped and pinched and slapped again at his upturned ass. The ramming dick pole shoved deep in and slid fast out and then slammed back in hard all the way. Pauline’s ass felt stuffed and painfully raw as the invading member roughly pushed in and out of his partially lubed hole.

At his head, the other continued to hold his ears, manoeuvring him like a trained animal, slapping his hard wet cock all the way down into Pauline’s face till his pelvic bone and hanging ball-sac slapped against him and then he would yank Pauline’s ears again, sliding the mouth-filling penis out and then back in again with a violent shove.

In this way Pauline was ridden and used. He heard the tranny’s panting and grunting as they rode him raw and hard, filling his ass, spanking his cheeks, filling his mouth and slamming him back and forth between them. Pauline’s knees were raw and he had to keep his arms spread out in front of him to keep from falling. Yet, all this humiliation and forced ass-fucking still could not quell Pauline’s inner excitement. Even as he felt used and disgusted by his actions, his own cock raged and throbbed, pulsing with his own lust.

The tranny behind him grew tired of ass-slapping him, so she reached down between Pauline’s legs and as she continued to bang away, grasped his cock and balls and began to roughly stroke and rub.

He squeezed Pauline hard and yanked his tiny penis without concern for Pauline’s pleasure but Pauline moaned and thrust his hips back harder needing the humiliation of the dry fuck and yank. His mouth worked harder sucking and pumping on the penis he swallowed over and over. His head bobbed, his ass humped, his ears burned as they were yanked again and again and his own dick was pulled and twisted.

Suddenly the two tranny’s began to shudder and groan. The both grabbed ahold of Pauline by the middle thrusting their crotches deep into his ass and mouth. They hugged together, sandwiching him between the two of them. Held tight he could only shudder as they began to cum, filling his ass and mouth with their huge loads of cum. They squeezed Pauline between them and used his body to release all their juices. Then they pulled away, slapping him across ass and face and shook themselves clean, splattering Pauline with their remaining sperm.

Finished, they dropped their skirt, pulled up their trousers and walked out not even giving him a second look. Pauline lay there now on his coat on the concrete floor, shuddering and gasping. The trannies had been unexpected but their use of him filled him with the desire and release he craved along with the self-despising guilt he lived with always.

He should probably leave. He should get up and walk out now. He’d had enough. But he lay there, shaking, waiting to hear more footsteps. Soon enough, he heard them. Hard, loud steps. A big man he guessed. He pushed himself up and sat, looking at the stall door, waiting.

The man that stepped up in front of him was big, well-muscled and dirty. Perhaps a construction worker, he had on a stained white T-shirt over broad expanse of muscles and tight blue jeans. A wide leather belt covered with metal studs wrapped his waist. He had a big belly and a square jaw and hard eyes. He stared at the quim covered homo on the floor and snorted. Then he undid his belt and pulled it off. He opened his pants and dropped them to the floor. He was commando and his enormous ten-inch cock stuck out hard as steel. The man sneered at Pauline and took his belt and wrapped it hard and fast around Pauline’s neck. Then, using it as a leash, he yanked Pauline up to his crotch. The man’s scrotum was sweat-covered and smelled like it had not been washed in a while. The man held the belt-leash with one hand, yanked high and tight straining Pauline’s neck and making it hard to breathe. Then with the other hand he held his cock up and shoved his large bulging ball sac against Pauline’s mouth.

“Clean my balls, asswipe” he growled and thrust his hips forward. Pauline obediently opened his mouth and slid his tongue out. He lapped and licked the scrotum. Then he sucked the whole of the sac into his mouth and ran his tongue around it while sucking on it.

The man groaned a bit and allowed Pauline time to thoroughly lick his cock-sac clean, then he jerked the belt and pulled Pauline away and then placed his bulging round cock head at Pauline’s lips.

“Suck!” was all he said and then pulled the leash and leaned in. Immediately Pauline’s mouth and throat were filled with the largest cock he had ever had. His jaw stretched wide and his cheeks scrubbed either side of the hairy, thick shaft. Pauline gagged and choked but the man would not let up and Pauline was forced all the way down his full ten inches, deep throating his abuser or choking. He swallowed and gagged and licked and gulped, trying to coat the cock with spit making it easier to swallow.

The man just slammed his massive meat pole all the way in and pulled the leather leash tight, keeping Pauline up against the man’s hair covered pubic area. Then he leaned over and with one large hand slapped Pauline’s ass hard and stuck his finger down between his cheeks. His thick sausage-like finger found his previously lubed up asshole and with a forceful ‘squelch’ shoved his digit deep into the dark hole.

Pauline screamed, his voice swallowed up and muffled by the thick organ filling his mouth. He squat there, pinned from behind and impaled in the front. The man held him tight and ground his hips, burying himself deeper into Pauline’s mouth. His eyes saw red and his chest constricted. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t exhale and so all he could do was pump and suck with as much vigour as possible hoping the man would come before Pauline blacked out.

Whatever movement his tongue had he used and swept up across and down the man’s dick. His own hips twitched and jumped as the man kept his bunghole deeply filled, swivelling about inside, playing with his prostrate and finger fucking his ass as hard as he could.

As hard and painful as this all was, Pauline’s small dick was iron hard and shaking. This was what he craved. To be used, forced to serve. No pretty words, no kindness, just a quivering, whimpering, moaning cum receptacle. He grunted and lashed his tongue faster and suddenly he could feel the cock filling his throat shudder.

Then he was drowning in cum as the man shot a cannon-full of hot spunk into his mouth, down his throat and over his face as it backed up and overflowed. It went up his nose and across his cheeks, down his chest. Pauline swallowed as much as he could and allowed the rest to just flow out over him. The man grunted loudly and yanked his finger from Pauline’s ass. The sudden release of pressure was almost as painful as the huge filling force that he had felt. But now relieved he fell back and collapsed to the floor.

The man had grabbed his massive dick and pumped and shook it, splattering almost another full load across Pauline’s body. Then, as he finally ran down, he stared at Pauline for a moment, stuffed his rapidly shriveling penis into his pants and turned away, leaving.

Pauline sat there, cum covered, ass aching, gagging. Spit from his mouth along with sperm drooled to the floor. He hawked to clear his throat and spit on the ground. Then, shakily and leaning heavily on the solidity of the toilet, he pushed himself to his feet. His legs were shaky and he took a halting step or two out of the stall. Holding onto the stall’s wall, he leaned over and picked up his coat, shaking it off as best he could. He finally wrapped the damp, stained garment about himself, tied the belt and walked over to the sink.

He ran the water – they only had cold – and splashed his face clean. He took a paper towel and blew his nose, clearing some of the quim out from his sinuses where it had gone. He used his hand as a cup and took a mouthful of water and then another. The first he spat out after sloshing it around and the second he drank.

Then, he stood up, looked around the loo’s interior and began to smile. He walked to the door, casting only a brief longing glimpse at the wet cum stained floor of the stall where he had been. He’d be back tomorrow.

Ball-Busted: Female Domination of Male Fetish

Josh Lager pulled off his football helmet and shook his long blonde hair, spraying sweat everywhere. He looked out across the field to the cheerleaders and tried to see Brandy. She was his favourite. Long, thick, black, curly tresses, those wide blue eyes and those gorgeous DD tits. He was always brushing against her arse or reaching across her and grabbing a quick feel. She yelled at him and bitched but he knew she liked it. Women loved a man who was in charge and took what he wanted. After all, wasn’t that why women were here on earth? To serve man! HA! He’d have to tell her that the next time he saw her.

Odd, she wasn’t with the other girls today. Neither was her friend Kelly. Her tits weren’t as big but she did have a fine round booty on her. Ah well, probably ‘women troubles.’ He smiled at his own witty assessment of the ladies and went back to practice. This might only be college ball, but who knew when a scout from the NFL would be watching.

The practice went on for another hour and the coach worked them especially hard. Sunday was a big game against the first-placed division rival and coach wanted to make certain they were ready.

Tired and sore but feeling good at his performance, Josh headed for the locker room showers. He’d soak a little in the ice tub and then shower up. Maybe tonight he would find Brandy and see if he could coax her into a little OT. She might fuss but he knew she’d take it. He was the star quarterback after all and which would the team rather keep around? A big-boobed bimbo or him?

He walked down into the locker room stripped and headed for the ice tub. The massage jets were on and water and ice very cold. He climbed in and shivered at the chill running through him. Ah, but it really helped those sore muscles and he would feel so much better after. A hot shower would warm him up and then, look out Brandy! He sank back into the tub and closed his eyes and let the cold numbing ice do its job.

Later, when he was able to think back on the ordeal, he was able to recall flashes of memory of something being shoved over his face…of a sharp acrid smell. There were voices saying something. But really, the first thing he could recall was his eyes trying to open and focus. He was staring at the ceiling of the locker room. When he tried to sit up, he found his arms restrained. He tried to look around and figure out what had happened.

He realized that he was on the wide massage table in the locker room, on his back, his hands to either side of the table and tied one to the other beneath it. There were also several wide strips of tape wrapped around him and the table, right about centre, between his stomach and chest. His ass seemed to be right at the edge of the table and his legs hung down and were tied as well.

“What the fuck is going on?” He shouted as he pulled at his ties and tried in vain to sit up. “Is someone here? Hello?” The only sound that answered him was the echo of his voice off the concrete walls of the locker.

He shouted several more times and got the same response: none. He finally stopped and took a deep breath to steady himself. He looked around as best as he could.

The lights were on but there was no sound of his teammates or of the showers running. He couldn’t see anyone or hear anything. Had they tied him up and just left him here alone? They wouldn’t do that would they? And who was it that wouldn’t do that.

Suddenly it occurred to him that he was still naked. It hadn’t dawned on him before because he was so shocked by his condition but he was tied to this damned table naked! Shit! Whoever did this was really going to get it. He tried once more to jerk and tug on the ties and escape but the ropes and tape held solidly.

“Hey motherfuckers,” he shouted once more, “enough’s enough. Cut this shit out and let me up.”

No response. Then, suddenly in the quiet of the locker room he heard the click-tap of footsteps walking across the concrete floor.

“Hey! Over here!” he yelled.

The footsteps quickened slightly but no other response was forthcoming.

“Who’s there? A little help, please?” He called out to the mysterious footsteps.

“Oh…please? That’s a word you don’t hear often coming from that mouth of yours.”

Josh jerked his head this way and that trying to find who the voice belonged to. It had sounded like a girl’s voice. For a moment he couldn’t see anyone and then from his left side he saw someone approach. He strained his neck to turn and look and was shocked when he saw Brandy walk up next to him.

“Holy shit! Brandy?” he could only stare at the woman beside him. She wasn’t dressed in her usual cheerleader look. Her thick dark hair was pulled back into a long braided ponytail that hung below her shoulders. She had on red eye shade and dark red lipstick. Her cheeks seemed flush or perhaps that was rouge.

Her clothes…or ‘outfit’ was something else too. It looked like a small leather sports bra, tightly wrapped around her enormous tits and holding her in quite tightly. What panties he could see looked like leather as well but barely: it was a high riding thong that left little covered. And from here, though he couldn’t see her feet, he could see the tops of her thighs and the start of the thigh high leather boots.

“Uh…Brandy…you look…different?” he stuttered for the right word.

She just smiled at him. It wasn’t a nice smile. Not warm. In fact it made him think of the ice in the tub where he had soaked. She parted her lips very slightly and ran her pink tongue out and delicately across her lips.

“So, Josh,” she said very slowly and drawn out, “what seems to be the trouble?”

Josh stared at her and began to get a very bad feeling. But he’d be damned if he would give this bitch any satisfaction.

“What the fuck do you think is the matter?”

Her eyes slowly ran down the length of his naked and helpless body, studying him much the way a scientist studies a bug pinned to a board. She paused as her eyes focused on his large, thick uncircumcised cock, still soft but showing signs of stirring.

“I think,” she said in a slow and somewhat sarcastic tone, “that a big fucking jerk has pissed off the wrong person once too often and is getting what he deserves!” She smiled at him again and turned to meet his gaze squarely. “That’s what I think. Is that what you think? Or, do you ever bother to ‘think’ at all?”

Josh’s anger got the better of him. He lunged against his restraints and tried to sit up but was sharply kept bound. He glared at Brandy.

“Listen bitch…” he started. That was as far as he got. Brandy quickly reached out and grabbed his hanging ball sac and squeezed tightly, twisting as she did so. The pain was immediate and excruciating. Whatever else Josh had been going to say was lost in his scream of pain.

“AAAAHHHHH!OOHHHH GOD! Stop it. Stop it you cunt….OOOOOWWWWWW!

Brandy widened her grin and squeezed a bit tighter.

“Stop it you cunt, what?” She said.

“OOHHH GGAAWWWDD” Josh groaned as his balls were crushed by the dominatrix standing over him. “OOHHHH…Stop it you cunt…please.” He managed to choke out.

Brandy gave his sac a hard yank and then released him.

“That’s a start. But I think we have a long way to go.”

Josh stared at her, hurling daggers with his look.

“Listen you stupid whore, this has gone far enough. Stop it now! Untie me and maybe I’ll pretend it never happened.”

Brandy just shook her head. “Tsk, tsk. Nothing has happened yet. But it will, believe me. When we are done I expect that you will behave like a gentleman…either that or we’ll just see to it that you don’t have the tools to hurt anyone.” She reached out again and this time wrapped her fingers in a few strands of the thick curly hair that covered his cock and balls. Then, without warning she yanked hard, ripping a few of those hairs out by the roots.

Josh’s scream was much louder this time.

“Now,” said Brandy, “I think we need to get you ready. And for that, I’ll need some help.”

She turned her head and called back into the shadows of the locker room. “You can come out now.”

Josh couldn’t help himself; he turned his head and strained to see who she was talking to. From out of the shadows a figure slowly emerged. He was shocked when he realized it was Kelly and even more so when he saw she was naked. Well, mostly naked.

Kelly walked slowly up to Brandy and slowly sank to her knees next to the leather clad cheerleader.

Brandy was almost six foot tall and Kelly was three or four inches shorter so kneeling made her look quite small. Her tits weren’t small though. They were not quite up to Brandy’s DD size knockers but rope had been bound around the base of each of Kelly’s well sized breasts and they were swollen large, round and purple. Her nipples stood out hard and erect and were clamped by small but tight alligator clips that crushed the sensitive nubs. A light silver chain ran from one clamped nipple to the other and hanging from the chain were two small weights that pulled and stretched her red, swollen titties.

Around her neck was a wide leather collar with a chain attached, like a leash. Kelly held the remaining length coiled in one of her hands and raised it up towards Brandy who took it and stroked the submissive’s hair with her other hand.

Josh just stared and despite his bound predicament and earlier cock twisting he began to respond to the scene before him. His cock twitched and began to slowly harden. He grunted when he realized this and tried to ignore it. He didn’t want to give these women the satisfaction.

Brandy noticed the movement however and just smiled.

“Good. I see Kelly’s presence has already started helping.” She reached out and grasped Josh’s cock. She squeezed, gently this time and began to slowly pump it up and down.

“Slave” she said to the kneeling Kelly. “Undo my top and suck on my tits.”

“Yes Mistress” Kelly responded and stood up. She walked close to Brandy and took her hands and ran them across the tops of the cheerleaders bulging boobs. She squeezed them gently and ran her fingers to the cleavage’s centre. There, she deftly unhooked the bra and allowed it to fall open, releasing Brandy’s huge, firm breasts and hard quivering nipples. Then, she bent her head to one and wrapping her hands around it, pulled it slightly down towards her mouth. Her tongue came out and stroked the nub lightly making it shiver and throb. Then, she placed her soft, full lips over her master’s tit and began to suckle.

All the while Brandy’s hand continued to pump Josh’s swelling member. As it thickened she squeezed tighter and started to increase the speed at which she pumped.

Josh’s breath started to become heavier and his cock throbbed in Brandy’s tight grip but watching the young, slim brunette suck on the huge titty, not to mention the repeated stimulus, was really making him hard.

Soon he was rock hard and aching. Brandy stopped and looked down at his cock, standing at attention. She shook her head.

“This will never do. We don’t want you to cum so quick. I know you have so little control but we can help. Kelly?”

The young slave immediately stopped sucking on her bitch-mistress’s tit and stood. She nodded and spread her legs apart in a wide stance. Then she took her hands and moved them to the shaved slit between her legs. Her fingers stroked between the full pussy-lips and spread them gently. Reaching her fingers inside, she moved them around and seemed to be grasping for something. She was. Out from her wet snatch, the submissive cheerleader slowly pulled out a small, multicolored ball of some sort. Perhaps two inches in diameter. It was well placed and Kelly had to bend at the knees and push with her pelvic muscles to help pull it out. When it was free, she held it up to Brandy with a look of rapture on her face. Brandy took it from the girl and turned towards Josh. She held out the small sphere for him to inspect.

At first it just looked like a quim coated rubber ball of various colors but then Brandy used one hand to pick at the surface and pull a strand up. It stretched out tight till she let it snap back. It was a rubberband ball.

She looked at Josh and smiled and then turned to Kelly.

“Get him ready.”

“Ready?” Josh shouted. “Ready for what? What the hell are you two bitches up to?”

Brandy looked at Josh and frowned a little. “There’s that word, ‘bitches’ again. It’s sad to see that you have such a limited vocabulary. But then, I suppose I shouldn’t expect much more from you.”

She turned and nodded to Kelly. The young submissive moved to the table besides Josh and reached out, grasping his balls. Just as Brandy had done, she squeezed them very hard and yanked on them, stretching his scrotum out as far as she could. Josh shouted in pain and tried to buck his hips but Kelly’s grip was as tight if not tighter than Brandy’s. She twisted his sack hard. He screamed again, all stiffness draining from his prick.

Then Brandy stepped up and took one of the bands off the ball and quickly taking his balls, wrapped the rubberband around the base of his sack. She twisted the band and looped it again and once more. By now, Josh’s ball-sac was tightly bound. She took another rubberband and snapped it around his scrotum again, this time between his two balls, separating them. She only looped this one, once more. Then she took the strands of each of the loops and pulled them out and then released them, letting then “snap’ back onto his tender man meat.

Josh’s balls felt hard and hot and hurt. They throbbed as they were bound tight.

“Goddammit you stupid cows, let me go!” he shouted in frustration. Brandy looked up at him sharply and raised her hand, palm open. Sharply she brought it down across his cock, hard! Josh screamed and Brandy smiled and slapped his dick and balls two more times.

“I would suggest you keep a civil tongue in tour mouth. Do we understand each other slave?”

“Fuck you!” Josh shouted and Brandy pulled her hand back and slapped him hard directly on the testicles. Bound up and swollen as they were the pain shot through Josh and he would have doubled over if he were not tied.

“I said, do you understand, slave?” Josh looked at the dominating bitch with fire in his eyes but he had gotten the message.

“Yes.” He grumbled.

“I don’t think this is enough to insure that Josh here does not spoil the fun too early. Brandy took another wide rubberband from the ball and stretched it between her two hands.

“Kelly, please?” the young girl nodded and reached out and lifted Josh’s now limp cock, pulling it up and out. Josh groaned under her hard manipulations. Brandy nodded and took the rubberband and slid it down over the shaft of his cock. Then she doubled it and did so again, making a painfully hard tie right at the base of his cock.

“God no!” Shouted Josh, are you trying to castrate me?”

Kelly snickered at this outburst but Brandy silenced her with a look. Then, she turned on Josh.

“Castrate you? No…that would stop the fun far too quickly.” Now back to her young slave, Brandy turned.

“Make him hard my sweet. And don’t be gentle.”

The naked and chained slave smiled and moved directly to between his legs. She took his cock in hand and began to pull and stroke it. Then, she bent her head down and opened her mouth, sliding the thick pole in between her lips. Her cheeks sucked in as she swallowed his cock and allowed her tongue to slide over and around the thick rough head of it. She used her lips to slowly devour the entire length and despite the pain that the binding of his cock and balls caused, Josh quickly sprang to life. Now he was hard and the swelling of his shaft caused the bands about its base to tighten further. His balls began to throb and his cock’s shaft felt hot and prickly even as it was urged on to more and more stimulation.

Josh groaned and writhed on the table, trying to ignore the hot, wet, slick lashing of his shaft but it was no use. He grew harder and stiffer with each pump of Kelly’s lips.

Now, Brandy leaned in. She dipped her head below Kelly’s bobbing mouth and suddenly Josh felt teeth on his balls. Brandy took a ball into her mouth and ran her tongue over it and bit down.

At the same time Kelly swallowed him deep and as she slid her mouth up, bit down on the head of his cock. These were not little love nips, they were hard, painful bites and Josh screamed again and again as the women chewed on his cock and balls. They never quite drew blood but they were leaving several marks. Josh bounced his ass and tried to writhe to and fro but he was held tight.

After several hard bites, the women stopped and began to lick him. Kelly started to run her tongue up and down his shaft. She would stick her tongue’s tip into his piss slit and lick it over and over.

Brandy kissed and licked his balls and sucked gently on them with an expert’s touch. Now he groaned but for another reason entirely. His, hard and stiff cock felt as if it were burning. The bands tightly wrapped around both his balls and his cock kept him from being able to ejaculate but he was building up pressure as the women sucked and licked him, urging him on towards an end he could not…or that they would not allow him to reach.

Now Kelly swallowed deep and this time bit hard on his thick shaft, her teeth actually grinding. Then, not releasing her bite, she began to pull her mouth up his cock, her teeth scraping his sensitive pole and making him cry out.

Brandy continued her tongue lashing of his balls but the soft, warm passionate kisses were almost worse as they built the pressure up and his sperm filled his sac, swelling it to almost double its size but with no avenue for release.

Then another sensation took hold as Brandy reached her hand up to his chest. She took her fingers and began to scrape her fingernails over his pecs. Her nails were hard and long, filed almost to a point and lacquered red. They scratched at his flesh and tore across his sensitive nipple, leaving red welts. Then, she again bit down just as she grabbed at his raw nipple and pinched and twisted it.

“OOOOOOOHHHHH GGGGGAAAWWWWWDDDD!!! STOP!” he screamed, his throat raw from yelling and crying. His entire body shivering, his stomach cramping with pain as it sought release denied. Josh was not one to beg. He made women do the begging. But now he actually cried, shouting for them to stop.

Then, Kelly’s mouth moved away from his penis. She stood up straight and walked away. Brandy stopped as well and stood up straight.

“I think you need to be a little quieter. After all, a man like you shouldn’t cry.”

“Please,” gasped Josh. “Stop please. Let me cum and just stop, I am begging you!”

Brandy shook her head. “I think I liked it better when you were a bastard. This sissy crying doesn’t do it for me.” So saying, she took the rubberband ball she still had and quickly shoved it between his teeth. It spread his jaw quite wide and she pushed it back, tightly lodging it. Josh gurgled and drooled around it but the only sounds he made were muffled groans and whimpers.

Now Kelly returned. Still naked and her tits still bound and chained but she was also wearing something else: a large ribbed strap-on cock. She walked up to the end of the table and looked at Brandy. Brandy nodded and took a hold of Josh’s cock and lifted it. She held it upright and bent to kiss its tip. Her lips slid across his rough uncircumcised top and she pushed down, swallowing his cock’s head. Now, her lips tightly wrapped, she began to pump his shaft again and bite the head of his cock at the same time.

Kelly Took a hold of her thick, ridged phallus and slid the rubber round tip right up to Josh’s puckered anus. Then she gripped his ass cheeks, squeezing them hard, digging her nails into his fleshy buttocks and pulled herself sharply forward.

Josh’s eyes were wide and scared. He saw what was about to happen and he tried with all his might to scream and shake his head. But no help.

Kelly slammed the great rubber prick into his ass. She pushed and grunted to get the thick round head in past the first ring of muscles. Once it popped in she went for it and fully shoved herself deep into his virgin ass. Josh screamed and bucked but was held tightly down

Brandy chewed on the head of his dick and pumped his shaft. She ran her tongue over his cockhead again and again.

Pain, pleasure, fire, aching fullness, all this and more filled Josh to overflowing and he writhed and bit down so hard he tore the top layer of the rubberbands. He shook violently as his ass was mercilessly fucked and his cock was sucked and pumped but denied release.

Kelly pumped his ass for over five minutes, slowing the pace, drawing out the pulls and pushes and then suddenly slamming his ass again and again. She reached out and now began to rake her own tapered nails over his chest as well, leaving more and more red claw markings.

Brandy now just sucked and licked him. Her hand squeezed and caressed his balls. He was swollen in every way he could be, cum built up so hot and hard and refused release. Josh cried and whimpered and groaned and still the women rode and sucked and pumped him.

Then, when Josh was certain he could take no more and thought that surely his body must burst, Brandy stood up fast, scraping her teeth over his throbbing tortured cock once more before stepping back away. She smiled wickedly at him and then reached down to the floor. She came up with a small pair of extremely sharp looking scissors. Josh’s eyes nearly popped out of his head and he shook his head violently.

Brandy smiled and reached out fast as lightning and grabbed at his cock. But she actually took hold of the constricting rubber bands and pulled them out hard, and even as they cut into his red and purple swollen prick, she cut the band with the scissors and then did the same for the bands coiled about his balls.

Meanwhile Kelly pumped deep into his ass, slamming harder than ever. Now Brandy grabbed his cock in a vice-like grip and pumped hard and fast.

It was as if Niagara Falls had been dammed up and then suddenly released all at once. Fire exploded and rushed across his stomach, into his red-hot, iron-hard shaft and exploded out the tip. His toes shook and curled so hard they cramped and Brandy did not slow down, pumping him again and again, harder and harder as he shot silver-white streams of jism several feet high. His body arched and what should have been ecstatic release was a painful burning explosion that shook the quarterback to his core.

The cheerleaders continued to pump his cock and plunge his ass for almost three minutes more. Then, as the last jizz dribbled and pulsed from his cock and his bunghole was so raw he could not even feel it, the two women, The Dom and her slave, stepped back. They stood there and just looked at the sperm-coated, heaving, weeping body of the once hard-ass footballer.

Then, Brandy reached out and with a twist, removed the rubberband ball-gag from his mouth. Josh took in several deep heaving gulps of air while Brandy just stared at him.

“Don’t. Ever. Touch. Me. Or. Any. Of. My. Girls. Ever. Again.” She enunciated each word crisply and clearly. Then, without waiting for a response or reaction, the two women turned away.

Brandy took the end of Kelly’s leash and walked in front while the slave meekly padded behind her.

Josh tried to call out, begging to be untied. But the girls disappeared. And then the lights were suddenly shut off. In the dark, Josh could hear the slamming of the locker room doors.

It was six hours more till the team started arriving and found him covered in sweat and cum and begging to be untied.

Tranny Tales: Transvestite and Domination Fetish

Hello there, my name is Queesha and I am here to tell you about my wild night. Do you get excited easily? Does that big thick cock of yours go off every time a pretty lady smiles at you? Well, pace yourself big fella’, here it is…

I was out doing the club scene the other night and I was looking around the floor for a little action, you know what I am talking about. Anyway, I have to tell you I tend to swing towards the ladies. Now there is nothing wrong with a hot throbbing piece of meat deep in my snatch, letting me ride the telephone pole express, but the ladies just “get” me. They know just how to make my alarm bells go off every time.

So, I am shaking my bountiful booty across the dance floor. My breasts tight and firm, nearly hanging out of a low cut dress and making everyone look my way, occasionally stroking up against a stranger to let them know what they were missing. I was eyeing all of the hot prospects that are out there, when I see these two ladies really starting to burn up the floor. The first one was a tall Amazon-of-a-thing, black with a huge fro that was sent straight from the 70’s—but it looked good on her, know what I mean? She was a muscular gazelle, long, hard and lean. An ass you could crack a walnut on and for such a tall thin girl she had a pair of perfectly round melon-sized boobs that rolled and bounced in her tight “v’ neck dress.

The other girl was shorter, maybe 5’7 and strawberry blonde. A little padded in all her curves but in just the right way. Big 36DD boobs, round bouncy and dancing to their own rhythm, hypnotizing in their undulations.

I danced my way across the floor to them and just joined in. They took a look at me and then at each other and smiled and that was that. We were inseparable.

All night we danced and drank and danced some more with each other. Carrie (the blonde) and Alice, the brunette each made certain to help themselves to several free feels as we partied. A hand slid over my own pert little ass or an arm brushing across my nipple, absolutely no apologies and I certainly didn’t mind. I myself took a couple of liberties and had me a feel of that bouncing bubble butt of Carries…uuhhmmmm, heaven.

About midnight Carrie and Alice said they needed to freshen up and headed off the loo. They asked if I needed to freshen anything and I took the hint and followed them.

The place was empty, but I don’t think that would have mattered. The moment the door closed, Alice threw the deadbolt and they turned towards me. They had a predatory smile on their face and I was smiling back.

Carrie started. She moved up to me and slid an arm around my waist. I am just about her size so it was a perfect fit. She slowly walked around me rubbing herself across my body while her hands slowly encircled my own not insubstantial tits. As she held on to them and started to play with them, pushing them together and rolling them between her hands, Alice came over and took one of my arms. She pulled my hand to her mouth and started to suck on my fingers, licking her long almost prehensile tongue up to the tip of my black-lacquered nails and then slowly, painstakingly sliding it between her skilled lips, sucking it fully in before carefully releasing it and going to my next finger. Mmmmm. I tell you I was in a tizzy, my heart was hammering and my pussy was already on fire.

Then Alice slid up in front of me and pressed in close, crushing Carries hands against her own titties and mine. Each of the ladies bent their head to my neck and began to kiss, Alice going from my shoulder slowly running her tongue along my collarbone and kissing slowly up towards my ear. Carrie meanwhile was sucking on my earlobe, biting it and gently tugging and then slowly nuzzling her way down towards my shoulder. Uuuuugghh. I was so turned on. They had me between them and touched and kissed me sending my mind completely whirling.

Suddenly I realized Alice had carefully pulled my hands above my head and I felt something cold on my wrist. Before I could do anything I heard a “click’ and found my hands cuffed together over an old iron hoop set into the ceiling. I was surprised to say the least. I jumped back and must have squeaked something but they just said “ssshhhhh’ and continued to kiss and nibble at my throat and neck. I was plenty nervous but also plenty turned on. And I was helpless…what choice did I have. I felt Carries hand give my ass a squeeze and then slide up my back to the top of my dress. I could feel her start to pull it down and Alice slid her long tapered fingers along my thigh and started to move up my leg, pulling my dress with it. Soon, they had it completely off my body and hanging over one of my shoulders.

By now I was panting from excitement and fear. The two girls stroked their hands back down my body and then stepped back, moving to stand in front of me. I started to ask what now but they just started to slowly remove their own clothes.

Alice reached back and untied her dress from behind her neck and dropped it. The material slid like liquid down her body and pooled at her feet. Her body was magnificent. Rounded breasts held up firm and ripe by a black sheer-lace bra. I could see her hard tits pushing through the fabric trying to get out.

Carrie had pulled her shimmering brocade top off and dropped it to the side and was now doffing her pants. She was so sexy to look at. But that’s when I noticed something. Both of these ravishing creatures had a stiffening bulge showing below their panties. They smiled up at me as they realized I had seen and both tugged their cotton briefs quickly down to their feet, revealing their two hard cocks springing up from between their legs.

I gasped, more in surprise…or excitement I couldn’t tell. Then they moved up towards me again, this time Carrie standing in front of me and Alice moving around to behind me. They made quick work of my underwear and soon had me naked and open to their every whim.

Once again hands began to roam my body. Carrie was holding one of my boobs in each hand, squeezing them, allowing her nails to dig in, just a little, as she took one tit between her teeth and bit softly down, tugging and pulling at it and then engulfing the entire nipple into her mouth, sucking on it and flicking her tongue over it, teasing me unmercifully while she tweaked and pinched my other titty.

Behind me Alice had knelt down and spread my own ripe ass cheeks. She began to explore the dark crease between them with her tongue, sliding it up and along my crack. When she reached my round, dark grey asshole, her tongue rimmed it around and around only to quickly dart into it and then just as quickly pull out. Then she would continue her exploration of my dark nether regions till she once again slid back down to start rimming and flicking my moist opening.

Uuuggh. I groaned with pleasure, rocking my hips to try and press Alice’s head deeper. Carrie just changed sides and began to suckle and nip at my other tit while her fingers now pulled and teased the stiff and aching titty her mouth had just abandoned.

Then Carrie began to slide down, her tongue began to swerve back and forth across my belly and down to my hips and over until it reached the very top of my cunt. I was not shaved and the natural thick black curly hair seemed to be a turn on for her as she started to lick and pull gently at the hair, guiding her tongue deeper and lower till it was lashing across my opening, darting between my wide pussy lips and straying deeper, searching up and down for my clit.

Alice helped by spreading my legs wide to give Carrie a better opening and she obliged pushing in deeper, using a hand to help keep my now dripping cunt, wide apart. Her fingers and tongue found my clit at the same time and began to give it their dual attention, stroking and rubbing against it sending shockwaves through out me. My legs turned rubbery and if I hadn’t been cuffed to the ceiling I might have collapsed. Her nose was buried in my thick thatch and she rubbed it back and forth, scratching and teasing me inside and out.

Oooooohh Yesssssss, I cried out, bucking and wriggling in their grasp while they continued to suck on the golden-red petals of my gash and slowly circle and push deeper into my dark poop-hole.

Just as I was starting to think they would keep this up till I came, they stopped and stood up. It happened so quickly that the sudden lack of sensation was just as strong as what they had been doing. I gasped out “NNooooo!” before I could help myself.

My two teasing captors just smiled and each now moved towards me, their hands wrapped about their man-cocks. Carrie placed the round fat reddish head of her prick at my pussy’s opening that she had so kindly lubed up and, grasping my hips, began to thrust, short little pushes, driving the head between my spread lips and pushing into me, sliding deeper into my hot wet pussy. It wasn’t the longest cock I had ever seen but it was so big around, almost like a coke bottle and rock hard. She pushed deeper and deeper till I felt like I had been plugged up fully.

But that was nothing as Alice was behind me and I felt the red hot tip of her slender long prick right up against my licked out and puckering ass hole. She too took me by the hips and held me, pulling me against her as she slid deep into my dark rear access. OH MY GAWD. So tight, so much. These two women…with big cocks…were deep inside me. My hands above my head, they held me and started pushing back and forth against each other. In and out--Ugghhh! It was so much; I had never experienced being filled from both ends.

I screamed in pleasure as Carrie began sucking on my tits again, alternating one then the other. Now and then biting and pulling hard then letting it go and moving to my other. My tits stiffened and swelled, puffing up harder than ever and throbbing for another touch. Carrie and her very talented mouth kept me begging for more, on the edge of complete explosive orgasm.

Alice had now reached around me to between my legs and was ticking the underside of Carrie’s cock as she slid a finger through my curly pussy hair and found her way in. Her fingers slid along Carrie’s shaft and deeper into me and found my clit. Then she began to push it, crushing it down and stroking it harder and faster.

My breaths came in gasping gulps and I groaned under their touches and thrusts. We rocked there I don’t know how long, both of the trannies deep in me and playing my body as I screamed for more.

Suddenly it seemed everybody peaked at once. I could feel the hot fireball of orgasm swelling, ready to explode. I felt Carrie start to swell, filling me even more and then she thrust hard and held me, Alice groaned and thrust deep too. Holding themselves there, I could actually feel their cocks just touch, a sensation that sent us all over the edge and we came in a thunderous glorious explosion of feeling. Their hot cum sprayed into me filling me and leaking out running out my pussy and ass and trickling down our legs, hot and slick.

I bucked and thrust and rocked as my body shook with peak after peak of sexual release. I was held there, between them, vibrating and thrumming as we slowly rode out our communal orgasm.

Finally I could feel them start to soften inside me and they reluctantly pulled out. They stood here and just looked at me and then they knelt together and began to lick my thighs and pussy clean. Their hands touched me gently as their tongues stroked and licked, their lips pulling on the lips of my pussy and probing deeper inside, stroking the layers of my deep humming labia and going deeper still. Their mouths kissed my thighs and buttocks and fingers entered me pulling my petals wider so they could stroke deeper. Alice eventually moved around to my ass and with long graceful strokes began to lick my ass clean, alternating kisses and tongue lashes till it finally slid again in between my round cheeks and found my fluttering anus where she put her lips and began to suck, using her tongue to lick across as she pulled and rimmed my chute.

I was trembling and shaking. Their touch was bringing my passion back to full heat again and I groaned with a longing to feel them stay between my legs forever. They licked and kissed, sucking my clit hard and nibbling their teeth across it while a finger penetrated my backdoor as they licked all around.

I was there, I couldn’t take any more. I moaned loudly and started cumming again, thrashing my legs, bucking my hips and rocking in wave after wave of glorious release.

Finally my experience ended and Alice and Carrie stood up. They looked at me and smiled and each of them leaned in gently and kissed me, one on each nipple. I shuddered with a twinge of pleasure.

Were you excited by that? Hearing how two trannies took me and had their way with me? Do you wonder what happened next? Did they uncuff me or leave me there hanging naked for anyone else who might come in? Did it make you hard and stiff? Were you stroking yourself? Did it feel good? Were you pretending that I was there touching you? Or maybe it was Alice and Carrie you would like with their full breasts and their hard cocks? Either way, call me again and I’ll tell you what happened the next time we met. That was even hotter.

Naughty School Girl: Older Man/School Girl Fetish

Hello there Mr. Smith my name is Candise but you can call me Candy. Well that’s what Daddy and Mommy call me anyway. I’m a little old to be calling them that, but I like to. Mr. Smith do come inside the house and have a seat.

The school has notified my parents that you will be coming over daily to give me some after-hour tutoring. You have been highly recommended by the board as a safe, efficient and respectable man. As a qualified teacher my Mommy and Daddy are more than happy to leave me in your care. Mr. Smith I am aware that I have been such a bad girl at school and detention was just not sufficient.

The after-hours tutor caught me behind the bike shed with three boys when I should have been walking home. I just wanted to take a look at them, sneak a quick peek and play with their snakes. I’ve heard so many rumours at school – that down there – they are called all sort of interesting things, and I was so curious to find out more. The latest saying is, purple-headed custard chuckers. I love custard and cream.

Was it such a bad thing to do Mr. Smith? Tasting all those lollipops and snakes after school? They all wanted me to taste them and my tongue was licking so fast – my mouth was full as they all tried to feed me their snakes at the same time. My lips were so stretched and my cheeks so full. The delicious creamy stuff exploded from the swollen soft heads and dribbled all over my chin, covering my ripe pink pouting lips and onto my cute white cotton blouse – it ran down my cleavage and onto my full-bodied barley covered titties. My little bow-tied tight top hardly covers my expanding bosom and all the boys tried to help, rubbing their hands all over me, trying to clean me up.

Those boys really like me at school and their wickedly wonderful delicious juice just squirted everywhere , (giggle-giggle), all over my face and deep down my throat. All three of those boys were trying to splash there desserts into my mouth – and at the same time too! I so wanted to taste all their scents and flavours. It was fun. I was giggling and laughing, It was so yummy.

I am not quite sure why I am a naughty schoolgirl but I am sure you are going to show me why Sir, Mr Smith. It’s just that I am coming of age now and my boobies are heavy and full, swelling and firm, my white tiny sports bra can barely contain my expanding assets. Look! My large breasts just ooze over the sides as there is such minimal material.

Here, let me take your hand and let you see how ripe and big I’m getting. Ufgh! That’s nice. Squeeze them just a little.

I am growing so fast, Sir, my mousey brown bob hair, starling green eyes and athletic figure making me quite a catch at the school and especially with my height at 5’8 – look at my short checked skirt, red and black with the white trim I do like the bright white socks and slight heel on my black school shoes as well, I feel sexy – I love teasing the boys, bending over to show off my juicy snatch, my soft plush lips eagerly nuzzling against the frilly material of my cute panties. A lot of the boys at school like to play with the girls and us with the boys in return, as I am too old to play with my dollies now- as you can see.

Mr. Smith, my pussycat is always tingling and wanting to be petted. I have developed into quite a tasty young teenager don’t you think? Mr. Smith, I pray you do not mind too much but can we please – please have our first lesson on sexual education. It just that I have heard funny noises coming from Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom late at night - a buzzing and vibrating sounds. They seem to be talking in some kind of muffled secret code, something to do with gardening. The snake goes into the garden and gets lost in the bush; there’s lots of groaning and squealing trying to locate the evil beast.

Let’s go! Come with me into the bedroom and have a look in the drawer. Maybe you can help explain the phenomena. Oh Mr. Smith - Mr. Smith there they all are green-snakes, blue-snakes, red-snakes, plastic clear snakes and skin coloured ones as well. Why there are so many to choose from. My parents have such neat toys don’t you think?

Mommy and Daddy share all their toys with their friends when they have guests visiting and because you are so nice to me, Mr. Smith, I want to share them with you. Here, let’s play with this one. It’s my mothers. I’m sure she will not mind. Let’s put it back in its hiding place when we are finished. Thank you so much sir for allowing me this naughty lesson. This is definitely our little secret. (hehe)

It looks amusing doesn’t it? Let’s just push this button here. Wow! That buzzing sound is so cool. I feel like giggling when it tickles my hand. Look at it vibrating and wriggling around shaking its body. I just love the way it feels. It’s a bad evil snake Mr. Smith. I must tell you a tale: actually I have been playing with Mommy and Daddy’s toys for a while now, I was just too shy to tell anyone. The way it’s moving and humming reminds me of when I used to get a feather and tickle my tummy, running the softness all over my body. Sometimes I’d run it across my swelling breasts and nipples and it felt so good. They would get very hard and stick out.

It also reminds me of the boys at school. Sometimes I let them touch or kiss me – down there – you know where I mean. See, I just bend over a little, like this, and my skirt rides up right over my soft round bottom. The boys like that and I like being touched by their soft-as-silk lips, tongues darting about in and out!

HMMMMM, Just like I may let you touch me.

When I am alone I like to fantasize that I have an audience, like in the classroom. I get all my old toys out of the closet: Teddy, Skippy, Barbie, Ken, all of them. I set them all up in a big circle on the bed and I lift my dress up – just like this – all the way to my waist. Can you see my belly button? I remove my clean crisp panties so I am completely naked down there and then I perform a little show for my toy friends. They are very observant and do not miss a trick.

I want you to watch now Mr. Smith. I know you want to. I have seen you spying on me as I run past your class room in the school yard. You watch me doing jumping jacks in my sports gear – those tiny shorts and half cut tops – it’s so hot doing physical actives. You are naughty Sir you always rush outside when I jog by. I know you like trying to catch glimpses of my cute little bum in green shorties . Take a seat over here, Mr. Smith, on this big lounge chair opposite the bed.

If you like, please join in and do bring your chair closer so you can have a good view. Can we now try this big snakey thingy? Look! It’s squiggling past my sock and all the way up my leg, over my knees and along my young firm thighs and naturally-toned muscles of a young girl to the top of my pussy-cat. And you know what’s inside the pussy-cat don’t you Mr. Smith? Its tongue, pink protruding and warm – have you ever seen a girl’s pink bits and felt how soft it is?

Let me take your finger and slide it inside. Oh look, Mr. Smith, they have vanished – your fingers have been swallowed up into my throbbing flesh – OH MY – what’s the other finger doing sliding over up my firm white bum and into my--- OHHHH, you pushed it into my poop hole Mr. Smith! Ugh, it’s sooo tight and full. It hurts a little – but in a good way. Move it around a little, mmmm, that’s better. Now I can feel both your fingers inside me.

Mommy’s toy felt nice, purring up there but you feel very good. Do you like what you are doing to me? I bet you do Sir. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that we are playing with my pussy. It will be just our secret. Ooooh, it does feel so good to have both fingers deep in me.

Correct me if I am wrong sir at any time as I am not up to date on the female genitalia. I noticed it flushes a deep red when I gush. I watch all the juices leak from my delicate sensitized hole. It just runs straight down my leg and they are very tasty in my mouth when I go to lick my finger clean. The big dressing room mirror at the side of the bed gives me a great view as well of my little cunny bunny. Maybe later I can lick your fingers clean

What do you think of my tight curly thatch of hair just perfect and trim sitting pretty sitting atop my “Mound of Venus?” That’s what the boys at school tell me, that I am a goddess of pleasure – how cute – they spoil me. When I pull my pussy lips right apart I see my vulva, I then pull this little hood back right here to find my clitoris. Is that the correct button, Sir? Right here? This small pointy tip – it looks just like a little diddle. I massage it while the boys watch – sometimes I let them diddle with it. I writhe all over when we play with it, just like when I’m on my bed with Mommy’s toy.

It feels so good but I don’t understand why I am so wet – can you explain it to me Sir? Will you take your finger out and push that buzzing toy into me, Mr. Smith, and let’s see what happens. Golly gosh that feel so good – push it into my quivering seashell deep and slow – oh and thank you so much – down there and move it just over here – and there just for a little while longer – I so want to feel it brushing my clitoris…my diddle, backwards and forwards in and out – Ooohh! – up-and down. Yes! I am just getting so moist – with the toy sliding in and out of me. Now take that toy over there the one will the prickly spikes and rub it against my spouting tulips - I will rub my breasts and my clitty. Do you like this explicit dance I am doing just for you in the privacy of my parents’ bedroom?

I am a naughty school girl aren’t I after all? No one will ever know our little secret, Mr. Smith. Purrrrrr. Would you like to put a real hot live snake in me one day Sir? I won’t tell my girlfriends and the toys would never say a word. There, there Mr. Smith this must be so torturous for you having so many young ladies to educate and after school hours as wells. Please slide the next toy in for me white I rub my sweet little luvbud. Maybe you would be so kind as to bring your mouth close to my slit as I could really use some of your saliva on my quivering button to keep me wet and well lubricated. Now slide this toy in. Oops that’s Ken’s head (giggle) - Mr. Smith you silly teacher—Ooohh—but but I like it.

Oh my- Oh no – Yesssss- No one will know, go on slide him in all the way in there and ever so slowly, hold him there just like that Ummmmmm. That feels so good. The way you are jiggling him around in there - it feels – wonderful. Is Ken eating my cream and drinking my love juice and lapping at my flavours? Yumy! Now take another toy – that red jelly butt plug over there. Hold it tightly. Hmmmm, quickly side it in and out . Did you hear that noise? I think I hear a shuffling at the door – maybe my parents are home early? Quick! Slowly – a little faster - Oh- Yes -Yes –Yes! Take - take that clear plastic one there and slide it up my bottom, Yes that’s it - all the way up my glorious young white ass.

Thank you for helping me today with sexual education, you are so much fun to study with-Oh Yes indeed - in and out and both of my holes are vibrating - and at the same time too - I can feel them inside of me. You are an expert at playing with Mommy’s toys, Mr. Smith. Oh my, it’s -sooo – good. Oh my I am going to gush. Oh- I’m- I’m – hear- I’m yes yes Oh – ahhhhhh—YES! Oh my!!. That was so kind of you. Do you see how much I like to share myself around at school? I am so in demand. Next time when you come over, Sir, I want you to take your pants off. I want you to turn over and spread your legs so I can show you exactly what Barbie does to Ken with my Mommy and Daddy’s toys. Hehe.